Month: March 2013

What I Really Think

Is it wrong to have negative impressions of the world? Let’s be realistic and honest – we do not live in paradise. The world is a troubled place full of troubled people. And, sad and unbelievable as it may be,


Back in March 1970 there was a total eclipse of the sun visible over Toronto. I was pretty young at the time but I wanted to see it – so, I stood in front of my father’s restaurant on the

Zombies Everywhere

I seem to be obsessed with zombies these days. They’re scary and they are everywhere. There are zombies on TV, zombies in movies, zombies in books – even zombies on the streets. Scariest of all, there are even real life

The Fight for Mediocrity

What happened to us? We used to be a planet of heroes: overcoming obstacles, building great cities, creating amazing art, experimenting with empowering forms of government. One of the last impressive things humans ever did was put a man on