Month: April 2013

What I Learned before I was Born

This is only a story – but some stories can be true.   I moved into the Great Hall and noticed the millions of other souls who, like me, were preparing for another incarnation. We moved to the edge of

A Universal Religion

In this time of almost constant tensions between people of various faiths and beliefs, it is important to remember that we actually can find common spiritual ground if we choose to.  Those of us on the path, seeking the Light,


From time to time we’ve all probably thought about the idea of changing the world. Typically, we want to change it so that it conforms more to our own way of thinking. This is not a new wish. The following words are

Another Birthday

Today is my birthday – and although I would prefer to take the whole day off, I promised myself I would do a new blog post every week. This seemed like a good topic. Most people, including mystics, like the

The Difference You Make

Can we really make a difference in the world? Do the things we do matter? When I think about the work I’ve taken on and the actions I perform to carry it out, I wonder if anyone is even aware