Month: June 2013

They Want Your Money

The other day I was stopped in the street by someone asking for money. They were collecting for UNICEF, a fine charity, but still I don’t like this new policy of aggressive solicitation adopted by charities. I understand these groups

The Door into Summer

  In honour of the Solstice, here’s a little posting about summer. Science fiction author Robert Heinlein tells a true story about his cat that formed the basis for one of his best books. He and his wife were living

Happiness and other “Desired Things”

Happiness is found in the awareness and acknowledgment of our DIVINE ASPECT. To the degree we can accept and consciously live from the presence of our own Inner Divinity we will have a true experience of happiness.  This happiness is


There are always possibilities available to us in life. Whatever the world throws at us, we should never lose hope. Our circumstances can change and improve if we just keep working at attaining our desires. There’s an old Sufi legend

Eat the Rich!

Back in the 80’s I saw some graffiti that read “Eat the Rich!” The words were very clearly written and everything was spelled correctly – not like today’s graffiti which is legible only to some strange, disenfranchised elite that requires