Month: July 2013

Burden of the Heart

  Two monks set out on a journey to a far off monastery.  The older monk was very experienced and knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. The younger monk, though not so experienced, had a sincere desire to

Faith and Foolishness

  Once there was a very pious and faithful man.  He had absolute trust in God and always tried to be an upright and honorable person. One day he learned that a great storm was on its way and the

Big Frog, Small Mind

  Once there was a big frog that lived in a large well. He was a happy frog, content with his home and proud of his role as master of the big well. He was always ready to boast and

No Good War

  With all the current so-called social uprisings in places like Egypt and Brazil getting media coverage, it is easy for many people to come to believe that militant action is justified and effective. There is a strong perception forming