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Meditation is a process of concentrated and directed thinking designed to develop and maintain a specific attitude of the mind – an attitude that permits you to contact Universal Intelligence. The numerous benefits – psychological, physical and spiritual – derived from this practice are due to this developed attitude and the subsequent contacts obtained. Meditation can be simple or complex depending on your own knowledge and your specific needs.  

All meditation:

  • opens the mind to possibility in general
  • generates creativity
  • leads to the expansion of consciousness
  • relaxes and focuses the mind allowing more work to be performed with less effort
  • attunes the whole being to the rhythm of Universal Intelligence and puts the practitioner into full cooperation and harmony with Universal Purpose.

Learning and using basic techniques of simple relaxation has been shown to provide wondrous improvements in general health and vitality. A practice of deeper meditation can bring about profound experiences of peace and harmony. For most benefits all that might be required is as little as10 minutes of effort a day.

Whatever your religion, spiritual beliefs, or how hectic your schedule might be – surely there is always opportunity and a little time to nurture yourself a bit; this is exactly what meditation is, and the following 21 big benefits that can come from this practice prove it!

Psychological Benefits

  1. Builds self-confidenceMeditation puts you in touch with your real self and gives you the peace of mind to accept yourself for who you are. This allows you to live a more confident, stress free life.
  2. Helps with focus and concentrationMeditation helps to rid your mind of distracting thoughts and emotions thereby allowing you greater freedom to concentrate and focus on what you want.
  3. Increases creativityBy freeing your mind from mundane thoughts, you generate the opportunity to express more creativity
  4. Increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenationMeditation helps to reduce stress and relieves you of the burdensome thoughts of everyday life, thus allowing you to feel more youthful vitality
  5. Increases emotional stabilityMeditation relaxes not just the body but the mind as well – leading to a more calm and stable way of being
  6. Improves relationshipsBy helping you feel better about yourself, meditation allows you the freedom to experience more joy in being with others
  7. Grows a stable, more balanced personalityOver time, meditation helps you get closer to your true self and express yourself in a smoother more balanced way.

Physiological Benefits


  1. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxationAs you practice releasing the negativity from your life, your body responds by learning how to relax in a deeper and more profound way
  2. Enhances the immune systemMany illnesses are amplified by stress. By learning to relax and keep calm your ability to stay healthy increases.
  3. Drop in cholesterol levels, lowering risk of cardiovascular diseaseMeditation helps you relax and experience more vitality thereby improving the circulation of blood and oxygen and assisting in the preservation of health
  4. Helps with weight lossBy increasing levels of relaxation and vitality, meditation helps control your nutritional needs and makes you more willing to participate in physical activities thereby balancing your calorie intake
  5. Relieve headaches and migrainesBy being more relaxed and stress-free, headaches are less likely to occur
  6. Reduced need for medical careMeditation leads not only to a relaxed body but a positive mental attitude – both of which increase one’s health and vitality
  7. Relaxes the nervous systemMeditation promotes a more calm, tension free experience of life.

    Spiritual Benefits


  8. Provides peace of mindDeep relaxation during meditation produces a calming restorative effect on the mind
  9. Helps you discover your purposeIncreasing your inner awareness helps you better see what your true purpose in life could be
  10. Increases self-actualizationMeditation helps you access your inner core thereby opening up more possibilities in life
  11. Creates a widening, deepening capacity for loveBy expanding your understanding of self, you increase your capacity to love – yourself as well as others
  12. Increases acceptance of oneselfBy understanding yourself better and gaining rapport with your inner being you become better able to accept yourself and others
  13. Creates a deeper relationship with GodA deeper experience of your inner self enables you to attain a more profound experience of God.
  14. Allows one to ‘let go’Meditation not only allows you to release negativity from your life but in doing so it makes more room to accept positive experiences.


The art of meditation is not only free, it requires no equipment, is not time consuming (10-20 minutes per day), and has no negative side effects. So make the effort and begin now to gain a better relationship with yourself and the world and reap the psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits meditation can provide.