Mystic, Spiritual Counselor, author, teacher, social commentator – where did it start?

I’ve always been a mystic – or, at least, I’ve always been mystical. Years before I was a teenager I was interested in and researched the paranormal, the weird, even the occult. I just saw it as a secondary thing: something separate from “real” life. So, despite studying philosophy and symbolic thought in university, the jobs I had were, for the most part, mundane. Aside from forays in the entertainment industry, I worked in general labor, sales, marketing and government.

Having an entrepreneurial bent, I started a consulting practice writing ad copy and sales literature. This led me to coaching people in developing marketing plans and promotional strategy. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking questions about the why and how of the business model my clients were working with. What did they want from their business? What did they want from their customers? Eventually I focused on business coaching in general – helping people formulate plans for the growth and progress of their companies.

That got me interested in the entrepreneur in particular – what were they after in life? Why did they want to be in the career or business they were pursuing? Asking questions about their motivations often got people interested in changing and recalibrating their own dreams. Sometimes what they had thought was important to them really wasn’t. Many people were afraid of this development. They didn’t want to change. It was confusing and frustrating. They wanted to stay on their established track even if it wasn’t making them happy.

I also had to rethink what I wanted to do for money.

I began to study motivational techniques, self-help systems, personal empowerment programs, and cognitive change theories. I took advanced training in NLP, hypnosis, Time Line therapy, transformational processing and Gestalt therapy. I worked as a therapist helping people overcome the blocks, barriers, habits and limiting beliefs that held them back from not just achieving, but even pursuing, their dreams.

Or, what they thought were their dreams.

Yes, there were deeper layers to people’s aspirations. Below the material, below the psychological there was the spiritual. The roots of a happy, fulfilled life – despite income or the source of income – was the inner realm of the Being – the part that connects us to Divine Spirit.

I went back to my original passion of meditation and spiritual philosophy and plunged into a deeper, systematic study of mysticism, metaphysics and religion. I now work exclusively in that area. The focus of my activities is healing the breach between our human and divine aspects. I teach Enlightenment.

I ask questions, I tell stories, I present images, I hold a mirror up to society and get things churning in the subconscious mind – the part of our being that connects us to the greater Universal Intelligence. It is through this churning of self at the deepest level that real choices in life can be made and a true preparation for a more expanded life can be achieved.

This path is not for everyone. It is not a road for the many. Most people turn away from it. It is a narrow way that few seek, desire or appreciate. Those who join me on this journey, and stick with it, are the ones who will understand me when I say, as I often do:

Wake up! Wake yourself up! Wake yourself up anyway you can and then work at waking up everyone else.