The worst viral plague in human history is upon us and how do governments of the world handle it? They institute a vaccine passport.

Ridiculous! The government is taking bad advice from someone.

Here’s how the passport system is supposed to work:

After being vaccinated, you are given a code number. You find a computer with Internet access, go to an official website, look up your code number and then download your vaccine information certificate. You then either print the certificate or upload it to your smart phone. Then you take that certificate and present it, along with government issued photo I.D., to a gatekeeper at an event or business. The gatekeeper, then, checks the data and determines whether it is accurate. After all that, you are able to enjoy the program.

This is a highly complicated procedure and, worse, it is also RACIST! Yes, racist. As everyone who has been absorbing the mainstream media news the past few years will tell you, people of color have difficulty figuring out how to acquire government issued I.D. Even President Joe Biden admits this, and you can certainly trust the President. But who is advising him?

The procedure is even more discriminatory than that. There are people living among us who, through no fault of their own, cannot acquire government I.D. legally. One reason for this, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describes it, is that such people are irregular migrants. Basically, they are undocumented residents from other nations and therefore can’t get I.D. Why are they being left out?

But there is still more discrimination associated with these complicated passports. While it might be quite easy for rich, white people to have easy access to computers, the Internet, printers and smart phones – and actually know how to use this technology – it is not the case for everyone. Many people in our society, through no fault of their own, are underfinanced, unemployed or otherwise poor. And, as many politicians have informed us, poor people, especially poor people of color, simply cannot gain access to, or understand, modern technology. Why aren’t celebrities speaking out about this?

And there’s more. Vaccine passports are expensive to administer for the establishments that will have to screen them. Think of the training required to teach a low-income employee how to review and validate the documents. Not only will they have to check the accuracy of the I.D., they will also have to check for forged documents. And, what if someone from a different State, with a different passport, wants access to an event – will the underpaid employee be able to understand and validate foreign documents without extensive training? I think not. This is not fair.

Clearly, the proposed system of vaccine passports is needlessly complicated, highly discriminatory and expensive to administer.

Well, I have a simple solution. One that significantly reduces the complexity, eliminates all forms of discrimination and is quite inexpensive for establishments to implement. More importantly, it is science based, and we should always trust science.

Here’s how my solution works:

At the time of vaccination, or with proof of previous vaccination, everyone gets a barcode Number inscribed directly on their bodies – preferably on the forehead where it will be clearly visible. Or, for people who habitually wear religious or other types of head coverings, the Mark can be placed on an exposed body part such as the right hand. That’s all they have to do – just take the Mark and they are done. The barcode Number would be linked to an information center – just as barcodes on items for sale are catalogued. A centralized, international facility would be set up by some worldwide authority to handle the information from all participating countries.

The forehead Mark would be coded with full vaccination history, which could easily include any of the many booster shots likely to be needed, soon. To read it, all that would be required is a simple scanning device like the ones used in supermarkets. Anyone can be trained to use this very quickly and cheaply.

My science-based system would solve so many problems it’s hard to see why no one has thought of it before.

Now comes the fun part that makes the Mark even more valuable and cost effective in the hands of some real leadership. Once in place, other information can easily be encoded in it. Information about travel history, other health issues, employment status, social interactions, family relations – whatever is deemed necessary to make sure that everyone is kept safe, healthy and free of dangerous elements now and in the future as more health issues emerge.

And with the inclusion of financial details, cash could finally be eliminated, since it would be relatively easy to ensure that no one could buy or sell anything without the Mark.

Further, the Mark could replace all forms of identification, thus eliminating most fraud and criminal action. It could also replace credit cards, bank cards, health cards, driver’s licenses, education certificates, library cards, public transportation tickets and, of course, the standard travel passport and boarding passes. All that information would be kept safely in the hands of some global, central authority. A progressive government dream come true.

Basically, the Mark would guarantee that our real leaders and their esteemed and honorable government officials would have full knowledge of all the actions, transactions and social interactions of the people under their control and be able to ensure that whatever they do is in strict accordance and obedience with all the rules and regulations imposed on them. It could also ensure that any future rules, regulations, requirements or restrictions on freedom that need to be enforced would easily be accommodated.

Yes, people could finally be free of worry, fear and basic responsibility – confident that their true and benevolent rulers would keep them safe from all nasty ideas and concerns.

What a wonderful world it would be.

What a wonderful world it would be.

Who’s ready to take the Mark as soon as it’s available?