About Michael A. Michail

Michael A. Michail

 Michael A. Michail  MscD, PhD

is a figment of God’s imagination. Since he is somewhat intelligent, he has come to realize this and knows he has no actual, independent existence outside the mind of God. However, he still likes to take himself seriously from time to time.

Michael is Canadian born – of Greek-Cypriot descent. He brings to his work, through his blood line, the rich history and culture of ancient mystical principles and teachings.

h43He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Counselor, an Initiate of the Western Esoteric Tradition, a mystic philosopher and a student of arcane subjects.

He has earned Doctoral Degrees in Comparative Religion and Metaphysical Science and is the author of Practical Mysticism.

Practical Mysticism is a book about the use of meditation and mystical techniques to bring about desired, beneficial changes in a person’s life. The book also details a process for self-discovery that can lead a person along the path to enlightenment.

lighthouse22A speaker, trainer and personal development coach, Michael is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Teacher, Metaphysical Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Paranormal Investigator. He has also taken advanced training in Gestalt Therapy, Time-Line Therapy and shamanism.

He describes his therapeutic work in simple terms: “What I do is ask questions and tell stories that get things moving in the unconscious mind. And since that’s where all forms of learning, behavior and change originate, it leads to powerful results in people’s lives.”

Michael is an accomplished singer, musician and composer and has strong interests in art, poetry and photography. His studies also include philosophy, psychology, anthropology, world literature and humanities. He is a supporter of Animal Rights, Human Rights in general with an emphasis on Children and Women at Risk, World Literacy, Global Prosperity, Space Exploration, Environmental Protection and, as a Metaphysical Light Worker, he is active in the Spiritual and Planetary Evolution initiative.

anieyeMichael enjoys yoga practice, fencing, archery,  and martial arts training.

Being an “old school” mystic, he lives a somewhat solitary life and prefers the company of his feline associates to ordinary humans. Of course, he also spends much of his time attuned to the Cosmic through daily meditation practice.

Michael describes his work and mission as a possibility – “the possibility of people living extraordinary lives – full of love, vitality, satisfaction, and total self-expression.” His writing and teaching is, therefore, directed toward an awakening of spirituality in people’s lives and an expanding of human consciousness – hopefully leading to Global Enlightenment.

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