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Your progress along the mystical path depends upon your willingness to accept that change and transformation are REAL possibilities for you. The ability to accept good things in life is a true blessing. The acceptance of greater, as yet undreamed of possibilities in life is an even greater blessing. The Master Jesus understood possibility. The Gospels, for instance, describe a time when He walked on water (John 6:16 – 21; Mark 6:45 – 52; Matthew 14:22 – 33) Now, according to the Gospel of Matthew, when the Master Jesus walked on the water, He offered His hand to Peter to join Him. We often forget that Peter also walked on water for a few moments. As long as he accepted the possibility, he did the seemingly impossible. Then he let his fear and old style of thinking “weigh him down” and he began to sink into the sea. Our only mission as we travel the mystical path is to learn how to alter OUR OWN reality and perception of ourselves. In this way we slowly alter the perception other people have of us and create new possibilities for what we can be in the world.

Releasing Blocks and Barriers

When Peter saw the Master Jesus walking on the water, he could not believe his eyes. But because of his training as a disciple he realized that many more things are possible in the world than what we normally accept. Peter accepted the Master’s invitation to join him, he reached out his hand and he stepped out onto the sea – letting go of all his past ideas and influences. For a moment, he did the impossible.

Peter could not let go completely of his old beliefs and concepts. He was not yet ready to be a Master. But for that moment he became more than a disciple.

Life is made up of moments. Some moments we are running free and easy and some moments we are stuck in the mud. The mystic learns that the mud that holds us back is our own creation – it does not really hold us – we hold onto it.

The question you should ask yourself is what stops you from letting go?

Negativity is the Only Obstacle

Negative personality traits are what keep you from having the life you desire. If these traits were removed, success and happiness would be automatic. Perhaps the influence of others in earlier years helped to bring about the negative traits that hold you back. However, at this time in your life, as you determine to walk the mystical path, you must realize that you do have control over your own life. You can remove from your mind, once and for all, the negative thought forces that have been preventing you from obtaining the best that life has to offer.

Positive Traits Point Out Your Purpose

You have a purpose in life that you may not, as yet, have realized. Positive traits of your personality may be the key to unlocking the mystery of your own personal destiny and lifestyle at this time. If nothing negative existed to hold you back, the strong points would automatically become even stronger as your mind would be more concentrated on good. If you also reinforced your positive characteristics with mystical practices such as meditation, they would become stronger still, and your ability to achieve would soar. Your positive traits are the key to your destiny. They point out what nature has best equipped you to do in this life. You must realize at what you excel – what you are more comfortable succeeding at. It is around this realization you can, then, adjust and build up an appropriate lifestyle.

The Present  is Your Only Reality

Let the present be the only reality upon which you are building your life. Fill your mind with only such thoughts and consciousness that will generate an empowering future. To do this, remove from your mind all negative traits of the past.

Your sincere decision to rid yourself of your negative personality traits and create a powerful destiny for yourself will connect you to the POWER of the GREATER DIVINE MIND. This power will support you in your efforts and help you stay on track toward your own success. There are many ways to clear the negativity from your life – meditation, affirmations, self-programming, prayer and others. Whatever method or combination of methods you choose be confident that your DIVINE MIND is ready to support and guide you on your way. Millions of people in our society who have turned to practical mysticism for solutions to their problems have discovered this truth. Your GREATER DIVINE MIND can help you to eliminate the negative traits of your personality, and strengthen the positive ones. The companionship of the UNIVERSE and its CREATIVE POWER is yours! You need only accept the possibility.