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I guess, if starseeds are a real thing, then, I am one; because, I don’t fit into the regular world and I reject and resist the authority of the invading, reptilian overlords.

Apparently, starseeds are beings from other planets, other galaxies and, even, other dimensions who have traveled to Earth thousands of years ago to incarnate in human bodies. They have the mission to assist in planetary evolution and prepare humanity for great challenges that always seem to lie just ahead of us. There are, from Earth’s perspective, benevolent and malevolent starseeds. Besides their basic mission, the benevolent starseeds also seek to protect us from the malevolent forces – particularly the reptilian races – that seek to take over the world. The malevolent starseeds want to dominate humanity; the benevolent starseeds want to free humanity so that they can become subjects of the Galactic Federation, or something.

From what I’ve read, there’s a peculiar thing about the starseeds: the malevolent ones seem to retain awareness of their origins and purpose and actively seek to infiltrate the halls of power through exploitation of wealth, imposing themselves in politics and connecting themselves to the generational ruling families of Earth. The benevolent starseeds mostly forget their origins and go through life – incarnation after incarnation – feeling insecure, out of place and unaware of their true destinies until some “teacher” explains to them who they are and from where they came. Nevertheless, even if the benevolent starseeds never discovery their true identity and purpose, they still have a positive impact on the world by the unearthly radiations of their souls.

Knowledge of the presence, identity and purpose of starseeds has come to light only recently through the efforts of “channelers” – people who are able to consciously make contact with galactic record sources and other, non-human, intelligences.

Hidden references to starseeds abound throughout history and across the world, if you know what to look for. There are stories of human representations of various god-forms known as Avatars, such as Lord Krishna; there are tales of sons of god-forms performing heroic deeds such as Hercules; there are records of messengers of god-forms bringing spiritual teaching and insights to people such as the angels and prophets of the Bible; and there are innumerable accounts of shamans, seers, sorcerers, saints and servants of Light in all cultures. Channelers and researchers tell us that many of these stories, if not all of them, are referring to starseeds.

Sumerian, Babylonian and Persian spiritual histories do seem to talk about a battle between alien forces of good and evil taking place on Earth, and many religious heroes talk of worlds beyond our own, but they don’t explicitly mention starseeds or galactic empires. This seems to be a new interpretation of cosmic events or just psychological evolution. The primary sources of the starseed mythos appear to be found in the writings of a variety of more or less recent spiritual and not so spiritual figures. Some of these figures include Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Alice Baily, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, Doris Lessing, Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchen, Riley Martin and David Icke to name a few.

It is interesting to me that many people who reject traditional, established religions seem drawn to newly formulated alternative ideologies based on ancient Gnostic, Hindu and Zoroastrian doctrines as well as science fiction and the mythologies of exploited or diminishing populations.

There’s definitely a lot of things going on in this world of which most people are not aware. I, myself, have explored many uncharted regions of hidden reality and have encountered non-human intelligences of various kinds – many benevolent, some malevolent.

One of the claims often asserted by malevolent beings is that humans, being little more than talking apes, are incapable of achieving greatness without assistance of “superior” beings. They teach that all the notable works of humanity are due to the influence of non-human leaders. I reject this. Humans may be flawed and not yet fully evolved, but we do not need alien spirits to help, guide or shape us. We are not a science experiment. We are great on our own. And, if there is a Galactic Federation out there, we humans will ultimately dominate it. And perhaps that is the reason so many of these non-human entities want to keep us feeling insecure and powerless – they know what we can do.


A whole person, someone at one with himself – as opposed to someone who is inwardly divided – meditates everyday, without effort and without the need for any stylistic preparation. However, most people are not at one with themselves and most people would greatly benefit from achieving this state. And, interestingly enough, the most widely used way of becoming a whole person is to practice meditation.

Most people who want to learn about meditation seem to think that they have to read a lot of books or take classes. Books and classes are wonderful tools for getting second hand knowledge, but this has little to do with the act of meditating itself. Meditation is a natural process, part of the mechanism of being a human, we can all do it intuitively – at least we should be able to if we weren’t programed to resist it by our current materialistic culture.

Assume a comfortable position and then let yourself concentrate and connect with your inner self, letting the outer, messed up world fade away. A few moments of this a day, in time, will make a big impact on your life. Get into the habit of doing this. Once you start to understand and appreciate what is happening for you, some review of known, established meditation techniques will be helpful.

Look around.  Find one technique you think you will like and work with that for a time. You can change your mind and try something else, later. Some simple, early-stage techniques will involve adopting a good posture and effective breathing methods. A minute of reflection will tell you what these could be. Once you’ve had some regular practice, books and classes will then serve to REFINE and ENHANCE your own natural experiences. After using different techniques and finding something that feels good for you, the knowledge, experience and sensations that come to you automatically will inspire you to continue the practice.

Start now. Start from where you are. Start with whatever fear, pain or doubt you have. Start with your uncertainty – but start. Start and don’t stop. Start right from where you are now and with whatever insight and knowledge you have and go from there.

Later, you can do other things, refine your technique, explore more sophisticated or complex methods to see what they are about. First, however, you will want to get some direct experiences that can only come from practice.

Many people believe that to be a regular meditator or a spiritual person means that you must immediately stop living the way you do now: stop eating, drinking, playing and having a normal life.


You can meditate and still keep living your regular life.

However, if done sincerely, meditation will expand your consciousness – it will expand your understanding of life and fill you with more clarity. Once your mind becomes calm and you get an overview of your own life patterns, you might begin to act differently. You might have the desire to live differently. But this will be a natural, unforced experience – something you will choose to happen. What that will look like is anybody’s guess. It will simply be something that is right for you alone, something that you, yourself, will choose.

Your choices in life will begin to be based on a calm, self-reliance and inner contentment. Your personal choices will NOT be based on indifference or some form of imposed, frightened attitude regarding what is allowed and what is forbidden. Instead, you will choose with an alert, involved attitude toward whatever you face in your own life.

Meditation won’t change or remake you – it will simply bring out your own true, natural, inner self. It will help you be the person you really are.

Stay Awake

I saw this post on social media, recently. It’s a bit upsetting. Have people really given up on waking up the world?

I know things look bad. Frightening things are happening all around the world. It’s so much easier to ignore them. So much easier to stay asleep and avoid the fears. Many people have chosen to take this route. And, it seems, many people on the path to wakefulness are choosing to let the others sleep. This is not the way to go. As long as we are able to do it, let’s strive to carry with us to Enlightenment as many other people as we can.

OK. Many people who have seen the reality of Wakefulness have decided to go back to sleep and live in a zombie-like dream state. Fine, that’s their choice and maybe we don’t have the right to force them to take part in our journey.

But there still are, oh so many, people stuck in the zombie-sleep state who have not had the chance to make the choice. They don’t even know that there is a choice to be made. Part of our Path, I think, is to show them the option even if they refuse it.

At the same time, there are others who have seen reality and simply don’t know how to deal with it. Perhaps they believe themselves to be alone, surrounded as they are with zombies. They make the false choice to fake the zombie-state just to get along – just to avoid confronting the truth. They need us to show them that they are not alone. Worse, some of these people who have seen the Light and turned from it, deliberately work to keep other people asleep – to keep them from experiencing Wakefulness. Perhaps that is the purpose of the post above, to supress the chance for Enlightenment in others. Very nasty.

We could make the effort to wake up the first group, the ones who have never seen the Light, no matter how impossible that task might be. Part of walking the Path includes helping others when we can. The sleepers deserve the chance to make the choice. If they choose, as many do, to go back to sleep – well, that is their choice.

The others, the ones who woke up already but are afraid to commit – the ones faking the zombie-state and living in quite despair – need to know they are not alone. They could benefit from the knowledge that Wakefulness is not something to be feared or pushed away.  Somehow, we could signal to them that all is not lost- not yet – there is still hope – there is still a chance for salvation.

Now, to be very clear, when I say Wake Up, I don’t mean “woke.” Woke is stupid and possibly worse than the outright zombie-state. By Wakefulness I mean Illumination, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and being imbued with Divine Spirit. People who are “woke” are living a false dream.

This is the time to Wake Up anyway we can – wake ourselves up, if necessary, or accept the call to wakefulness made by others. Wake up and shout out to everyone the good news that there is another way of living, a way of truly living, a greater reality that is available, freely, to anyone who wants it.

Meditation; contemplation; prayer; study and research; physical training and discipline; commitment to family, friends, culture and traditional spirituality; fearless conversation with others; and even, sometimes, blindly leaping into the Light with Faith that Enlightenment exists – all these and many more ways are available to help you Wake Up.

Make the choice – the first choice – that you actually WANT to wake up. Choose to reject the zombie-like, sleep state – I know that being asleep is an easy and safe way of life, but it is not REAL life. The real life is free and light and airy and fun and exciting and wonderous. The real life is struggle and motion and discovery. The real life embodies the PURSUIT of happiness – a kind of happiness that only exists with full wakefulness and Enlightenment.

Don’t give up – Wake Up and become an alarm clock to wake up others.

Euro-Christian Culture

I’m not saying Judeo-Christian tradition anymore. There’s no point. Whatever good is attributable to “Judeo” culture within the framework of Western Civilization has already been filtered through Christianity. The 10 Commandments, the Psalms, Proverbs, Prophesy – it’s all part of Christian tradition now and has been for two thousand years. What is distinct from Christianity, that combined with it to form the Western world, is the monolithic European ideology that existed before the rise of Church doctrines. Thus, I refer to it now, exclusively as Euro-Christian culture and tradition.

Western Civilization, my civilization, the civilization that allows me, among other things, to write blog posts is built on 5 pillars: Greek art, philosophy and speculation; Roman engineering and organization; Germanic industry; Norse adventurism; and of course, most importantly, Christian idealism and faith. The first four are solid European elements, the fifth, incorporates a lot of non-western beliefs, but since 313 A.D. is a solid Western construct, a Universal religion that promotes progress, growth and achievement on Earth.

No other culture, despite their well-deserved praise, can boast the accomplishments of Euro-Christian tradition – art, music, literature, science, philosophy and humanitarian endeavours are unmatched.

Yes, other nations have come up with original and influential ideas, but it is only by being distilled through Western principles that these ideas have reached universal appeal. For example, the movable type, printing press was developed in Asia hundreds of years before Gutenberg, but the idea failed to get general acceptance In the East and, in many cases, was reserved only for the ruling class. Gutenberg’s conception, fueled by Euro-Christian ideology, was to promote literacy throughout Europe and make it possible for anyone, of any economic class, to afford a personal copy of the Bible and other significant works. Up till then, books had to be copied out by hand and were extremely expensive. Gutenberg made it possible for information to be transmitted to the masses – a concept peculiar to Western culture.

Western culture is responsible for technological achievements ranging from the telephone to space travel. The West developed symphony orchestras, opera, ballet, even Jazz and rock & roll and, significantly, the means of bringing all this music into the lives of anyone who wants it through radio, television, and recording devices. Sociologically, the spiritual ideologies of the West have given the world innumerable charitable organizations, food and resource distribution networks, universities, public orphanages and elder care facilities, the Red Cross and other emergency care systems, as well as the concept of a United Nations where leaders from around the world can gather peacefully to discuss ways to benefit humanity.

Some think that it is the climate and landscape of Europe that led to the development of these wonders. However, many countries have far more environmental advantages, but have not accomplished nearly as much. No, it is the ideological spirit of bringing forth societal betterment through individual as well as group effort that is far more responsible. The desire to make beauty, safety, progress and freedom available to everyone, not just the elite, and the will to accomplish these aims, seems to be a peculiarly Euro-Christian construct.

Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Bach, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, and other geniuses could have been born anywhere, but it is unlikely that they could have achieved their level of greatness and universal impact anywhere outside the spiritual framework of the West. The value of self-expression; the ability to move through social classes; the possibility of transforming ideas into wealth; the public election of leaders at all levels of government; the concern for humanity for its own sake; the concern for non-human life, the environment and the planet as a whole; the belief that suffering of the masses can be alleviated and that it should be; the belief that all people are created equal before God and that no group is chosen above the rest;  the belief that, in spite of personal sinfulness, all people have value, can be forgiven and can free themselves from the past; and the possibility of individual greatness – are all Euro-Christian conceptions that have shaped the world.

To be sure, many Euro-Christian doctrines are not always practiced, and they are often opposed by people who should, in fact, know better. There has been a struggle both spiritually and materially throughout the centuries to make Euro-Christian culture mainstream, even in Europe. However, the core beliefs of our culture are what makes it possible for all those of good will to gather together and work for peace, security and the enhancement of all people who choose to embrace what we know of as Western Civilization.

The Fall

Fall is another word for Autumn, the season before Winter. But that’s not what I’m talking about in this post – unless we count the Fall as the time leading up to the bleak, cold, brutal days before the end of a cycle.

The Fall I’m talking about is the fall of civilization – a time that could very well be upon us.

We are experiencing crazy ideologies sweeping the planet, twisting people’s minds and spirits; wars and civil unrest breaking out in every developed and undeveloped country; strange diseases and environmental catastrophes bringing on death and economic upheaval – and all manner of attacks on the time-honored beliefs, traditions and institutions that have advanced human society. What is the cause? What dark forces want the world to end? The world we grew up in? These can’t be readily named, but their representatives seem to have been active for a very long time and their efforts are achieving their end – the end of decency, hope and individual achievement and happiness.

Here’s a graphic example of the devastation of morality that’s befallen the West. In 1965, before the degrading influence of Globalization was championed by almost every world leader and celebrity, pornography for the average teenager consisted of underwear ads in the Sears Catalogue. Today, gay, cannibalistic pedophile porn is an option for just about anyone of any age with access to the Internet. This isn’t some accident or unforeseen side effect of technology – the obliteration of social normality, self-esteem and a basic view of morals is the clear objective of the dark forces working for cultural dominance.

This degradation isn’t being brought on by the traditional enemies of the West, by anti-capitalist nations – countries that advocate communism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc. strongly oppose this degeneracy and mock the West for tolerating it. It is also condemned by both Orthodox Christianity and Islam: two opposing religions that now find themselves facing a common enemy – demon inspired Globalism.

It is the ungodly billionaire class that is bringing on the degradation and fall of the West from right within our own society.

For 500 years, those who sought personal prosperity were responsible for building the civilized world we know – Technology, medicine, industry, security were all advanced by those seeking individual wealth and power. The benefits generated by the achievements of the prosperous included the freedom, security and opportunity enjoyed by the average person living in a Western nation. No more. Now, it seems that most of those who have made it to the top and enjoy extraordinary financial success, the ones who advocate for Globalism, are pulling the ladders up after them so no one else can make the climb and are pouring hot, liquid degeneracy down upon the rest of us – the way feudal lords would pour burning oil down on enemies trying to breach the walls of their castle. The old billionaire class at least pretended to be godly to preserve the social order – the new billionaires are blatantly anti-religious and if they secretly worship a spirit its something like Moloch and Abaddon. They have nothing but contempt for the middle-class and all euro-Christian values and traditions. Thus, for them, it has become a pleasure to corrupt the masses.

Look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your lot in life – to advance your position in society. There’s nothing wrong with seeking prosperity and wealth. But, as we say, what benefit do you get from gaining the whole world if in the process you lose your soul?

We have to wake up. Although it is true that foreign powers are actively seeking our destruction, the real threat to our way of life and the most likely cause of the Fall of Western civilization is from the people who are supposed to be our leaders. These degenerate forces are the cancer cells destroying our body from within. To stop the spread of this malignancy we must strengthen our immune system by bathing in the radiance of the Love of Divine Spirit and resist the temptations offered by the New World Order.

Japanese Inventions

Something a bit different.

I am primarily concerned with spirituality and mysticism and when I talk about society it is usually from the perspective of Euro-Christian, Western traditional culture and civilization. Still, I am interested in the world in general and I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Japanese nation. Outside of European and North American countries, Japan is the place with which I have the closest affinity.

So, when someone boldly asserts to me that Japan has never created anything of value and merely copies the ideas and inventions of other people, I get a bit perturbed.

Japan has a long history of achievement. Throughout the centuries, Japan has contributed original thoughts, innovations and practical discoveries of all kinds that have greatly impacted civilization. I would recommend that people do some research before disparaging any country or culture, since pretty much every group of people on Earth has added something of value to humanity. And Japan has contributed more than most.

An easy place to start an investigation is with Wikipedia (I know, not always the best source – but good as a quick reference). Go to the page on Japanese inventions which describes just a few of the many innovative and original accomplishments Japan has made. The fields of contribution include Art, Atmospheric Science, Sports, Video Games, Philosophy, Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Science, Finance, Food and Food Science, Mathematics, Physics, Technology and more.

Just in the past 100 years or so, Japanese inventions have changed the world for the better.

Here is a short list of some of their more impressive achievements:

  • The Fujit scale for measuring the intensity of tornadoes
  • The discovery of the Jet Stream
  • The production and use of General Anesthesia
  • The portable electrocardiograph
  • The creation of Statin drugs
  • The first comic book (Yes!)
  • Blue LED technology
  • The camera phone
  • The TV watch
  • VHS, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray technology
  • The portable CD player etc.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Dry Cell batteries
  • The pocket calculator
  • The digital camera
  • Fiber optic communication
  • The lap top computer
  • The microcomputer
  • 3D printing
  • The first full scale android
  • Interplanetary solar sail spacecraft
  • Electronic television
  • The automatic quartz watch
  • Self-driving cars
  • The aircraft carrier
  • Canned coffee
  • And so very much more.

Along with cultural, spiritual and societal attainments – family values, integrity, manners, social rituals, perseverance, work ethic and an indomitable spirit – the Japanese prove themselves an exceptional people.


In Arthurian legend, it is said that “the King and the Land are one.” If the King is sick, demented or evil then the Land will be despoiled. If the King is right, just and true then the Land will prosper.

Look around at the world today and consider the leadership. Not only have the various Globalist presidents, prime ministers, premiers, etc. separated themselves spiritually from the people they are supposed to represent, they have also separated themselves physically – they do not consider themselves part of the Land at all.

Globalists do not accept borders, therefore the see no countries. With no countries, there are no nationalities. With no nationalities, there are no citizens. With no citizens, there are no rights. And with no rights, there is no FREEDOM. To the Globalists, people exist only at the discretion of their so-called leaders.

It should, of course, be the other way around – elected leaders should hold office at the discretion of the people, they should be the Servants of the people not their Masters. Leaders are supposed to protect the God-given rights of the people and defend the Land – just as a shepherd protects the flock from the wolf. Instead, they have made us the spoils of creatures that seek our destruction.

 The false leaders often make a show of patriotism and claim that their vile, authoritarian dictates are implemented for the good of the people and the good of the land.

These people are NOT patriots.

Patriots have a connection to, and a strong belief in, the land, the people and the principles that founded the Nation. Patriots act out of a commitment to the cultures, tradition and values of the communities that thrive under a National identity. Patriots are foremost citizens of a well-defined Nation and as citizens they seek to protect and preserve the rights and privileges inherent in that Nation.

 (I will stipulate that it is possible to be patriotic without occupying or controlling the nation you hold allegiance to – a population in exile can still be patriotic concerning the founding principles of the nation with which they identify.)

Now, since Globalists do not believe in Nations or even citizens (“citizen of the world” is a cartoonish construct) they cannot be patriots.

Globalists have no love or regard for land, people, culture, customs, traditions or national identity. Globalists divide the world into servants and masters – and even the most inane celebrity Globalist does not identify with the servant class. A Globalist leader will always sell out the people of the land they are supposed to represent to the Luciferian world view that they actually serve.  

True patriots must constantly oppose and resist the Globalist ideology that is spreading like a virus around the world or risk becoming merely a serf in the New World Order.  

We Must Live Somewhere; They Can Live Anywhere

There’s a saying: Some people can live anywhere, but others have to live somewhere.

This is one of the many divisions facing society, today. Some of us have a homeland, a culture, a tradition, a spiritual connection to a community. We must live somewhere. We can’t just pick up and leave a place anytime we want to – it’s a challenge. And when we arrive at a new place, we make a commitment to stay there. We are bound to the land, the people, the institutions.

This is not the case for others. For some people, wealthy Globalists in particular, physical location is temporary. They can live anywhere. They have abandoned their roots. They have no connection to place; no sense of national identity. For them, flying off to Paris for lunch and then spending a month in Hong Kong on a whim is a common event. There’s nothing keeping them in the land of their birth. Cultural heritage is irrelevant and citizenship is just a formality – totally unimportant.

This was not always the case. While the old rich, people with generational wealth, the hidden controllers of society could always live anywhere, they seldom did so as it would attract too much attention. They did however run their business interests internationally. But the other rich, the stereotypical rich people of the past who made their fortunes in their own lifetimes – cattle barons, oil tycoons, real estate moguls – they owed their wealth to the land. You couldn’t move 100,000 head of cattle across the ocean on a whim or uproot an oil well. Even retail stores such as Macy’s, Eaton’s, Woolworths, etc. had fixed locations. And, similarly, creative organizations like film makers were tied to the land. If you wanted to make a big, successful movie in the past, you had to live and work in Hollywood and your market was primarily America and the English-speaking world.

This has all changed, however, since the 1960’s. The methods of International Finance have trickled down to almost all aspects of business including moviemaking and retail enterprises.

For example, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, currently the richest person in the world, someone who creates nothing, but just moves merchandise around, can set up his retail operations anywhere. Along with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and many more, he has no spiritual connection to the land of his birth – no connection to the people of America. There might be some nostalgic value to remaining in America, but that’s it. These people can afford to NOT be patriotic or concerned with the people out of which they sprang because they can live, work and thrive anywhere.

Thus, they glibly spew out the Globalist propaganda about the benefits of a One World Government, a Borderless Society, a Multicultural Collective and the rest. They seek to fool the gullible into believing they are on the side of freedom when really, they are working to establish a society built on a subservient underclass made up of people who MUST live somewhere dominated by an elitist, ruling class of people that can live anywhere.

Notice their choice of a world capital: it is NOT New York, London, Paris, or even Beijing – cities that actually produced things that contributed to the advance of civilization – it is places like Geneva and Brussels whose only “contribution” to the world is a generations long history of promoting and protecting International Finance and Banking.

The people that can live anywhere are not our friends, no matter what they say. To them, we people of the land are unimportant, expendable and replaceable. We are merely chattel, serfs or vassals. They might want to review some history, however, because the elitist, upper-class twits that seek to dominate the world are the ones actually replaced every couple of hundred years; while we people of the land endure forever.


Two interesting things happen in the book “The Day of the Triffids” written by John Wyndham in 1951 – interesting from our current perspective in the age of Covid.

First, an unusual plant is found growing in the wild. The plant, known as a Triffid, is a tall, leafy vegetable that spits poison and eats animal flesh. Although extremely dangerous, the plant produces a high-quality vegetable oil and so it is farmed extensively. No one knows exactly where Triffids come from, but it is speculated that it was bioengineered in a Soviet lab (this is written in the 1950’s) and somehow escaped or was intentionally released into the wild. Why would a research facility deliberately create and then let loose a dangerous biohazard on the world? Who knows what the Communists might have been planning? After being farmed quite profitably for awhile, something else is discovered about the Triffids: they are able to uproot themselves and move about on their own.

Well, before this development can be studied, the second thing happens. A strange meteor shower sending sparks of green light into the atmosphere astounds the world. The shower lasts long enough so that everyone on Earth who wants to witness it can do so. And, of course, most people around the world, fascinated by the green flares, watch the phenomenon intensely. The next day, everyone who observed the display wakes up permanently blind. And concurrently a strange plague infects the world killing millions. It is speculated that the Soviets had something to do with this meteor shower: that it wasn’t a meteor at all, but a satellite containing biohazardous material and strange manufactured diseases that exploded and fell to the Earth. Again, was this deliberate or accidental? No one knows and no one can verify it because at this point civilization pretty much collapses.

With most of the world blind or suffering from a plague, there is no one guarding the Triffid farms. The Triffids escape and rampage the planet feeding on the helpless humans. The only easy way to stop a Triffid is to burn it up with a flame thrower. However, few are left who can aim it, and there’s no way to get fuel. In fact, supplies of everything, including food, quickly run out not just in urban areas but even in farming communities since most people are blind and can’t work equipment, harvest anything or transport anything. It is the Day of the Triffids.

With so much chaos, authority ceases to function and humans form competing bands of scavengers trying to avoid the Triffids and get control of the few remaining resources.

It is a bleak picture.

Nothing like what we’re facing with Covid, of course. But what if something more deadly is developed in some Communist lab and “accidently” unleashed on the world? What if one of the thousands of satellites now orbiting the Earth, most of which have purposes unknown to the general public, should become weaponized and strikes the population? What will we do?

Covid has shown us that governments are useless at protecting populations and spiritually blind populations can’t appreciate the dangers all around them. The fact that the government response to crisis is simply to restrict freedom and enforce more dictatorial control over people, should make everyone concerned. It doesn’t appear to. If a true pandemic hits, whether planned (a “plandemic”) or the result of an accident, a disease that kills more than 2% of the people it infects and infects everyone, will the mask finally fall off the so-called leaders of the world? Will we finally see them for what they truly are – ruthless, power mad, despots? (I won’t say demonic – but you know what I mean.)

We aren’t likely to face Triffids – or zombies, aliens or any other sci fi tropes – but we will certainly face wars, famines and plagues. Hopefully, these won’t be the work of our own governments seeking to consolidate their strangle hold on their own people.

A Simple Solution

The worst viral plague in human history is upon us and how do governments of the world handle it? They institute a vaccine passport.

Ridiculous! The government is taking bad advice from someone.

Here’s how the passport system is supposed to work:

After being vaccinated, you are given a code number. You find a computer with Internet access, go to an official website, look up your code number and then download your vaccine information certificate. You then either print the certificate or upload it to your smart phone. Then you take that certificate and present it, along with government issued photo I.D., to a gatekeeper at an event or business. The gatekeeper, then, checks the data and determines whether it is accurate. After all that, you are able to enjoy the program.

This is a highly complicated procedure and, worse, it is also RACIST! Yes, racist. As everyone who has been absorbing the mainstream media news the past few years will tell you, people of color have difficulty figuring out how to acquire government issued I.D. Even President Joe Biden admits this, and you can certainly trust the President. But who is advising him?

The procedure is even more discriminatory than that. There are people living among us who, through no fault of their own, cannot acquire government I.D. legally. One reason for this, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describes it, is that such people are irregular migrants. Basically, they are undocumented residents from other nations and therefore can’t get I.D. Why are they being left out?

But there is still more discrimination associated with these complicated passports. While it might be quite easy for rich, white people to have easy access to computers, the Internet, printers and smart phones – and actually know how to use this technology – it is not the case for everyone. Many people in our society, through no fault of their own, are underfinanced, unemployed or otherwise poor. And, as many politicians have informed us, poor people, especially poor people of color, simply cannot gain access to, or understand, modern technology. Why aren’t celebrities speaking out about this?

And there’s more. Vaccine passports are expensive to administer for the establishments that will have to screen them. Think of the training required to teach a low-income employee how to review and validate the documents. Not only will they have to check the accuracy of the I.D., they will also have to check for forged documents. And, what if someone from a different State, with a different passport, wants access to an event – will the underpaid employee be able to understand and validate foreign documents without extensive training? I think not. This is not fair.

Clearly, the proposed system of vaccine passports is needlessly complicated, highly discriminatory and expensive to administer.

Well, I have a simple solution. One that significantly reduces the complexity, eliminates all forms of discrimination and is quite inexpensive for establishments to implement. More importantly, it is science based, and we should always trust science.

Here’s how my solution works:

At the time of vaccination, or with proof of previous vaccination, everyone gets a barcode Number inscribed directly on their bodies – preferably on the forehead where it will be clearly visible. Or, for people who habitually wear religious or other types of head coverings, the Mark can be placed on an exposed body part such as the right hand. That’s all they have to do – just take the Mark and they are done. The barcode Number would be linked to an information center – just as barcodes on items for sale are catalogued. A centralized, international facility would be set up by some worldwide authority to handle the information from all participating countries.

The forehead Mark would be coded with full vaccination history, which could easily include any of the many booster shots likely to be needed, soon. To read it, all that would be required is a simple scanning device like the ones used in supermarkets. Anyone can be trained to use this very quickly and cheaply.

My science-based system would solve so many problems it’s hard to see why no one has thought of it before.

Now comes the fun part that makes the Mark even more valuable and cost effective in the hands of some real leadership. Once in place, other information can easily be encoded in it. Information about travel history, other health issues, employment status, social interactions, family relations – whatever is deemed necessary to make sure that everyone is kept safe, healthy and free of dangerous elements now and in the future as more health issues emerge.

And with the inclusion of financial details, cash could finally be eliminated, since it would be relatively easy to ensure that no one could buy or sell anything without the Mark.

Further, the Mark could replace all forms of identification, thus eliminating most fraud and criminal action. It could also replace credit cards, bank cards, health cards, driver’s licenses, education certificates, library cards, public transportation tickets and, of course, the standard travel passport and boarding passes. All that information would be kept safely in the hands of some global, central authority. A progressive government dream come true.

Basically, the Mark would guarantee that our real leaders and their esteemed and honorable government officials would have full knowledge of all the actions, transactions and social interactions of the people under their control and be able to ensure that whatever they do is in strict accordance and obedience with all the rules and regulations imposed on them. It could also ensure that any future rules, regulations, requirements or restrictions on freedom that need to be enforced would easily be accommodated.

Yes, people could finally be free of worry, fear and basic responsibility – confident that their true and benevolent rulers would keep them safe from all nasty ideas and concerns.

What a wonderful world it would be.

What a wonderful world it would be.

Who’s ready to take the Mark as soon as it’s available?

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