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Marcus Aurelius

Who is Marcus Aurelius?

Aurelius was born in 121 A.D. and became Emperor of Rome in 161 A.D. Considered the last of the “five good emperors,” Aurelius led Rome in the final days of the Pax Romana, the great Roman peace established by Augustine in 27 B.C. He died in the year 180.

Despite being the most powerful man of his time and being fabulously wealthy, Aurelius patterned himself as a Stoic philosopher and is sometimes referred to as the “Philosopher King.” He led a simple, contemplative life and is the author of an important philosophical and spiritual book called “the Meditations.”

Stoicism is not just a philosophy or intellectual pursuit; Stoics consider it a way of life. To the Stoic, the highest good is to lead a life of virtue. The route to virtue is the practice of prudence, justice, temperance and courage.

Stoicism was founded by the Greek philosopher Zeno in the 3rd century B.C. The name itself refers simply to the “stoa poikile,” the painted porch where Zeno and his followers met to discuss their ideas.

One of the most important of the ancient Stoic philosophers was Epictetus. He lived from 50 to 135 A.D. He was born a slave, but acquired his freedom and by the end of his life he was respected as one of the wisest men of his age and, perhaps, the only truly free man because he lived his philosophy with a vigor.

Epictetus taught that external events are beyond our control – thus, we should accept whatever happens to us or around us calmly and dispassionately. At the same time, individuals are responsible for their own internal experiences and their own actions. The internal life should be examined and controlled through rigorous self-discipline.

Epictetus greatly influenced the thought and life style of Marcus Aurelius and he is quoted often in “the Meditations.”

Aurelius lived in troubled times. His reign was marked by wars and uprisings and political difficulties. Aurelius, however, began his philosophical training as a young man; thus, he was prepared for the struggle when he became emperor. Aurelius did all that was expected of him as leader of his people and worked diligently for what he considered the good of the empire while also maintaining his own inner discipline. He endeavored to master his thoughts, feelings and passions despite the turmoil going on around him.

In a simple form, his philosophy might be seen as a precursor to the often-quoted Serenity Prayer of modern-day theologian Reinhold Niebuhr – “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Aurelius was by no means a Christian. More likely he was a Pantheist seeing God as encompassing all existence rather than as a separate being or personal savior. But he shared the same spiritual understanding.

The life of Marcus Aurelius shows that even someone with vast privilege and authority can aspire to a nobler, pious and mystical existence.

Mystic Wealth

Smart, funny, talented, devastatingly handsome and connected to Spirit – so why isn’t your favorite Mystic world famous and living in a castle by the sea surrounded by adoring acolytes and dancing girls? Why isn’t he being interviewed by Oprah, featured on the cover of People Magazine (Handsomest Man Alive edition) or staring in a Netflix series based on his own fabulous life?

Ho hum.

Being rich and famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Most celebrities, after all, can’t handle their own day to day lives without management help. The use of glamour – a magic spell that produces the illusion of attractiveness – has a heavy price. Notice that most celebrities have diagnosed or undiagnosed but clearly evident mental health issues, such as depression, pathological self-absorption and histrionic personality disorders, to name a few. They might also engage in substance abuse and self-medicating behaviours, or dependency, and participate in deviant life-style action – very often pedophilia.

Not all rich and famous people have these problems: but enough do to advance the stereotype.

Of course, wealth, power and popularity are not bad things in themselves. They do, however, extract a heavy toll on the spiritual life.

If you check the history of mysticism for the past 5000 years, you’ll find that almost all mystics or spiritual people have led simple lives. Comfortable, maybe, but never lavish or vulgar. The only truly wealthy mystic I’m aware of is Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor who lived from the year 121 to 180. He was more stoic philosopher than mystic, but he wrote a wonderful book called “The Meditations.” Despite the fabulous wealth and power connected to his title, he lived a very modest and contemplative life. He preferred inner splendor to outer ostentation.

Now I’m talking about REAL mystics – not fakers who use spirituality as a way of gaining control of people or resources – who exploit the weak and mock their own believers and followers. There are plenty of frauds around. They are the ones who get interviewed by Oprah, appear in People Magazine and have Netflix documentaries made about them.

Of course, it’s nice to be appreciated. It’s nice to learn that people benefit from your efforts. It’s nice to know that your gifts are being put to good use.

It is also nice to enjoy a calm, harmonious life – one that’s comfortable but not frivolous – and to be free, for the most part, to work and play as you choose.

That is TRUE wealth. And that is the life of your favorite mystic.

Independence Day 2021

Canada Day 2021


When I was a youngster, I watched a lot of silly movies on TV (I still do, but for different reasons). One of those movies was something called “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors” starring the great Peter Cushing. This is one of those anthology movies popular at the time made up of five short stories held together with a wrap around narrative. In this case, five passengers on a train meet Dr. Schreck (whose name means terror). He is a doctor of metaphysics and purports to use the tarot cards (his house of horrors) to reveal the nightmarish situations the passengers are destined to face.

It’s a dumb movie, not very scary, and the ending has nothing to do with the stories presented – so, I’m not sure why this film appealed to me so strongly. It did however, make me want to become a Doctor of Metaphysics (which I now am) and study the Tarot.

Tarot is part of occult teachings and as my readers know I discourage people from taking part in occult activities due to the dangers found there in. The images on Tarot cards can serve as windows or gateways to other worlds.  When untrained people “play” with Tarot, especially if they have any degree of sensitivity or intuition, forces and even personalities from the other worlds can come through the windows and intrude on what is thought of as normal reality. Without adequate training and protection, those intrusions can result in serious psychic harm to the person messing with these powers. Unless you know how to channel the other worldly forces and know how to protect yourself and your associates from the forces, stay away from Tarot and all things occult.

The best training is to learn and PRACTICE effective meditation techniques and immerse yourself in positive, well established, spiritual literature and thoughts.

The proper use of Tarot is to gain access to and develop understanding of your own inner self, your subconscious, your true personality. Your subconscious has a way of gathering and sorting information that is not readily available to your conscious self – which relies heavily on only the five material senses. The subconscious can provide you with the information it collects and can even urge you to act in more positive, beneficial ways. However, it is often difficult for the conscious mind to understand the language used by the subconscious. The tarot symbolism helps to verbalize the information and make it usable.

There are, then, three main uses for the Tarot:

1/  Self-Analysis

Laying the cards out in a specific pattern provides a platform for the subconscious to pick and choose appropriate symbols and combinations of symbols that can be articulated and interpreted by the conscious mind. Readers in the past have provided possible interpretations of the symbols – generic interpretations, we might say – but a skilled reader need not rely on these. The images and the connection between the various cards that appear in the spread are more like mental prompts to get the subconscious involved in analyzing the issues at hand. By drawing the conscious attention to some symbols but not others, the subconscious can guide the reader to the information the inner mind wants to convey.

2/  Analyzing Another

Similar to the first use, in this case the reader helps guide the person being read to an understanding of their deeper problems. This is an effective tool for counseling and therapy because the client doesn’t always know or understand exactly what the issues are that disturb them. They can discuss the symptoms while the root causes of their difficulties are a mystery. The Tarot helps the client’s subconscious mind reveal the deeper concerns that are blocked from conscious awareness. Analyzing another requires the reader to have an empathic connection with the client.

3/  Divination

Divination is NOT fortune telling. You don’t want some external force dictating your decisions. The human connection to Universal Intelligence is through the subconscious. Proper divination allows the person’s own inner mind, with its greater scope of information, to participate in the decision-making process. Before beginning a new project or operation, you want to get as much information about the possible outcomes that you can find. Ideally, if you have training and experience in meditation, you can access the additional, subconscious, information directly and whenever you may need it. Tarot is a tool that gives you quick insights into a situation to help you decide the way to proceed.

Tarot work, if done for yourself or others, should be approached in a respectful, meditative manner. It is not a game or frivolous past time.

I don’t think it was intentional, but in the movie, fortune telling is shown to be ineffective. The ending makes it clear that the fate of the passengers is already determined and none of the situations predicted by Dr. Schreck actually occur. Instead, Dr. Schreck turns out to be an agent of darkness who just uses the tarot cards to agitate and terrorize the other characters prior to leading them to Hell. There’s no reason for this, other than the need to make a low-budget horror film.


I have a lot of skills, knowledge and talent in different areas, but computer coding is just not my forte. I like programs that work for me without the need for understanding the process. I appreciate the work of other people who know what they are doing in the technical sphere that allows me to focus on generating my own silly rants.

There’s a widget thingy that lets people subscribe to my blog. By clicking on the widget, a person can set up a system that notifies them by email whenever I post something new. I’ve had this on my website since I first started it. Recently, however, I noticed that it is GONE. Apparently, it disappeared around the beginning of May. Why wasn’t I aware of its disappearance sooner? I never paid attention to it; I just took it for granted that it would always be there.

And, not only is it gone from my website, it also seems to be gone from the place where widgets live.

I did some checking on the support system and on the Internet in general and there’s no info about it. You’d think that if a popular widget like that disappeared or was discontinued it would be big news. Well, it doesn’t seem to be. So, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one who lost this app. I don’t know, I suppose I will figure it out some day – it may take a while – but for now I’m just accepting the fact that it is gone.

This got me thinking.

What other important things can disappear from our lives suddenly and without our knowledge?

How about faith? Has that gone away? When did it happen? What about hope? Love?

We take these things for granted; we don’t think about them. Then one day they are gone.

Did we have to do anything, such as write a program, to activate these things in our lives? Or do we just assume they were spontaneously generated conditions?

Faith, hope and love really are programs that are hardwired in our nervous system as part of our spiritual nature. They are always present, but they have to be activated. They never go away – they just sometimes fade into the background – perhaps, deactivated by the pressures of material life. The thoughts and struggles of day to day living often seem more important than our spiritual lives and can override more beneficial programming. To get them back up and running if they’ve been shut down, we need only to concentrate on recalling times we’ve experienced them. Pull the memories of these experiences up to the forefront of our consciousness and will ourselves to know they exist, have a useful, vital purpose in life, and are wanted.

With faith, hope and love we can stand up to whatever the dark forces in the world throw our way. We can preserve our individuality, maintain our spiritual dignity and hold onto the commitments we have for living a purposeful, abundant life. The illusions and fake reality of the material world, with its emphasis on the “great reset” and the “new normal,” can be overcome.

To be sure, there is a New World coming – not a world of “wokeness” – but a world of “Awakening” to the glory of Divine Spirit.

I don’t know if I’ll ever recover the subscription widget that can signal loyal readers when something new is posted. I can promise you, though, that if you bookmark this site and come back often you will continue to find, what I hope are, useful guideposts on the path to Enlightenment provided by your favorite mystic.

Love and Blessings and all good wishes for Peace Profound!

How I Got Here

Mystic, Spiritual Counselor, author, teacher, social commentator – where did it start?

I’ve always been a mystic – or, at least, I’ve always been mystical. Years before I was a teenager I was interested in and researched the paranormal, the weird, even the occult. I just saw it as a secondary thing: something separate from “real” life. So, despite studying philosophy and symbolic thought in university, the jobs I had were, for the most part, mundane. Aside from forays in the entertainment industry, I worked in general labor, sales, marketing and government.

Having an entrepreneurial bent, I started a consulting practice writing ad copy and sales literature. This led me to coaching people in developing marketing plans and promotional strategy. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking questions about the why and how of the business model my clients were working with. What did they want from their business? What did they want from their customers? Eventually I focused on business coaching in general – helping people formulate plans for the growth and progress of their companies.

That got me interested in the entrepreneur in particular – what were they after in life? Why did they want to be in the career or business they were pursuing? Asking questions about their motivations often got people interested in changing and recalibrating their own dreams. Sometimes what they had thought was important to them really wasn’t. Many people were afraid of this development. They didn’t want to change. It was confusing and frustrating. They wanted to stay on their established track even if it wasn’t making them happy.

I also had to rethink what I wanted to do for money.

I began to study motivational techniques, self-help systems, personal empowerment programs, and cognitive change theories. I took advanced training in NLP, hypnosis, Time Line therapy, transformational processing and Gestalt therapy. I worked as a therapist helping people overcome the blocks, barriers, habits and limiting beliefs that held them back from not just achieving, but even pursuing, their dreams.

Or, what they thought were their dreams.

Yes, there were deeper layers to people’s aspirations. Below the material, below the psychological there was the spiritual. The roots of a happy, fulfilled life – despite income or the source of income – was the inner realm of the Being – the part that connects us to Divine Spirit.

I went back to my original passion of meditation and spiritual philosophy and plunged into a deeper, systematic study of mysticism, metaphysics and religion. I now work exclusively in that area. The focus of my activities is healing the breach between our human and divine aspects. I teach Enlightenment.

I ask questions, I tell stories, I present images, I hold a mirror up to society and get things churning in the subconscious mind – the part of our being that connects us to the greater Universal Intelligence. It is through this churning of self at the deepest level that real choices in life can be made and a true preparation for a more expanded life can be achieved.

This path is not for everyone. It is not a road for the many. Most people turn away from it. It is a narrow way that few seek, desire or appreciate. Those who join me on this journey, and stick with it, are the ones who will understand me when I say, as I often do:

Wake up! Wake yourself up! Wake yourself up anyway you can and then work at waking up everyone else.

Dark Spirits

I recently had to get rid of an entity – a dark spirit.

This is a big Universe, filled with lots of strange things including creatures that sometimes intrude on our reality. Some of these creatures are known as entities and they are everywhere. They mostly pass unnoticed unless or until you step onto the spiritual path – it’s only then that you become aware of them as an actual force.

There are basically three types of entities:

1/ Former humans – after the death of the body, these beings continue to exist as a coherent, conscious energy pattern. Unlike ghosts, these entities display intelligence, are self-aware and are aware of others. They can interact and even communicate with people. They seem to have just failed to move on to the next realm – perhaps out of fear or because they believe they have an unresolved issue to deal with. Such creatures are connected to one physical location or to a particular person or family and do not wander around, much.

2/ Higher dimensional beings – these are non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda. They may be benevolent and seek to help you in some way, but they are generally just indifferent to humans. They have their own goals and aspersions. They may possess, or appear to possess, superior intelligence and may seek to impress or influence you – but, really, they are just non-human creatures going about their own business.

3/ Dark spirits – these are also non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda – but they are not benevolent. They feed on emotion and life-force energy. They are hungry for you. They will try to manipulate you into providing them with the type of energy they prefer. As with humans, some are the equivalent of rich, powerful and smart operators who are eager to bend you to their will. Others are just the equivalent of wandering hobos looking for a free handout.

Dark spirits are drawn to places with a lot of confusion or emotional turmoil. You can find them residing in brothels, drug dens, gambling dens, homeless shelters, asylums, hospitals, and even theaters, nightclubs and concert halls. Anywhere people are miserable or trying to fake happiness. They can also be attracted to troubled individuals who are going through a rough time – especially people involved in occult practices. Or, just to people who are bored and listless.

Due to the Covid nonsense, many of us spend a lot of time alone, binge watching mindless TV programs or other such pastimes, until we, ourselves, become mindless and morally numb. It’s in this trance state that the energy void around us can be filled with dark spirits.

And, yes, even your favorite mystic can fall into such a state from time to time.

Fortunately, I know how to handle myself in these situations, though not enough to avoid them. You might want to learn how to defend yourself from these intruders since this “new normal” is probably going to last a while.

To rid ourselves of dark spirits we must be vigilant. We must keep our thoughts focused on positive ideas – ideas that can aid us in our spiritual or even just our personal, physical development.

Entities must be starved out of existence or forced to work harder than they are prepared to in order to feed.

Entities are like bullies. A bully never picks a fight with any one of proportionate strength or ability. A bully looks for weak, confused targets and takes them by surprise. They don’t like an even chance – they like to win fast and decisively. That’s why they tend to choose victims who are vulnerable, sick or disabled – especially disabled by their own self-inflicted passions.

Once a dark spirit latches on to you, it will feed off you as long as possible – even up till your death. To get rid of such creatures, you must put up a fight as soon as possible. That means you must be calm, focused and committed to stopping the assault and freeing yourself from danger.

You must be sure of your own truth, through study and meditation. You must follow a righteous path by shedding, as much as possible, vanities and distracting influences. You must be ready to stand up to the evil, even if you are afraid of it. You must keep faith with your spiritual ideals so you won’t be swayed by false arguments. You must convince yourself of the validity of your path and speak confidently with the authority of the Light and a clear understanding of your spiritual purpose and positive energy.

No entity in Heaven, Hell or Earth can stand up to this resolve.

Ephesians 6:11 – 18

War on Reality

The U.S. military and NATO have declared war on climate change.

Seems like a good idea.

Planes, tanks, ships, missiles – all vigorously attacking clouds, solar flares and hurricanes. Why not?

Based on some of the latest recruitment videos I’ve seen, the modern military won’t be fit to take on any other enemies – they certainly won’t be prepared to battle any aggressive, foreign armies.  The Western powers seem overly concerned with appearing “woke” and “progressive” rather than tough and lethal. Instead of seeking out the best of the best, the armed forces are hoping to attract people who look and act like the average member of the population, but more “diverse” and left-wing. Statistically, the average member of the population of the Western world is fat, lazy, dim witted and passive. To transform the military into a representative of this population requires intensive “diversity” hires and promotion, and a cleansing of anything that resembles “toxic masculinity.” Describe for yourself the least effective version of a soldier and you’ll have an idea of what the New World Order wants for the West. But then, who else would happily obey orders to make war on rising sea levels?

By contrast, the Eastern powers, such as China, Russia, Iran and others, are not overly concerned with the vagaries of climate change. These powers want land, resources and economic control. Their military recruitment videos call on the biggest, toughest, strongest and smartest people to step up and serve their independent nations and defend and expand their borders. They train to fight people not clouds. They don’t want to protect rainbows; they want to dominate the Earth. And they surely will – and, perhaps, that’s the plan. The end of the West will come first from internal decay and then from an external attack on the remaining husk.

It’s not well known who put the idea of combating mythical forces, this war on reality, into the minds of Western leaders and made it a priority – the true enemy of civilization remains in the shadows. But the idea is not original or unique in history.

Back in the 40’s – the actual 40’s, as in the year 40 A.D. – the mad emperor Caligula declared war on the sea god Neptune. Caligula sent his, still, mighty Roman legions to the Atlantic coast to attack the ocean. After a brief, imaginary, battle he proclaimed his victory over Neptune and had his soldiers transport tons of sea shells back to Rome and placed in the imperial treasury as spoils of war.

In Roman times, it was pretty clear which crazy leader was in control, and just how crazy he was, but it still took a while for anyone to stop him. The mad emperor represented the establishment and people wanted to maintain the status quo. Even then, people did not want to upset what they believed was the natural order of things.

Today, it is also pretty clear that President Biden is NOT is control. Neither is anyone in the U.N. or NATO in real control of the world. The true leaders, crazy or not, hide in the darkness. This sinister master mind group seeks the destruction of Western civilization and strives to establish a Globalist State – a State in which a few elitists will openly control the production and distribution of all resources on the planet and determine the activities, hopes, dreams and fate of their subject populations.

Of course, the Eastern powers, whether they understand it or not, will also become nothing more than petty satraps in the thrall of the New World Order. The overlords will care nothing about ethnicity, nationality, politics, gender, belief systems or any other identifiers. True equality or “equity” will finally be achieved for the bulk of humanity because we will all be on par with worker ants in a colony: virtually indistinguishable from one another and totally expendable for the sake of the “common good” as determined by the overlords.

Far too many people will, unfortunately, be content with this New Normal, this Great Reset, and will offer no resistance once the overlords reveal themselves.

A few of us, however, will fight against this future with the hope that our own hidden Leader will return to aid us in our time of tribulation.

Royal Pain

The idiot formally known as PRINCE Harry once again proves that the events of 1776 were a good idea. Not just for the U.S., but for the world.

Harry states that he considers the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution “Bonkers.” He doesn’t like it. He wants something done about it. He wants it gone.

The First Amendment is all about protecting certain freedoms: Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, journalistic freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the freedom to challenge the decisions of government. There’s a reason it tops the list of human rights. Along with the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms for personal defense, the First Amendment is protection against totalitarian regimes. It’s no wonder Hollywood Harry and his sad little Globalist, elitist, Luciferian chums dislike it – the First Amendment is a guard against idiots like this becoming too powerful.

Imagine a world where Hollywood assholes and tech billionaires, or the degenerate aristocracy of old, can tell you what to think, what to say, where to go, or what to buy and sell. Well, it isn’t hard to imagine because we are on the cusp of this very thing happening. A weak willed, feckless population has been wrangled into a state in which they have abandoned the concept of personal freedom and seem eager to bow before some master class. And the soul sucking, demon worshipping, plutocrats and oligarchs are loving it.

A dumb population that values the opinion of “celebrities” and so-called “social influencers” above their own personal freedom is precisely the kind of population Harry No-Name and his league of marauding moralizers crave. Creatures like Harry – born into wealth and privilege, raised by moral incompetents, and educated by Luciferian extremists – truly believe they are better than the rest of us and have a right to rule over us. Their sense of self-entitlement is epic – on the scale of Roman emperors like Caligula and Nero.

Well, in 1776 the American people declared their independence from such ravenous tyrants. They spit in the eye of the aristocracy and established a Republic with a Constitution that protected the rights of the individual over the government or the collective hordes. Thus, for a time, there really was a glimmer of true freedom in the world.

It turns out, however, that not everyone wants freedom. Many, many people seem to find self-government difficult and cry out for the return of a ruling class. They miss their chains.

The old elite have been waiting patiently for this day to arrive. They’ve schemed and conspired to bring it about for centuries. Now, with troops of social justice terrorists in the streets stirring up disharmony everywhere, and insipid, useful idiot propagandists preaching an idealized “One World Government,” a Globalist, feudalist society is at hand with the world divided into barons and serfs – guess which one you are.

To be fair, I would probably, grudgingly, accept a One World Government if King Jesus was in charge. But King Harry? No fucking way. Creatures like that and the demonic hosts they’re aligned with are the true enemies of freedom, equality and justice.

The First Amendment that Harry No-Name despises gives him the right, in America, to say whatever stupid, evil thing he wants to say. But it also gives the rest of us the right to reject his tyrannical ambitions. We can tell him to stuff his pompous, self-important obsessions up his moth eaten, rusty old crown and scuttle off back to jolly old England (although he isn’t welcome there, either).

The enemies of the people are gaining strength, but we don’t have to accept their will. We can stand against them and force them back into the darkness from which they have emerged. We can retain our freedom and preserve the soul of humanity if we reject the degeneracy of the New World Order and ignore the false song of Globalism.

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