There are a lot of things going on in the world, today, that might make us concerned about the future. There are clashes, everywhere, between people with different opinions about freedom and free thought. This deserves some attention. However, attention might be more profitably directed at the conflicts within ourselves, and our own attempts at developing inner harmony and the ability to think freely.

We achieve harmony within ourselves by being able to react FREELY to the issues and concerns that arise within us. What do we consider “good?” What do we consider “bad?” What makes us feel guilty? What makes us feel secure? What do we allow ourselves to think?

Inner harmony requires inner freedom – but it is freedom to think clearly and not have our mind clouded by issues and ideas that provoke us or depress us.

Do you ever consider how what you do or think affects your mood? Or do you suppose that your mood shows up first and then you think and do things in response?

Here is a new exercise to help you explore these ideas.

Relax and let yourself become aware of, and examine, the things you let influence you – opinions, suggestions, invitations – not just from your surroundings, but also from within your own thought world.

What makes up your “self talk?’ what impacts your decisions?

Are you encouraged to move towards an expanded, open consciousness, or are you confining yourself to a familiar world view?

Are your decisions and actions based on feelings of anxiety, bad conscience, and criticisms – both from others and from yourself? Or do you look for inspiration to help you work towards your preferred goals and wishes?

What, actually, does inspire you?

What inspires you, for instance, to take up this and similar exercises and thought practices?

What strengthens your desires?

What makes you more capable to face life?

What thoughts, attitudes, actions and processes do you know of that stimulate your body and mind in positive ways?

Can you think of possible influences you haven’t yet explored that could move you towards a more harmonious and free experience of life?

To be truly free, your thoughts should flow with choices, possibilities and information. Fears need to be understood and accepted, if not actually overcome.

Examining what thoughts currently influence you and how they influence you – how they LIMIT you – is a step towards freeing yourself to truly express your own best life.

Love and blessing and all good wishes for Peace Profound.