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I guess, if starseeds are a real thing, then, I am one; because, I don’t fit into the regular world and I reject and resist the authority of the invading, reptilian overlords.

Apparently, starseeds are beings from other planets, other galaxies and, even, other dimensions who have traveled to Earth thousands of years ago to incarnate in human bodies. They have the mission to assist in planetary evolution and prepare humanity for great challenges that always seem to lie just ahead of us. There are, from Earth’s perspective, benevolent and malevolent starseeds. Besides their basic mission, the benevolent starseeds also seek to protect us from the malevolent forces – particularly the reptilian races – that seek to take over the world. The malevolent starseeds want to dominate humanity; the benevolent starseeds want to free humanity so that they can become subjects of the Galactic Federation, or something.

From what I’ve read, there’s a peculiar thing about the starseeds: the malevolent ones seem to retain awareness of their origins and purpose and actively seek to infiltrate the halls of power through exploitation of wealth, imposing themselves in politics and connecting themselves to the generational ruling families of Earth. The benevolent starseeds mostly forget their origins and go through life – incarnation after incarnation – feeling insecure, out of place and unaware of their true destinies until some “teacher” explains to them who they are and from where they came. Nevertheless, even if the benevolent starseeds never discovery their true identity and purpose, they still have a positive impact on the world by the unearthly radiations of their souls.

Knowledge of the presence, identity and purpose of starseeds has come to light only recently through the efforts of “channelers” – people who are able to consciously make contact with galactic record sources and other, non-human, intelligences.

Hidden references to starseeds abound throughout history and across the world, if you know what to look for. There are stories of human representations of various god-forms known as Avatars, such as Lord Krishna; there are tales of sons of god-forms performing heroic deeds such as Hercules; there are records of messengers of god-forms bringing spiritual teaching and insights to people such as the angels and prophets of the Bible; and there are innumerable accounts of shamans, seers, sorcerers, saints and servants of Light in all cultures. Channelers and researchers tell us that many of these stories, if not all of them, are referring to starseeds.

Sumerian, Babylonian and Persian spiritual histories do seem to talk about a battle between alien forces of good and evil taking place on Earth, and many religious heroes talk of worlds beyond our own, but they don’t explicitly mention starseeds or galactic empires. This seems to be a new interpretation of cosmic events or just psychological evolution. The primary sources of the starseed mythos appear to be found in the writings of a variety of more or less recent spiritual and not so spiritual figures. Some of these figures include Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Alice Baily, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, Doris Lessing, Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchen, Riley Martin and David Icke to name a few.

It is interesting to me that many people who reject traditional, established religions seem drawn to newly formulated alternative ideologies based on ancient Gnostic, Hindu and Zoroastrian doctrines as well as science fiction and the mythologies of exploited or diminishing populations.

There’s definitely a lot of things going on in this world of which most people are not aware. I, myself, have explored many uncharted regions of hidden reality and have encountered non-human intelligences of various kinds – many benevolent, some malevolent.

One of the claims often asserted by malevolent beings is that humans, being little more than talking apes, are incapable of achieving greatness without assistance of “superior” beings. They teach that all the notable works of humanity are due to the influence of non-human leaders. I reject this. Humans may be flawed and not yet fully evolved, but we do not need alien spirits to help, guide or shape us. We are not a science experiment. We are great on our own. And, if there is a Galactic Federation out there, we humans will ultimately dominate it. And perhaps that is the reason so many of these non-human entities want to keep us feeling insecure and powerless – they know what we can do.

The First Horseman

There are many mysterious books in the Bible, but perhaps the most mysterious is the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse.

This book, written 2000 years ago, foretells the events leading up to the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth.

One of the most famous sections of the book deals with the emergence and reign of the Anti-Christ, the Great Beast. But this doesn’t appear till chapter 13. Before that, a whole series of calamities and tribulations confront humanity. There are wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes asteroids collisions, social upheaval, religious persecution and more before the eventual rise of the Anti-Christ. When does he appear? No one knows. That’s one of the mysteries. But all the other things happen first.

It’s also not clear when all the action starts. But the problems do start in a specific way: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are released and begin the devastation of the world.

The Horsemen are, perhaps, the second most famous sections of book. They appear in chapter 6 and there is no clear timeline between chapter 6 and chapter 13. What is clear is that everything that happens between chapter 6 and chapter 13 prepares the world for the reign of the Anti-Christ.

The Horsemen are spiritual forces rather than physical beings. There is a Horseman of War, one of Famine, and one named Death. But the most unusual is the First Horseman: the one that initiates everything. This Horseman does not have a clearly defined aspect like war or famine. Instead, it seems to be the most ideological of all.

This Horseman rides a white horse, so it has the appearance of purity and benevolence. It is given a crown by someone (the only Horseman with a crown) so it appears as an authority that people must follow. It carries an archery bow, which means it attacks things at a distance rather than close up as with a sword. And it rides out “conquering and to conquer,” but not through war since that’s another Horseman. So, what’s it’s deal? It seems that it spreads some doctrine or teaching that gets accepted by the easily fooled masses and is supported by the “king makers” behind the scenes – a doctrine that lays the foundation for all the tribulations to come and leads to the people believing they need a leader like the Anti-Christ.

Whatever form The Horseman’s ideology takes, it clearly must go against the Divine Plan – a plan that seeks to unite humanity with God. It’s an ideology that will deny humans any individuality, but inspire them to adopt some collective groupthink. It’s an ideology that will separate most people from their roots, their traditional culture, religion, history, customs – from their very ancestors, and substitute an artificial, group identity center. It will picture humanity as nationless, country less, stateless, landless and without family. This evil ideology will try to crush the will of the people – make them seem irrelevant – turn them into serfs and, worse, into creatures totally dependent on the State dominated by whatever plutocrat, oligarch, warlord or dictator is able to seize power, such as the Anti-Christ.

This ideology the Horsemen will promote is already being spread – it is Liberal Globalism mixed with some neo-Marxist ideas and a form of false spirituality that denies the value of the achievements of civilization. The plutocrats, oligarchs and elitists – people who attend conferences at Davos and hold membership in groups such as Bohemian Grove – are the very ones that give the crown to the Horseman and support its ride. Backed by the useful idiots in entertainment, journalism and social media, the Horseman is even now spreading the perverted doctrine of human mediocrity and indifference to morals, values and traditional teachings that might actually lead people to enlightened union with God.

Wake up and see what is happening. The First Horseman is loose, but you don’t have to succumb to its evil influence. Prepare to face the problems ahead by strengthening your allegiance to Divine Spirit and the family of God.

Room to Let

The Taliban has retaken Afghanistan. This situation did not need to happen. It is yet another blunder in U.S. Foreign Policy brought on by the U.S. president, Blundering Biden, and his entire administration. It is also a result of the ongoing actions of the Liberal Globalist deep state that seems to be running things, and has, in fact, been running things for quite some time. But is it, really, a blunder?

I am reminded of a parable told by the Lord Jesus that can be found in Luke 11:24-25 and Matthew 12:43-45. It goes something like this.

A man is possessed, but manages to have the demon expelled. The Evil Spirit then wanders around in desolate places for awhile without finding adequate rest or shelter. The demon says, “I’m getting no where flitting about like this. I’ll go back to my old house and see what’s happening there.”

The demon returns to the old house, the place from which it was evicted, the man that was once possessed. The place is clean, orderly, well maintained and, most importantly, completely empty. The happy demon moves right in and invites seven more evil spirits to live there, as well.

You see, the man evicted the Evil Spirit, renovated the property, but, then, failed to bring a Good Spirit in to occupy the space.  When you get rid of a demon (or, maybe, a bad habit) you must replace the offensive thing with something better – you must fill the void you created with something positive, desirable and strong. The Evil Spirit found the place empty and in much better shape than before. The environment would have been perfect for a Good Spirit – a wholesome tenant – but, apparently, the man did not seek a new occupant. He left it vulnerable.

That’s the situation in Afghanistan. The Taliban was expelled, 20 years ago, but no stronger ideology replaced it. Sure, there was talk of “nation building” or some such nonsense – but really, what did the Liberal Globalist military force achieve? I don’t really know, but I’m guessing, maybe some McDonald’s Restaurants opened up and maybe a Nike franchise – something along those lines. Oh, and they probably tried to get some transgender equity classes taught in the schools. Free and fair elections? (LOL)

Liberal Globalism is not an ideology that any sane person would freely embrace when alternatives are available – even if the alternative is something terrible like the Taliban version of Islam. Liberal Globalism can only be maintained by FORCE. When the U.S. occupying forces left, the Taliban easily reclaimed power. And, like the Evil Spirit in the parable, they got a much better space than they once had – weapons, military equipment, vehicles, even an air force – and trained personnel to use it all. In interviews after the take-over, the Taliban openly laughs at Liberal Globalism, social media platforms, women’s studies, free elections and Western ideas of Human Rights in general. Liberal Globalism offered the Afghan people nothing to fight for or defend.

Patriotism requires a connection to and belief in the land, the people and the principles that founded the nation. Liberal Globalism does not support any of that.

The so-called “radical Islam” that the Taliban espouses is not really all that radical. It’s the same ideology that’s been promoted for 1500 years. Liberal Globalists, who have absolutely no connection to land, nations or people, appear to have failed to realize the power of tradition and established community beliefs.

Now, the Taliban, like the Evil Spirit in the parable, are also inviting fellow evil spirits to join them in their new abode. Al-Queda, ISIL, even the Chinese Communist Party are being offered a place. And you can be sure that the CCP is not going to worry about opening up Confucius Institutes or Tai Chi schools in Afghanistan – they don’t care what the Afghan people believe in or do as long as they stay in Afghanistan. The CCP controls a lot of people already – what they want is power and resources – they will offer the Taliban leaders hard currency in exchange for lithium and other rare minerals and they will assist in marketing the fruits of the poppy fields that Afghanistan is so well known for.

Now, I’m happy to accuse the Western Liberal Globalist powers of a lot of things, but I don’t think they can be accused of stupidity – not really.  So, did they really not anticipate this situation? Did they really not understand the people of the land they occupied for 20 years? Was leaving all the military equipment behind really a mistake? Was this really just a giant blunder by the Biden Administration? Or is there a more sinister purpose behind the fall of Afghanistan?

Through the Mountain

Your favorite mystic gets asked a lot of silly questions, one of which is “Are you Enlightened?”

How do you answer a question like that?

If I say Yes – you might think I’m bragging (and who would brag about a thing like that?)

If I say No – you might think I’m lying (and who would lie about a thing like that?)

The problem is that to understand the answer to that question you have to know just what Enlightenment is. And if you know what Enlightenment is, you really don’t have to ask the question.

People “think” they know what Enlightenment is, or what they want it to be, but thinking about it makes you miss the point. Enlightenment is a state of BEING not an idea. It is a natural state that anyone can experience and it is also an extreme state that can’t easily be defined.

You could compare it to something like Happiness. When you are happy, you know it without being told. And people who have experienced happiness can usually tell when other people are happy without being told. But happiness covers a wide range of experience – from a little happy to ecstatic (and I use that word deliberately because sometimes Enlightenment is equated with ecstasy). And sometimes if you are in a particular state of happiness for a very long time, you can forget that there was ever any other way of being and so you no longer know that you are happy – you’re just you.

A better question might be “how do you BECOME Enlightened?” And that poses problems of its own because a very real and legitimate answer to that question is “how are you AVOIDING being Enlightened?)

I think I will need to write a much longer treatise on this subject some day, soon.

Enlightenment is a natural state and humans seem to experience barriers to enjoying that state. Where did those barriers come from and how can you get around them are even trickier questions that require a lot of verbiage to respond to adequately.

So, to finish off this post, here’s a little story about getting through the barriers that might stir up some level of Enlightenment within you as you read it.

Imagine you are living in a dark and gloomy world. Easy to do, since that’s how many people see life. Now, as you wander about you begin to notice a large mountain in your path. Did it just appear? Was it always there? While you’re thinking about it, you move closer and see that there is a hole or cave in the side of the mountain. You move towards it. As you get closer, you notice people running out of the cave as if they are terrified or maybe in a state of shock. They ignore you or babble something incoherently as you question them, but you get the impression that something weird is in that cave.

Now as you get closer, you notice that while some people are running out of the cave, other people are creeping in to it. You decide to follow them in and find yourself traveling through a tunnel. Someone tells you there is something amazing at the end of the tunnel but they can’t explain what it is.

You go in deeper.

People pass you going out and coming in. And when you reach a point in the tunnel, you start to see people just standing or sitting around. One of them tells you they have just decided to rest for awhile. They don’t want to go back to the old world, but they just can’t bring themselves, yet, to continue to the end.

But you decide you are going all the way.

You decide you really want to see this wonderful thing at the end of the tunnel, whatever it might be.

You move along. People continue to pass you running out or running in, deeper. You also continue to see people just stopping on the way. But you no longer try to talk to anyone. You will find out for yourself what is going on.

There are scary sounds, rock slides, pits that open up before you that must be leaped over, walls that must be climbed, shadows of things you can’t understand – but you keep going deeper towards the truth.

You go deeper and then you notice a light. Maybe it was always there. Who knows? You move towards it. It is the way out of the mountain tunnel. Cautiously you step through to the other side.

Your eyes are opened. Everything is beautiful. Bright skies, clean air, pretty birds and flowers and people around you that seem so happy.

You wander around, almost ecstatic with a new found vigor. You suddenly think of the mountain you passed through and look for it. It is gone, it is no where to be seen. Perhaps it was never really there at all.

Petitioning Power

If you want to get the attention of the President of the United States, tell him your problems, ask for a favor, receive some benefits, it’s quite easy – all you have to do is buy one of his fifty-year-old son’s new finger paintings for half a million dollars and you’re in. That’s the state of material politics, these days: bribery, grift, pandering and a bit of leveraging will get you just about anything.

But suppose you want the attention of Universal Intelligence, the Divine Spirit, the Supreme Being, GOD – how do you do that?

Well, according to the self-indulgent, materialistic, fake “spiritual leaders” that the left-wing, elitist entertainers seem to love – pretty much the same way. To them, God is a wish granting genie in the sky, or a cosmic dragon prepared to bargain away pieces of his treasure horde to the right sort of people. All you have to do is spend some money on gifts for his friends or favorite groups, make a few promises, negotiate a little and say the magic words – “I love Oprah” or something to that effect – and you can get anything you want. The “secret,” however, is that you really have to believe in your own B.S. cosmic principles or at least be persuasive enough to convince the dragon that you really believe.

Nonsense, you say – yet millions of gullible souls in the modern world go along with it since the “popular people” tell them it’s OK.

For validation of these so-called “cosmic principles,” celebrity gurus will even point to the words of Lord Jesus in the Gospels when He says “seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you, ask and you will receive.” (Matthew 7:7) Here, the fakers completely misrepresent the Master’s words. He is not talking about material things, but Spiritual things. He is saying seek for and ask for Salvation, Enlightenment, Universal Harmony, Oneness with Spirit, entrance to the Kingdom of God. These things will be given to you, not wealth, power, fame and physical gratification. It’s the “Other Guy” that’s all about sex, money and power.

You see, when you are Enlightened, things like wealth, power and fame are irrelevant. You might need them for fulfilling a particular cosmic mission, but you aren’t going to want them or seek them for yourself.

So, how do you get God’s attention and receive spiritual Enlightenment? Well, bribery, grift, pandering, leverage and bargaining aren’t the way to go. And even people that give to charity, do good deeds and are basically nice to everyone, don’t always become Enlightened. There are also no “magic words.” Whether you follow Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or some other authentic, traditional path, the way to Enlightenment is the same: you have to want it more than anything else, and you have to keep going after it for as long as it takes. You must gradually give up all other desires and meditate on Oneness. What is required is commitment and understanding of the true value of what you are after. Enlightenment is “the pearl of great price.” (Matthew 13:45-46) Keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking on the door until you achieve your goal.

It is not an easy path; it is not a path for the many. But it is the sure path to awakening.

“For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to Life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)


I have a lot of skills, knowledge and talent in different areas, but computer coding is just not my forte. I like programs that work for me without the need for understanding the process. I appreciate the work of other people who know what they are doing in the technical sphere that allows me to focus on generating my own silly rants.

There’s a widget thingy that lets people subscribe to my blog. By clicking on the widget, a person can set up a system that notifies them by email whenever I post something new. I’ve had this on my website since I first started it. Recently, however, I noticed that it is GONE. Apparently, it disappeared around the beginning of May. Why wasn’t I aware of its disappearance sooner? I never paid attention to it; I just took it for granted that it would always be there.

And, not only is it gone from my website, it also seems to be gone from the place where widgets live.

I did some checking on the support system and on the Internet in general and there’s no info about it. You’d think that if a popular widget like that disappeared or was discontinued it would be big news. Well, it doesn’t seem to be. So, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one who lost this app. I don’t know, I suppose I will figure it out some day – it may take a while – but for now I’m just accepting the fact that it is gone.

This got me thinking.

What other important things can disappear from our lives suddenly and without our knowledge?

How about faith? Has that gone away? When did it happen? What about hope? Love?

We take these things for granted; we don’t think about them. Then one day they are gone.

Did we have to do anything, such as write a program, to activate these things in our lives? Or do we just assume they were spontaneously generated conditions?

Faith, hope and love really are programs that are hardwired in our nervous system as part of our spiritual nature. They are always present, but they have to be activated. They never go away – they just sometimes fade into the background – perhaps, deactivated by the pressures of material life. The thoughts and struggles of day to day living often seem more important than our spiritual lives and can override more beneficial programming. To get them back up and running if they’ve been shut down, we need only to concentrate on recalling times we’ve experienced them. Pull the memories of these experiences up to the forefront of our consciousness and will ourselves to know they exist, have a useful, vital purpose in life, and are wanted.

With faith, hope and love we can stand up to whatever the dark forces in the world throw our way. We can preserve our individuality, maintain our spiritual dignity and hold onto the commitments we have for living a purposeful, abundant life. The illusions and fake reality of the material world, with its emphasis on the “great reset” and the “new normal,” can be overcome.

To be sure, there is a New World coming – not a world of “wokeness” – but a world of “Awakening” to the glory of Divine Spirit.

I don’t know if I’ll ever recover the subscription widget that can signal loyal readers when something new is posted. I can promise you, though, that if you bookmark this site and come back often you will continue to find, what I hope are, useful guideposts on the path to Enlightenment provided by your favorite mystic.

Love and Blessings and all good wishes for Peace Profound!

Dark Spirits

I recently had to get rid of an entity – a dark spirit.

This is a big Universe, filled with lots of strange things including creatures that sometimes intrude on our reality. Some of these creatures are known as entities and they are everywhere. They mostly pass unnoticed unless or until you step onto the spiritual path – it’s only then that you become aware of them as an actual force.

There are basically three types of entities:

1/ Former humans – after the death of the body, these beings continue to exist as a coherent, conscious energy pattern. Unlike ghosts, these entities display intelligence, are self-aware and are aware of others. They can interact and even communicate with people. They seem to have just failed to move on to the next realm – perhaps out of fear or because they believe they have an unresolved issue to deal with. Such creatures are connected to one physical location or to a particular person or family and do not wander around, much.

2/ Higher dimensional beings – these are non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda. They may be benevolent and seek to help you in some way, but they are generally just indifferent to humans. They have their own goals and aspersions. They may possess, or appear to possess, superior intelligence and may seek to impress or influence you – but, really, they are just non-human creatures going about their own business.

3/ Dark spirits – these are also non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda – but they are not benevolent. They feed on emotion and life-force energy. They are hungry for you. They will try to manipulate you into providing them with the type of energy they prefer. As with humans, some are the equivalent of rich, powerful and smart operators who are eager to bend you to their will. Others are just the equivalent of wandering hobos looking for a free handout.

Dark spirits are drawn to places with a lot of confusion or emotional turmoil. You can find them residing in brothels, drug dens, gambling dens, homeless shelters, asylums, hospitals, and even theaters, nightclubs and concert halls. Anywhere people are miserable or trying to fake happiness. They can also be attracted to troubled individuals who are going through a rough time – especially people involved in occult practices. Or, just to people who are bored and listless.

Due to the Covid nonsense, many of us spend a lot of time alone, binge watching mindless TV programs or other such pastimes, until we, ourselves, become mindless and morally numb. It’s in this trance state that the energy void around us can be filled with dark spirits.

And, yes, even your favorite mystic can fall into such a state from time to time.

Fortunately, I know how to handle myself in these situations, though not enough to avoid them. You might want to learn how to defend yourself from these intruders since this “new normal” is probably going to last a while.

To rid ourselves of dark spirits we must be vigilant. We must keep our thoughts focused on positive ideas – ideas that can aid us in our spiritual or even just our personal, physical development.

Entities must be starved out of existence or forced to work harder than they are prepared to in order to feed.

Entities are like bullies. A bully never picks a fight with any one of proportionate strength or ability. A bully looks for weak, confused targets and takes them by surprise. They don’t like an even chance – they like to win fast and decisively. That’s why they tend to choose victims who are vulnerable, sick or disabled – especially disabled by their own self-inflicted passions.

Once a dark spirit latches on to you, it will feed off you as long as possible – even up till your death. To get rid of such creatures, you must put up a fight as soon as possible. That means you must be calm, focused and committed to stopping the assault and freeing yourself from danger.

You must be sure of your own truth, through study and meditation. You must follow a righteous path by shedding, as much as possible, vanities and distracting influences. You must be ready to stand up to the evil, even if you are afraid of it. You must keep faith with your spiritual ideals so you won’t be swayed by false arguments. You must convince yourself of the validity of your path and speak confidently with the authority of the Light and a clear understanding of your spiritual purpose and positive energy.

No entity in Heaven, Hell or Earth can stand up to this resolve.

Ephesians 6:11 – 18

Soul Hackers

There seem to be a lot of criminal types around the world eager to hack into my website.


I don’t sell anything. I don’t collect information. My site is certainly not all that popular – in fact, I think more people are trying to hack into my site than actually read my posts. So why am I being targeted?

Criminal hackers don’t seem to spend a lot of time choosing their victims – they just assault anyone available. I have a website and that’s enough to make me a target. The philosophy seems to be to just attack enough sites and eventually one will pay off. Of course, I have some protection that keeps the lazier crooks from pursuing me. However, if they thought I had something of value for them, they would surely be able to break through my defences.

This reminds me of another type of criminal – vile, spiritual criminals commonly known as demons or evil spirits. How do they choose their victims? Pretty much the same way. They go after anyone that gets in their line of sight. They are malicious and heartless but very opportunistic and seek easy prey. Offer a defence and they will back away. Give them a chance and they will inject you with spiritual viruses that corrupt your body, mind and soul.

 Movies and books portray demonic possession in the most extreme, loathsome evil and violent form. Yet, most of the time, soul hacking, evil spirits only infect a person with enough venom to make them feel bad, personally, and act out in negative ways towards others. Full bodied, out of control possession is reserved for special cases.

As with criminal, computer hackers, soul hackers will do the most damage to those with the least protection – those that open themselves up to the intrusion. For example, people who actively seek contact with supernatural entities – through seances, spirit boards or occult practices – are more likely to get a response from the demonic “dark web” and suffer the diabolical consequences.

And, just as there is software available to protect people from computer hackers, there is also protection available from soul hackers. Perhaps the most accessible is the “Armor of God” passage found in Ephesians 6:11 -18. It’s a truer defence than charms or amulets.

Obviously, no defence is perfect and if a criminal or demon really, really wants to hurt you they will find a way through your shield. But, you should try to protect yourself as much as possible from both human and non-human assaults – at least enough to stop the lazier, random evil goons from molesting you.

The Beast

With a corrupt, compromised, senile, communist puppet in the White House the Doomsday Clock has moved to five minutes to midnight. More impactful than mere nuclear war, this Doomsday Clock is ticking away the minutes till the rise of Antichrist, the Great Beast.

Its not absolutely clear exactly who or what Antichrist is – it might be an individual, a corporate entity, a political regime or a perverse ideological movement. What is clear is the nature and actions connected to the Beast. The actions of Antichrist seemed like impossibilities when they were first described thousands of years ago, however today they aren’t that fantastical.

The Great Beast will rise out of the abyss and take control of the western world – a greatly expanded Roman Empire. The Beast will demand absolute agreement, allegiance and devotion to its pronouncements and actions. In addition to obedience the Beast will demand LOVE – a sick, twisted, demonic version of love. All people, particularly faithful Christians who disapprove of the Beast will be persecuted and harshly punished.

A second Beast will also arise – this one out the earth. This lesser beast will demand that everyone must worship the Great Beast. The lesser beast will create an image of the Beast and cause it to speak to the world and demand that everyone also worship the Image of the Beast.

George Orwell, in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, (a novel everyone is encouraged to read) created an interesting version of this scenario. In the book, the western world, known as Oceania, is ruled by someone or something called Big Brother. It isn’t clear if Big Brother is a real, living person or just a projection of ideological will. The Inner Party, the group that controls the population, creates an image of Big Brother that is plastered on posters and billboards and is projected on TV screens in every building and on every street. The image of Big Brother is said to be always watching everyone and the projected image speaks from time to time to all people at once. The Inner Party demands that everyone must listen to and obey the words of Big Brother. But, more than mere obedience, everyone must also LOVE Big Brother. Those who do not are sent to re-education facilities run by “the Ministry of Love” or simply eliminated out right. They are in fact, completely cancelled from all public records and soon from the memories and consciousness of all the people. Terrifying.

One of the ways the Beast will control everyone is through the economy. The Beast will demand that everyone takes on a MARK, a symbol of total obedience to the Beast. Without the Mark of the Beast, no one will be able to buy or sell anything.

Thousands, hundreds or even just a few dozen years ago it wasn’t a stretch for someone to go off and live in the mountains, forests or some desolate location and avoid all government interference. Today, however, its almost impossible to live totally “off-grid.”

In the reign of Antichrist, without the Mark, you will not be able to work for anyone or hire anyone to work for you. You will not be able to own a house or rent an apartment. You won’t be able to travel, not even by public transportation or in a private car. You won’t be able to buy food or even seeds to grow your own food. You will have no insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, electricity, phones, internet, television, radio, newspapers – no means of communication. You will be CANCELLED and anyone who assists you will be a criminal.

Could this really happen, now?

It already does happen to a great extent in countries like communist China where people are given “Social Credit” scores based on their demonstrated allegiance to the Party. A high score means more benefits, a low score could mean being sent to a re-education facility or prison or worse. Population surveillance and control systems are set up by companies like Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook. How long before these systems are applied in the West? Not long if current Liberal governments have their way.

There’s also the phenomenon of “Cancel Culture” growing in strength. Politicians, media personalities, and celebrities of all kinds are publicly declaring that they have “lists” of people they believe should not be allowed to make a living or live as part of society. How do you get on such a list? Disagree with the social ideology of the list maker. Powerful people and social influencers in fields as diverse as politics, business, entertainment, education and, even, health care are seeking to destroy people’s lives if they don’t align themselves completely with the “correct” ideology – The Beast is alive in these people. And current Liberal governments around the world, empowered by Social-ist Media platforms, are supporting the list makers. There is still some push back and resistance to these lunatic policies – but how much longer can right thinking people withstand the onslaught of the demoniac?

We might not be able to prevent the ultimate rise of Antichrist:  however, we can slow down the pace. We need to stop thinking that what we are dealing with is strictly a material process – it is SPIRITUAL. We must strengthen ourselves spiritually to survive the beastly attacks.

We must pray, meditate and train ourselves to recognize the face and actions of the Beast when it shows itself – and resist.

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