I don’t watch current TV shows. I don’t have cable or Netflix or any of that stuff. But I do like older television programs.

I recently re-watched a not so old show called “Continuum” from 2012. The premise is fairly simple: a police officer from the future, known as a “Protector,” accidently gets sent back in time, 65 years, to 2012. All she wants to do is return home to her family. However, future-age terrorists have also come back in time and plan on changing history. If this happens, the world the Protector knew will never exist. She sets out to stop the terrorists.

Why to the terrorists want to change history? Because in the not-too-distant future, corporations take over the Earth and replace all governments. Profit is more important than people. The population is under constant surveillance. The means of production along with every other aspect of life is strictly controlled. The “Corporate Congress” determines what is produced, how it is distributed and who can receive it.

There is no hard currency – everyone has a “life debt” encoded on a “citizen chip” implanted in their bodies. If you are loyal to the State and obey all the rules without question, life is fine. However, those who disobey are dealt with harshly. The worst punishments are meted out to those who are not fiscally responsible. People who are chronically late with payments are stripped of citizenship and turned into mindless slaves, attached to assembly lines and treated like biological machines.

Yes: the future is a Communist State much like modern China. A select few – the members of the Inner Party – have a luxurious lifestyle and are the face of the nation while, literally, hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the land live in abject poverty. The State population is under constant surveillance (made more complete via the technology provided by corporations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft); “Social Credit scores” based on loyalty and obedience determine privileges received; re-education complexes, slave labor camps and organ harvesting facilities abound; State lies and deception are the norm and anyone who disagrees with the Establishment position on anything is persecuted and erased.

When the Protector becomes aware of the true nature of the “ideal society” she came from, she begins to re-think her objectives.

One of the evil corporations featured in the series is a thinly disguised version of Monsanto. In real life, Monsanto was the premier agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation in 2012, but reportedly ceased operation around 2018 after its genetic manipulation and population control processes came to light. Actually, it was taken over by, perhaps, the more evil corporation of Bayer AG – a company with NAZI connections. Bayer and its affiliates control so much of the world’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical operations that it enjoys unlimited State protections and is free to conduct any number of diabolic experiments on humanity.

The creators of “Continuum” were prescient regarding corporate evil.  You have to wonder how this show got on network television in the first place considering the corporate-socialist control of the media. Sadly, the demonically inclined corporations are so secure in their power that they seem to take a perverse pleasure in exposing themselves to the public, knowing there are no consequences. And this statement isn’t even thought of as a conspiracy theory anymore – everyone can see that it is true and the people with the power to do something about it have chosen to side with the bad guys.

So, can we avoid the corporate takeover? I think it is already too late. With a senile, compromised, Communist puppet in the White House and feckless, ineffectual, quisling “leaders” around the world, we really have no line of defence. All we can do, short of the activism portrayed in the series, is personally RESIST it for as long as possible and protect ourselves, spiritually and materially, from succumbing to the evil influence.

Wake up and see what is happening. Wake up anyway you can and look for ways to defend yourself and your loved ones from the dictatorial policies that will soon be put into place. The worldwide pandemic lockdowns are just a taste of what is to come. Wake yourself up and try to wake up everyone else. Maybe, together, we can return some form of personal freedom and integrity to the world.