Curriculum Vitae


Author, researcher, social commentator, spiritual counsellor and mystic with special interest in personal transformation technology and the Enlightenment process – fully committed to the possibility of people living extraordinary lives full of love, vitality, satisfaction and total self-expression.

Website manager with a broad Social Media platform.

Advocate of world peace, prosperity and the promotion of animal and human rights, life extension research and off-world colonization.

Supporter of the Arts and the preservation of Western Civilization.




Ph.D.            Comparative Religion
University of Sedona          2006

Thesis:           Comparative Analysis of Principles of Hawaiian Shamanism (Huna) and the Teachings of the New Testament Gospels

Msc.D.          Doctor of Metaphysical Science
University of Metaphysics          2003      

Thesis:          Analysis of the Metaphysical Principles and Core Values that Contribute to Spiritual and Material Success

M.Msc.          Master of Metaphysical Science
University of Metaphysics          2002

 Thesis:          A Discussion of the Use of Self-Hypnosis as an Aid to Spiritual Development

B.Msc.          Bachelor of Metaphysical Science
University of Metaphysics          2000

Ordained Metaphysical Minister
International Metaphysical Ministries          2000

B.A.               Philosophy and Symbolic Thought
University of Toronto          1991




Instructing Adults

George Brown College          1998

Micro-Computer Business Applications

Toronto School of Business          1997

Business Management

ICS Canada Ltd.          1996




Certified Yoga Teacher

All-Worlds Yoga Center          2009

Certified Meditation Teacher

Aura Institute          2008      

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

Flamel College          2006

Certified Paranormal Investigator

Flamel College          2006

Certified Tarot Master

International Tarot Society          2006

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Toronto NLP Centre          2003

Certified Advanced Level Hypnotherapist

American Institute of Hypnotherapy          2002

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Ontario Hypnosis Centre          2000

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

International Metaphysical Ministries          2000

Certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy

Ontario Hypnosis Centre          1999

Certificate in Hypnotic Pain Management

Ontario Hypnosis Centre          1999

Certified Hypnotherapist

National Guild of Hypnotherapy          1999

Certified Hypnotherapist

American Institute of Hypnotherapy          1998

Certified NLP Practitioner

Julie Francisco & Associates          1998



Additional Advanced Training


Self-Expression and Leadership Coach

Time-Line Therapy

Gestalt Therapy


Transformational Processing

Dream Analysis

Chakra Balancing



Practical Mysticism

 CreateSpace Independent Publishing          2012

Various Articles


Other Interests

Music (performance, composition, production)

Martial Arts (Wado Ryu Karate, Okinawan weapons)       

Target Shooting, Archery

Target Shooting, Pistols

Fencing and Sword Play

Digital Photography