I recently had to get rid of an entity – a dark spirit.

This is a big Universe, filled with lots of strange things including creatures that sometimes intrude on our reality. Some of these creatures are known as entities and they are everywhere. They mostly pass unnoticed unless or until you step onto the spiritual path – it’s only then that you become aware of them as an actual force.

There are basically three types of entities:

1/ Former humans – after the death of the body, these beings continue to exist as a coherent, conscious energy pattern. Unlike ghosts, these entities display intelligence, are self-aware and are aware of others. They can interact and even communicate with people. They seem to have just failed to move on to the next realm – perhaps out of fear or because they believe they have an unresolved issue to deal with. Such creatures are connected to one physical location or to a particular person or family and do not wander around, much.

2/ Higher dimensional beings – these are non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda. They may be benevolent and seek to help you in some way, but they are generally just indifferent to humans. They have their own goals and aspersions. They may possess, or appear to possess, superior intelligence and may seek to impress or influence you – but, really, they are just non-human creatures going about their own business.

3/ Dark spirits – these are also non-human, intelligent, fully conscious entities that have their own, developed agenda – but they are not benevolent. They feed on emotion and life-force energy. They are hungry for you. They will try to manipulate you into providing them with the type of energy they prefer. As with humans, some are the equivalent of rich, powerful and smart operators who are eager to bend you to their will. Others are just the equivalent of wandering hobos looking for a free handout.

Dark spirits are drawn to places with a lot of confusion or emotional turmoil. You can find them residing in brothels, drug dens, gambling dens, homeless shelters, asylums, hospitals, and even theaters, nightclubs and concert halls. Anywhere people are miserable or trying to fake happiness. They can also be attracted to troubled individuals who are going through a rough time – especially people involved in occult practices. Or, just to people who are bored and listless.

Due to the Covid nonsense, many of us spend a lot of time alone, binge watching mindless TV programs or other such pastimes, until we, ourselves, become mindless and morally numb. It’s in this trance state that the energy void around us can be filled with dark spirits.

And, yes, even your favorite mystic can fall into such a state from time to time.

Fortunately, I know how to handle myself in these situations, though not enough to avoid them. You might want to learn how to defend yourself from these intruders since this “new normal” is probably going to last a while.

To rid ourselves of dark spirits we must be vigilant. We must keep our thoughts focused on positive ideas – ideas that can aid us in our spiritual or even just our personal, physical development.

Entities must be starved out of existence or forced to work harder than they are prepared to in order to feed.

Entities are like bullies. A bully never picks a fight with any one of proportionate strength or ability. A bully looks for weak, confused targets and takes them by surprise. They don’t like an even chance – they like to win fast and decisively. That’s why they tend to choose victims who are vulnerable, sick or disabled – especially disabled by their own self-inflicted passions.

Once a dark spirit latches on to you, it will feed off you as long as possible – even up till your death. To get rid of such creatures, you must put up a fight as soon as possible. That means you must be calm, focused and committed to stopping the assault and freeing yourself from danger.

You must be sure of your own truth, through study and meditation. You must follow a righteous path by shedding, as much as possible, vanities and distracting influences. You must be ready to stand up to the evil, even if you are afraid of it. You must keep faith with your spiritual ideals so you won’t be swayed by false arguments. You must convince yourself of the validity of your path and speak confidently with the authority of the Light and a clear understanding of your spiritual purpose and positive energy.

No entity in Heaven, Hell or Earth can stand up to this resolve.

Ephesians 6:11 – 18