Frequently Asked Questions

It is surely not possible to answer all questions concerning Mysticism and Metaphysics in a few words – most questions would require whole books to make sense of them. These are just a few of the concepts of which people have requested simple explanations. More will follow.

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What is Mysticism?

Is Mysticism a Religion?

What is Metaphysics?

What is Enlightenment (Cosmic Consciousness, Awakening, Satori)?

Who Are the Illuminati?

What is the Higher Self?

How do we Access the Akashic Records?

What is “The Path?”

What is Karma?

Where and What is the Astral Plane?

Is There an Afterlife?

Do All Mystics Believe in Reincarnation?

What is the Aura?

Do We Need to “Perfect” the Soul?

Can a Religion Represent Absolute Truth?