A fatal or tragic flaw is a personality trait that causes an otherwise heroic or exceptional character to bring about their own downfall. When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 he clearly revealed one such fatal flaw.

In any normal, fair and honest competition there are winners and losers. A loser reacts to the loss in three primary ways:

1/   Accept the loss and move on – perhaps pledge to try harder and be more prepared for the next time.

2/   Accept the loss and move on but also consider the value of working with the winner for more interesting future experiences.

In the 2016 election, most of the candidates that went up against President Trump, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, reacted in one of these first two ways. Some just moved on with their lives and pursued other activities and a few chose to genuinely align themselves with President Trump.

However, a few reacted in a third way:

3/   Do not accept the fair loss and, instead, plot and scheme to orchestrate the downfall of the winner.

President Trump’s fatal flaw was that he couldn’t see that some people were not like him and were incapable of just moving on. Some people were disposed to launch treacherous assaults on the winner long after the competition was over.

President Trump is no stranger to losses. He was divorced twice, had many well planned out deals fall through, experienced several bankruptcies and was sued by competitors and others multiple times and lost several of the cases. However, there is no evidence that President Trump held a grudge or sought the destruction of anyone who beat him in an honest, straightforward proceeding. Instead, he just moved on and worked hard at his next project.

When Dr. Ronny Jackson publicly announced the results of President Trump’s physical and psychological examinations, he observed that the President had an interesting characteristic. He said that President Trump “has a very unique ability to just get up in the morning and reset.” He has the ability to leave behind the stress and issues of the previous day and start fresh each morning.

Part of President Trump’s fatal flaw is the belief that everyone is like him in this regard – but they are NOT.

People like Jeb Bush and his family, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Carly Fiorina, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and many, many others have shown themselves to be petty, willful and vindictive to the extreme.

Aided by members of the Liberal Media, the Liberal Social Media, Liberal entertainers and various other celebrities of all kinds, themselves known to be narcissistic, mentally unstable and immature in their behavior, they have plotted the downfall of the President.

Things might have been different if President Trump had been aware of his fatal flaw and made efforts to overcome it. He could have been more sympathetic towards the childish insecurities that plagued those opposed to him. He could have been more conciliatory, perhaps given them some praise for their efforts, maybe offered them input on his plans – I suppose he could have promised to take them to the circus or given them some candy. I don’t know – whatever. The fact is he failed to deal with the emotional turmoil experienced by the losers and this led them to unite in a cabal bent on his destruction.

As of now, they appear to have been successful. But President Trump has been known to rebound from adversity in the past and may yet do so again.