Something a bit different.

I am primarily concerned with spirituality and mysticism and when I talk about society it is usually from the perspective of Euro-Christian, Western traditional culture and civilization. Still, I am interested in the world in general and I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Japanese nation. Outside of European and North American countries, Japan is the place with which I have the closest affinity.

So, when someone boldly asserts to me that Japan has never created anything of value and merely copies the ideas and inventions of other people, I get a bit perturbed.

Japan has a long history of achievement. Throughout the centuries, Japan has contributed original thoughts, innovations and practical discoveries of all kinds that have greatly impacted civilization. I would recommend that people do some research before disparaging any country or culture, since pretty much every group of people on Earth has added something of value to humanity. And Japan has contributed more than most.

An easy place to start an investigation is with Wikipedia (I know, not always the best source – but good as a quick reference). Go to the page on Japanese inventions which describes just a few of the many innovative and original accomplishments Japan has made. The fields of contribution include Art, Atmospheric Science, Sports, Video Games, Philosophy, Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Science, Finance, Food and Food Science, Mathematics, Physics, Technology and more.

Just in the past 100 years or so, Japanese inventions have changed the world for the better.

Here is a short list of some of their more impressive achievements:

  • The Fujit scale for measuring the intensity of tornadoes
  • The discovery of the Jet Stream
  • The production and use of General Anesthesia
  • The portable electrocardiograph
  • The creation of Statin drugs
  • The first comic book (Yes!)
  • Blue LED technology
  • The camera phone
  • The TV watch
  • VHS, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray technology
  • The portable CD player etc.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Dry Cell batteries
  • The pocket calculator
  • The digital camera
  • Fiber optic communication
  • The lap top computer
  • The microcomputer
  • 3D printing
  • The first full scale android
  • Interplanetary solar sail spacecraft
  • Electronic television
  • The automatic quartz watch
  • Self-driving cars
  • The aircraft carrier
  • Canned coffee
  • And so very much more.

Along with cultural, spiritual and societal attainments – family values, integrity, manners, social rituals, perseverance, work ethic and an indomitable spirit – the Japanese prove themselves an exceptional people.