When you feel comfortable with the habit of sitting with or without your symbol, and BREATHING and RELAXING for 10 to 20 minutes, you can add to the practice.

  • Select a time of day and a place in your home where there is the least likelihood of being disturbed.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing; loosen shoes, belts, or anything binding.
  • Use your personal symbol to help create the right atmosphere and frame of mind.
  • Sit in an upright position with your back and spine as straight as possible.
  • While sitting, close your eyes and begin counting your breath and RELAX, clear your mind.
  • Now imagine a WARM, GOLDEN LIGHT appearing down by your feet. If you can’t visualize it, just PRETEND it is really there.  If you look at a candle flame, you will notice a gold halo effect. This is the color and texture of the golden light you should be visualizing or imagining appearing around your feet. After learning what the color should be by looking at a flame, close your eyes and remember what the color is like. Allow yourself to remember that color and then imagine it down by your feet. The light surrounds your feet like a gentle pool of relaxation and infuses your feet with deep comfort and release of all tension. Allow the light to flow UPWARD slowly covering your legs with relaxation. The light continues moving up over your whole body and as it moves it brings deep calming relaxation with it.
  • At this point allow your mind to GO BLANK and, even if just for a moment, experience contact with your inner mind. This is the first step in contacting UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE and moving into true Mystical Meditation.
  • At this point you may begin to experience sensations in your body such as a tingle or a change in temperature. (you might already have experience this from your previous practice).You might also experience images or ideas coming to your mind from this moment of contact. More will be said about this later. For now, whatever you experience, or even if you don’t experience anything at all unusual, continue to sit in this way for 10 to 20 minutes. If you like you can gradually increase the meditation time if your circumstances permit and your intuition guides you. However, as mentioned before don’t do much past an hour. More than one hour will likely interfere with and unduly complicate the life style and obligations of the normal person today.

Take your time with this method. Work at it slowly. The important thing for the first few months is simply to adjust yourself to the habit and fit the practice into your own lifestyle.

The condition or state of one’s conscious mental attitude is important, as it must be open and receptive to accept intuitive or creative guidance from one’s Higher Mind, which is opened by the process of deep, Mystical Meditation.

Continue this practice of sitting for another week or two but also go on to read Lessons 5 and 6. The next 2 lessons will give you new ways of thinking about yourself and your life. Continue the process of meditation described above and also incorporate any of the ideas from Lessons 5 and 6 that seem good to you.


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