This will be a more theoretical lesson – adding some thoughts and concepts that can be contemplated while continuing with the work of the previous lessons.

So far, if you’ve followed the procedure given in the previous lessons, you have begun to relax and intuitively enter the deeper, core parts of your mind. You may have acquired experience and personal insights into the process and, if so, you should be able to embrace the ideas and instructions to come. No matter what your level of attainment at this point, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to develop a strong habit of meditation as suggested in the previous section.

As you continue to engage in the practice of meditation, as you open your mind to new, exciting possibilities in life and realize how much more there is to existence than what you knew of before, YOU WILL NOTICE CHANGES in your life. As the Mystical Power within you takes hold of your life, things will happen. They may come slowly or quickly but you will experience marked differences in yourself and the world around you.

  • Relationships with coworkers, friends, and family will improve.
  • Your personal magnetism and charm will increase, drawing more people to you and your goals.
  • You will feel more optimistic, generally, and less threatened by life.
  • You will develop a more positive attitude and your reaction to daily events in your life will be calmer and more secure.
  • Your intuitive abilities will increase putting you more in control of your life and the conditions around you.
  • You will become more flexible and adaptable in your experience of life.
  • Your mind and thinking will become more creative. As you go about your daily business, you will find ways of doing things and coming up with on-the-spot inspirations that will move your life ahead.
  • You will begin to sense, and finally realize, that a Higher Intelligence is guiding your thoughts and thus your life.
  • More opportunities, both personal and financial, will present themselves to you as a result of the mystical influence of your Higher Mind on your conscious mind.
  • You will become more intuitively aware of the real motivations of others.
  • Others will accept you and your ideas more readily.

Many more unique benefits will come to you as you continue with your practice.

Discovering Spiritual Reality

The serious practice of Mystical Meditation will eventually reveal the nature of true SPIRITUAL REALITY. How did the Christ, the Buddha, Lord Krishna and other great prophets, sages and World Servers see it? This will become part of your own experience. The word “Spiritual” itself will take on a new meaning and definition, quite UNLIKE the view of the mainstream religious adherents, whatever their faith or denomination. For example, the standard Christian teachings put forth only the outer crust of Christ’s message; they miss the most fundamental doctrine of Christ, which relates to the contact with one’s innermost self, the Kingdom of God, through the practice of meditation. Without a personal experience of higher states of spiritual consciousness, without the integration of that awareness with daily life with the resultant positive personality patterns, there can be no true teachings or comments on spiritual truth. For so many dogmatic, fundamentalist “believers” there is no frame of reference for spiritual reality.

The way the world appears to most people is that the GAME is rigged against us. We are taught, and even encouraged, by society to be worthless. We are taught that sin is succumbing to our “baser nature.” This is false. Our natural self is not base; it is divine. We are practically ordered by our culture to DESIRE possessions of various kinds, especially the possession of people, and then we are condemned for trying to accumulate those possessions. This dichotomy is sufficient to steer anyone off the path, and it does. We become confused, frustrated, and insecure; or we become cold and malicious. MEDITATION is the vehicle for the identification of our TRUE SELF and the ELIMINATION of the appearance and possibility of sin in our lives. Meditation provides us access to the truth about ourselves and then we are FREE to act appropriately.


Meditation and the Mystical Powers of the Mind

Mystical or psychic power is a primal energy, a deep level of spiritual consciousness. To use it for communication (telepathy / ESP), planning (precognition / divination) or awareness (clairvoyance / remote sensing), one must be able to receive and focus the flow. Everyone has contact with this energy just as we all have contact with radio waves – we just don’t all have clear reception or knowledge of the technology for using it. Someday psychic energy might be harnessed using hardware or software but for now the only effective device for accessing the power is “wet-ware,” the modern jargon referring to brain cells.  Meditation is the method we use for preparing our “wet-ware” for tapping into the energy flow.

Meditation is a form of altered state. If you imagine your mind as an average household you could say one state is when the TV is on, another is when the radio is playing. Other states could involve the stove, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, or any combination of these. But another state might be when nothing is turned on. Now there could be outside energy sources to deal with, and this could depend on how well insulated or isolated the house is. Meditation is a state in which we turn away from outside distractions and focus on our own inner states. Physically, we might become aware of our breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, and even digestion and organic functions. Various self-healing techniques manipulate this awareness and impose voluntary control over these functions. But there are also mental and spiritual levels we can access and become aware of, such as deeper thoughts, emotions, dreams and even value systems. By tuning in even more, we can gain entry to the part of our being that is in natural contact with the Cosmic Intelligence flowing throughout the universe. This Cosmic Flow has been known scientifically as the Ether, the Field in which matter, energy, time and space interact – the “skin” of the universe. It is known in places as Chi, Nature, Spirit, even “the Force.” It is also often equated with God. Whatever it is called, this Cosmic Flow is always around us, within us and connected to us. Meditation puts us into direct contact and awareness of this power and allows us the opportunity to learn how to cooperate with it.

Parts of our mind support the functioning of psychic abilities and the Cosmic Power resonates with those parts more naturally than others do. When we are aware of the contact and resonation, we can participate in strengthening the functioning of the psychic centers and increase our capacity to use these innate abilities. The best use from the mystical perspective is for enhanced INTUITION. The increase of intuitive abilities provides us with a powerful inner self-directing spiritual guide.

Intuition leads us to more fully comprehend our own true nature and thus enables us to dissolve negative thought pattern energy and generate strong, positive thought patterns. The positive attitude thus attained allows us to accept more of the POWER for the healing of others and ourselves. With better health, the power is able to flow more freely through us and we are more capable of responding to it and cooperating with the flow. This gives us the radiance and charm that can attract more good energy into our lives. This lets us do more good, which in turn attracts more good to us and so on.

Faithful practice of meditation according to the systems outlined here will lead the student into a powerful new way of living. The Master Jesus spoke of having life in abundance and that is just what is possible – an increase in happiness, vitality, satisfaction, love, self-expression and awareness of the great potential for spiritual evolvement to which we are all heir.

For this lesson:

Continue with the process described before and take some time to think about what has been presented here. Allow your mind to open up to new possibilities in life.


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