Sugar Buying Zombies

It is usually assumed that enlightened people must be more tolerant of those still in the dark. This is true in a sense – tolerance comes out of boredom with arguments and practices people use to preserve their sleeping state. And people will try anything to keep from Awakening. Just think of what you do when you’re sound asleep and need to urinate, or the alarm clock goes off – your dreams take on all sorts of strange shapes to keep you sleeping just a little longer. People like to sleep – not just physically but spiritually as well. When someone tries to bring light into the world and finds themselves surrounded by whole armies intent on preserving the darkness it is so much easier just to say OK – you go your way and I’ll go mine. This appears to be tolerance – a tolerance laced with pity and sorrow for the state of the world.

For every one person who is struggling to remain partially awake in the world there are probably a thousand people intent on putting them back to sleep and keeping everyone else asleep as well. These people act more out of ignorance and self-deception then evil – though there are clearly certain people who actively choose to lead the assault on enlightenment. Sleeping people are easy to control. You know exactly where they are and they’re defenses are minimal.

What does this have to do with sugar buying zombies? Well, I call anyone who easily succumbs to society’s command to stay asleep a zombie. I might tolerate them because they are clearly weak and pathetic creatures – but I don’t respect them. I am, however, less tolerant of the agents of “zombification.” Whether they understand their actions or are deceived – by themselves or others – I don’t care. They are the enemy. They must be resisted and if possible put out of commission.

The prevailing theory is that the leading forces in the zombification process have at one time experienced enlightenment and have made a deliberate and conscious choice – perhaps out of fear or self-loathing – to return to the darkness and keep everyone else in there with them.

Another theory is that although these leaders are enlightened they are choosing to set up challenges and obstacles for others so that only those strong and courageous enough to pass the tests will be awakened.

These agents of darkness are everywhere – in government and politics; organized religion and entertainment; education and law enforcement; and in big business.

Sugar is big business.

It is a nice and comforting commodity in low doses but in high quantities it is one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. It is highly addictive and is a big factor in the zombification process.  Sugar eating zombies do two things that are favorable to big business – they consume endlessly until the day they die and they go along with any plan to keep their supply of sugar active.

Sugar has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, macular degeneration and tooth decay. It contributes to alcoholism, tobacco and other drug addiction, personality disorders, aggression, low self-esteem and decreased intelligence. Yet this product is available everywhere, it’s cheap and it is regularly given out to children.

Think of the industries that use sugar extensively – soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, bakeries, confectioners as well as illegal drugs. It is used to feed cattle and other animals as well as in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Sugar is everywhere and its debilitating effects can be seen by anyone who takes a good look at society.

Once, sugar was a luxury. Then in the 18th century it became more widely available. By the 19th century it was considered a necessity around the world. The demand for sugar unleashed major economic and social changes. These include colonization of tropical islands and nations where labor-intensive sugarcane plantations and sugar manufacturing could thrive; and the slave trade and the use of indentured servants to perform the hard work involved in the cultivation and processing of sugar. The millions of people transplanted for these uses created the modern ethnic mix of many nations that have been settled in the last few centuries.

The history and impact of sugar is scary and it continues to shape our society. But people do have a choice – they can bow down to the whims of the agents of darkness and become sugar buying zombies or resist as best they can and move a step at a time into the light.

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  1. Could not agree with you more. Sugar is at the root of all evil and it’s destroying all future generations of humans. Thankfully, as an anti-sugar family we’ve had some support from our doctor who has advised one of our children that they should consider themselves “allergic to sugar”. Makes it easier to have the child tell people “I am allergic to sugar” than to have us repeat over and over again that they cannot have sugar.

    1. I think we should all consider ourselves allergic to sugar – it’s an addictive substance with virtually no positive attributes.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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