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Even people who meditate regularly and strive to make contact with Universal Intelligence can get the blues from time to time. It’s hard to keep on working through the barrage of slings and arrows life aims at you without occasionally feeling discouraged. At times, whether you are working on world changing projects or simply trying to cope with the hassles of your daily commute, life can appear bleak and hopeless. You might ask yourself, “What’s the point? Why keep struggling? Does anyone care? Do my efforts have meaning? Should I just give up?”

If you feel like this, you aren’t alone. And, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do but push past the despair and focus on that spark of light that sometimes seems much too far away. The light tells you that your efforts have meaning – that the daily struggle is ultimately worthwhile. It’s like the classic story of the starfish: thousands of starfish wash up on the beach each day and almost all will die. But there is a man who routinely throws a few back into the sea, giving them a chance for life. Do his actions make a difference? They do to those few that he manages to save. It’s not really the best motivation to keep going, but it is something. And sometimes all we need is a tiny impulse to push us into action again. Learn to accept that thoughts of the futility of our actions might slow us down from time to time – but we don’t have to let those thoughts stop us completely. If you continue with your own efforts, small or large, and contribute your light to the world – you will make a difference.

With that said, here is a list I hope will help you continue on your path.

Ten Reasons to Get out of Bed (and get into the game)

1/  Whatever problems or difficulties you’re having can be better solved by taking action rather than giving up. Whatever hopes or aspirations you have can be better achieved by taking action rather than lying dormant.

2/  It’s just as easy to feel hope as it is to feel despair – but hope leads to better results. Taking on the challenges of life at least gives you the chance for success.

3/  The nature of the universe is possibility and potential – anything can happen. The problems of the world could all be solved today – you never know. There are more scientists alive and working right now then in all of past human history combined. The big breakthroughs can come at any moment and you can be a part of it.

4/  Even if the big breakthroughs don’t come today, they could come very soon; certainly within our lifetimes. Life expectancy right now is longer than it has ever been. And there is an excellent chance we will double the human lifespan in the next 20 years. And old age is not what it once was. People are healthier and fitter now well into their 90’s than they have ever been. With all those scientists at work, disease and all manner of human illness and disabilities can soon be eliminated. Today can be just the start of a long and productive life for you if you make the effort to be in the game.

5/  Not only will old age and disease be eliminated in the near future, but it is possible for humans to be modified – evolved- to be more intelligent, aware and spiritually motivated. Think of the possibilities that will generate. We could be on the verge of eliminating poverty, war, violence, social inequality, and all the other plagues of mankind. We could solve the problems of energy and economic tension and open up access to space migration and galactic exploration. Imagine if the world of “Star Trek” were real – but it actually can be – and sooner than the pessimists of the world can imagine.

6/  With increased intelligence, longer lifetimes, and the elimination of social issues – we could put an end to all the drudgery and monotony of labor and work struggles. Imagine the real freedom of being employed only in the tasks you want to perform. Technology could take over all the thankless jobs and humans could be free to create, explore and basically enjoy their lives. This is becoming ever more possible with each passing day.

7/  And how about a more off the wall reason to get out of bed and get into the game of life: what if space aliens are out there just waiting for enough of us to wake up and get involved with the greater adventures of life so they can contact us and welcome us into the galactic community? This isn’t so off the wall as it sounds. Scientists are finding new planets every day: more and more all the time. It is very possible that there are hundreds of billions of planets out in space right now. Not all are earthlike or capable of supporting life as we know it – but certainly there are a few hundred or even a few thousand. All we need is to encounter one friendly alien race to change everything about our lives for the better.

8/  If nothing else, we can agree that there is a lot of tension in the world right now. Tension leads to crises, which leads to change. World tensions will eventually force a change in the human condition and I believe that it will be a change for the better, a change in a positive direction that will make all the other items on this list a reality.

9/  Our attitudes and opinions make a huge difference in how the world appears to us. If we believe crappy things will happen, then they probably will. But what if we believe that good things are possible for us and we take action to encourage those things to happen? Surely they will happen. If we just believe in something positive, get out of bed and get working on that belief, there is a great chance we will actually experience that positive world.

10/  Finally, even if you continue to believe the world is crap and life’s problems are just too powerful for you to overcome – think about this: we need you. The world needs you and other people to keep it going. The world needs you to sustain the future.  Get out of bed and get into action – if not for yourself then for the rest of the world.  Get out of bed for all the people who have ever lived and hoped for a brighter future; all the people that kept up the dream until they died. And get out of bed for all the people that will live after you. We need you on the side of hope and action if any of the dreams of the past, or of the future are ever going to come true. You don’t have to do anything great or particularly important; you don’t have to do anything terribly brave or difficult. All you need to do is get up and be yourself and move in whatever direction life calls you. Just doing that will make all the difference.