With a corrupt, compromised, senile, communist puppet in the White House the Doomsday Clock has moved to five minutes to midnight. More impactful than mere nuclear war, this Doomsday Clock is ticking away the minutes till the rise of Antichrist, the Great Beast.

Its not absolutely clear exactly who or what Antichrist is – it might be an individual, a corporate entity, a political regime or a perverse ideological movement. What is clear is the nature and actions connected to the Beast. The actions of Antichrist seemed like impossibilities when they were first described thousands of years ago, however today they aren’t that fantastical.

The Great Beast will rise out of the abyss and take control of the western world – a greatly expanded Roman Empire. The Beast will demand absolute agreement, allegiance and devotion to its pronouncements and actions. In addition to obedience the Beast will demand LOVE – a sick, twisted, demonic version of love. All people, particularly faithful Christians who disapprove of the Beast will be persecuted and harshly punished.

A second Beast will also arise – this one out the earth. This lesser beast will demand that everyone must worship the Great Beast. The lesser beast will create an image of the Beast and cause it to speak to the world and demand that everyone also worship the Image of the Beast.

George Orwell, in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, (a novel everyone is encouraged to read) created an interesting version of this scenario. In the book, the western world, known as Oceania, is ruled by someone or something called Big Brother. It isn’t clear if Big Brother is a real, living person or just a projection of ideological will. The Inner Party, the group that controls the population, creates an image of Big Brother that is plastered on posters and billboards and is projected on TV screens in every building and on every street. The image of Big Brother is said to be always watching everyone and the projected image speaks from time to time to all people at once. The Inner Party demands that everyone must listen to and obey the words of Big Brother. But, more than mere obedience, everyone must also LOVE Big Brother. Those who do not are sent to re-education facilities run by “the Ministry of Love” or simply eliminated out right. They are in fact, completely cancelled from all public records and soon from the memories and consciousness of all the people. Terrifying.

One of the ways the Beast will control everyone is through the economy. The Beast will demand that everyone takes on a MARK, a symbol of total obedience to the Beast. Without the Mark of the Beast, no one will be able to buy or sell anything.

Thousands, hundreds or even just a few dozen years ago it wasn’t a stretch for someone to go off and live in the mountains, forests or some desolate location and avoid all government interference. Today, however, its almost impossible to live totally “off-grid.”

In the reign of Antichrist, without the Mark, you will not be able to work for anyone or hire anyone to work for you. You will not be able to own a house or rent an apartment. You won’t be able to travel, not even by public transportation or in a private car. You won’t be able to buy food or even seeds to grow your own food. You will have no insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, electricity, phones, internet, television, radio, newspapers – no means of communication. You will be CANCELLED and anyone who assists you will be a criminal.

Could this really happen, now?

It already does happen to a great extent in countries like communist China where people are given “Social Credit” scores based on their demonstrated allegiance to the Party. A high score means more benefits, a low score could mean being sent to a re-education facility or prison or worse. Population surveillance and control systems are set up by companies like Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook. How long before these systems are applied in the West? Not long if current Liberal governments have their way.

There’s also the phenomenon of “Cancel Culture” growing in strength. Politicians, media personalities, and celebrities of all kinds are publicly declaring that they have “lists” of people they believe should not be allowed to make a living or live as part of society. How do you get on such a list? Disagree with the social ideology of the list maker. Powerful people and social influencers in fields as diverse as politics, business, entertainment, education and, even, health care are seeking to destroy people’s lives if they don’t align themselves completely with the “correct” ideology – The Beast is alive in these people. And current Liberal governments around the world, empowered by Social-ist Media platforms, are supporting the list makers. There is still some push back and resistance to these lunatic policies – but how much longer can right thinking people withstand the onslaught of the demoniac?

We might not be able to prevent the ultimate rise of Antichrist:  however, we can slow down the pace. We need to stop thinking that what we are dealing with is strictly a material process – it is SPIRITUAL. We must strengthen ourselves spiritually to survive the beastly attacks.

We must pray, meditate and train ourselves to recognize the face and actions of the Beast when it shows itself – and resist.