The Fight for Mediocrity

What happened to us? We used to be a planet of heroes: overcoming obstacles, building great cities, creating amazing art, experimenting with empowering forms of government.

One of the last impressive things humans ever did was put a man on the moon way back in 1969. Since then we’ve pretty much just been coasting along – most of our current technology is based on discoveries and advancements from the 1960’s. We really haven’t come up with anything new for some time.

We still have constant warfare and terrorism; bad government around the world; hunger and poverty; human and animal rights violations; criminal degradation; and non-stop cruelty and depravity everywhere.

Instead of working to stop all this “badness” and generate some overflowing “goodness” – we in our so-called advanced civilization seem pretty content to do nothing – as long as we have our favorite TV shows and high-speed Internet access.

What are we doing? Where are the champions that used to motivate and energize us?

The world of politics certainly has no heroes – it is pretty clear that career politicians think only of re-election. Politicians in recent years have, as a whole, clearly demonstrated a complete lack of vision for a sustainable, prosperous and harmonious world. Whenever any one in government or near government makes a speech or statement we must ask “what’s in it for them?” they appear to do nothing that does not directly benefit them or their financial supporters.

We used to honor athletes and entertainers – No more. Professional athletes and entertainers, as a rule these days, display only the baser human traits. They lie, cheat, steal, bad mouth people and exploit everyone around them. They seem to no longer have a concept of chivalry, patriotism or civic duty. They are constantly depicted as violent, sexist, racist, and generally debauched. Perhaps not all – there might still be a few people with integrity seeking the spotlight – but in general they can be seen to use their talents for the sake of mediocrity – free of any concern for values or ideals. A pig-at-the-trough kind of morality – just consume as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Maybe that’s the problem – consumerism has run rampant. We don’t want to create we just want to own and use. We don’t even need the best (or know what that is) – we just go after what other people want, what other people have, what other people say is good. Quality and originality are no longer required. Success is based on the ability to re-package the work of others.

The world has become average, ordinary and commonplace. It’s true a few rare souls might occasionally step into the game and try to advance the causes of creativity, freedom, social equality, and universal harmony. Yet their battle against the trends, the mainstream, the status quo, the tradition, the authority and so on becomes a painful trial. So much easier just to bend and conform to the system. To embrace mediocrity and even fight for it – that is the way of the world.

So many people are sleepwalking through life, today. Following, lazily, the easy rule of the few who would seriously enslave us all if they had the chance. And most of us are willing to give them that chance. We fight for the easy way, the common path, the preservation of the herd. The phony success of endless sameness. We fight for mediocrity and it might very well lead us to extinction – at least as a moving, energized species.

So, what can we do about it? How do we help humanity achieve its fullest potential?

The first step is to WAKE UP! Wake yourself up as soon as possible.

And then, go out and wake everyone else up. The more awakened people there are, the fewer sleepwalkers there will be that can defend and sustain the mediocre ideals that now plague us.

Wake up now and perhaps the world will be saved.

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