There are many mysterious books in the Bible, but perhaps the most mysterious is the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse.

This book, written 2000 years ago, foretells the events leading up to the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth.

One of the most famous sections of the book deals with the emergence and reign of the Anti-Christ, the Great Beast. But this doesn’t appear till chapter 13. Before that, a whole series of calamities and tribulations confront humanity. There are wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes asteroids collisions, social upheaval, religious persecution and more before the eventual rise of the Anti-Christ. When does he appear? No one knows. That’s one of the mysteries. But all the other things happen first.

It’s also not clear when all the action starts. But the problems do start in a specific way: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are released and begin the devastation of the world.

The Horsemen are, perhaps, the second most famous sections of book. They appear in chapter 6 and there is no clear timeline between chapter 6 and chapter 13. What is clear is that everything that happens between chapter 6 and chapter 13 prepares the world for the reign of the Anti-Christ.

The Horsemen are spiritual forces rather than physical beings. There is a Horseman of War, one of Famine, and one named Death. But the most unusual is the First Horseman: the one that initiates everything. This Horseman does not have a clearly defined aspect like war or famine. Instead, it seems to be the most ideological of all.

This Horseman rides a white horse, so it has the appearance of purity and benevolence. It is given a crown by someone (the only Horseman with a crown) so it appears as an authority that people must follow. It carries an archery bow, which means it attacks things at a distance rather than close up as with a sword. And it rides out “conquering and to conquer,” but not through war since that’s another Horseman. So, what’s it’s deal? It seems that it spreads some doctrine or teaching that gets accepted by the easily fooled masses and is supported by the “king makers” behind the scenes – a doctrine that lays the foundation for all the tribulations to come and leads to the people believing they need a leader like the Anti-Christ.

Whatever form The Horseman’s ideology takes, it clearly must go against the Divine Plan – a plan that seeks to unite humanity with God. It’s an ideology that will deny humans any individuality, but inspire them to adopt some collective groupthink. It’s an ideology that will separate most people from their roots, their traditional culture, religion, history, customs – from their very ancestors, and substitute an artificial, group identity center. It will picture humanity as nationless, country less, stateless, landless and without family. This evil ideology will try to crush the will of the people – make them seem irrelevant – turn them into serfs and, worse, into creatures totally dependent on the State dominated by whatever plutocrat, oligarch, warlord or dictator is able to seize power, such as the Anti-Christ.

This ideology the Horsemen will promote is already being spread – it is Liberal Globalism mixed with some neo-Marxist ideas and a form of false spirituality that denies the value of the achievements of civilization. The plutocrats, oligarchs and elitists – people who attend conferences at Davos and hold membership in groups such as Bohemian Grove – are the very ones that give the crown to the Horseman and support its ride. Backed by the useful idiots in entertainment, journalism and social media, the Horseman is even now spreading the perverted doctrine of human mediocrity and indifference to morals, values and traditional teachings that might actually lead people to enlightened union with God.

Wake up and see what is happening. The First Horseman is loose, but you don’t have to succumb to its evil influence. Prepare to face the problems ahead by strengthening your allegiance to Divine Spirit and the family of God.