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Happiness is found in the awareness and acknowledgment of our DIVINE ASPECT. To the degree we can accept and consciously live from the presence of our own Inner Divinity we will have a true experience of happiness.  This is the kind of happiness the mystics of old enjoyed, the beatific happiness of the saints, the bliss in the eternal Lotus. It is the source of all good in life, and it is ours by right – we have only to claim it.

Mystical Guideline for Happiness

Review the following statements as often as necessary until you have fully integrated the concepts into your life.

Become sensitive and attuned to your spiritual nature. Learn to meditate and open your mind to a true awareness of your inner being. Let the DIVINE MIND within you guide and direct you. Only when your soul and spirit are satisfied can you find true happiness.

To find TRUE happiness, you must realize what your TRUE SELF is; you must realize what your TRUE GOALS are; and you must realize what your TRUE LIFE is all about. Daily meditation and focus on positive images will open up intuitive channels within you that will help you gain knowledge of your TRUE SELF, your TRUE GOALS and the nature of your TRUE LIFE.

Happiness means different things to different people. Your own happiness can be found in knowing your TRUE SELF. Your inner DIVINE MIND has the answer to what happiness is for you. Daily affirmations will reinforce that you are allowing your deeper, DIVINE MIND to guide you toward the goals and desires that will bring you true happiness.

Happiness can be attained when you KNOW you have the means to accomplish it and when you KNOW you are WORTHY of its achievement. When you accept the beauty and power of your HIGHER SELF, in the DIVINE ASPECT of your being, your self-confidence will increase and happiness will begin to flow through you and all around you. Make a daily practice of accepting your DIVINE NATURE and permitting it to work through you.

Happiness is the result of living a particular life style – one that fits into the TRUE purpose and NATURE of your soul. To find the ingredients of this life style for your own SPECIAL LIFE, question yourself in quiet, introspective periods. Ask your TRUE SELF what kind of life you really wish to have. What would you look forward to doing each morning when you awaken? What would make you fall asleep in contentment each night? When the answer comes, follow it. Your connection to The DIVINE MIND within you will give you the power to achieve it.

Whatever your HIGHER MIND reveals to you is what will bring you happiness. Place that in your heart and establish it firmly there, only one step beneath the PRESENCE of GOD in its importance to you. By doing this, whatever you do each day will mystically be influenced and you will be moved to do those things that will eventually establish true happiness in your life.

To find happiness, you must truly KNOW it can be yours. Do this by affirming each day that happiness already is yours! All that has ever been begins with a corresponding thought in the mind. Since reality is only what your mind perceives and accepts, if you make anything a reality in your mind, the materialization of that reality is certain to follow. Each day focus on the experience of happiness in your life, connect it to the fulfillment of the goals that your HIGHER SELF has revealed to you, and you will CREATE that reality in your life.

If you are active to any degree then you will notice changes occurring around you and within you. REALITY, since it is basically a perception of your mind, constantly changes. What makes you happy today, with your current experience and mind-set, is not necessarily what will make you happy tomorrow. Life is about constant growth and development and human beings are about creativity. You should expect change and accept your part in it. Periodically, take stock of where you are, what you are feeling and what you have brought into your life. Happiness comes from understanding that you are fulfilling your purpose and accomplishing your goals: that you are ON TRACK with your life. If you stop feeling happy, become sensitive to why and how you can regain that feeling. Trust the inner voice you hear while in daily meditation and follow its prompting.

Remember that the DIVINITY within you is the source of ultimate happiness. By daily contacts with that source, you become a conduit for happiness to flow to you, through you and out into the world around you.