The Higher Self or spiritual self, is the “real you” — the part of you beyond the personality. It is the dynamic force that grows and changes within you throughout your life. It is the “you” behind all of the defenses and images, masks and shields you have created for yourself – the part of you that knows your true needs, desires and purpose and knows how you can get it.

There are multiple belief systems that speak of the Higher Self, but the basic concept describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being that is at the same time the God within us and also our personal link to the God of all.  The Higher Self is the voice of conscience because it exists beyond reason, being transcendental and noumenal, representing faith and higher reason. It is also the creative impulse attracting us to higher aspirations. Like the soul, the Higher Self can be defined in terms of religion, philosophy and even science.

Most esoteric literature defines the Higher Self as an extension of the self to a more advanced and incorporeal realm. This Higher Self is essentially an extension of the worldly self. With this perspective, esoteric texts teach that in exercising your relationship with the Higher Self, you will gain the ability to manifest your desired future before you. In other words, the self creates its own reality when in union with the Higher Self. Conscious awareness of the Higher Self is possible in mystical experiences. Through self-knowledge we learn to strengthen the link between conscious self and the Higher Self bringing the personality more in line with the soul.

In numerous reports, the practice of meditation or channeling to contact the Higher Self is highly encouraged. Most of this esoteric philosophy agrees with the concept that with mindful awareness of the Higher Self – peace, salvation, or enlightenment may be procured. This is due to the idea that the Higher Self contains an advanced amount of insight into humanities’ most taxing questions – such as the purpose of existence or the nature of death. Essentially meditation and other forms of spiritual exposure can help a person make a conscious connection with their Higher Self or even other higher beings. In this state, the meditator is free to tap into this higher intelligence, through the Akashic Records, the Astral Plane or a more intimate spiritual journey, in order to develop a more enlightened perspective on world matters.