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What is Success?

Success is basically getting the very results you set out to get. Establish a goal, be clear on your intention, work for its attainment and then get it – that’s success. If there is a secret to success it is to know exactly what you want and then work correctly to get it.


Mystical Principles for Success

When you use common sense mingled with and led by UNIVERSAL sense, you are employing principles of what I call Practical Mysticism.  Take traditional mystical teachings and combine them with modern techniques of applied psychology and natural philosophy to create a holistic success formula. Bring together the ideas of great thinkers and successful people throughout the ages and draw out the principles that can be used by all people to achieve in life what their own soul dictates. Use the following principles of Practical Mysticism on a daily basis and watch how personal and material success will begin to materialize in your life.


1.    Make good use of your time

As spiritual beings we are ETERNAL yet while we live upon the earth we are material beings and therefore TEMPORAL. We only have a certain number of years to achieve our material purpose and the exact number of those years is unknown to us. Time is precious, as a result. If you want success on earth you cannot idle away your time. Your thought time is valuable. You need to maintain an open, receptive attitude toward success and the guidance that comes from your inner, divine mind. Make a daily habit of attuning your mind through meditation and positive affirmations to the true, divine source of your success.


2.    Be open to creative thoughts or inspirations

All it takes is one creative idea to change your entire life. Your mind is part of one vast Infinite Mind. Regard it as a vessel into which can flow an unlimited amount of wonderful creative ideas from the Universal source. If at any time you get a hunch or inspiration pay close attention to it. It might just be the creative idea you’ve been looking for.


3.    Depend on intuition more that intellect

This may seem like a strange principle, especially in our technologically driven world. However, many of the greatest fortunes on earth and most of the wondrous inventions we enjoy in life are the products of an intuitive spark that was recognized and accepted AND THEN put into action in the face of intellectual opposition. Check back through history and see that the most intelligent scientists of the ages said human flight was impossible, that travel over 30 miles an hour would cause a man to suffocate, that petroleum products had no practical applications. Also, notice that in past ages the intellect was used to prove beyond a doubt that some races were inferior to others, that women were too emotional to vote in elections, and that the sun revolved around the earth. Intellect can often become confused by the status quo and vested interests. Intuition, particularly when meditation and a clear focus have nurtured it, has a direct line to the SOURCE of all knowledge.


4.    Turn your whole life over to your Divine Mind

The most mystical principle of all – live and think in your own mind each day as if you really were a part of Divinity. By doing this you invoke the Wisdom of your Universal Mind from the depths of your inner being to the surface aspects of your life. Intuition and thus creative thinking flows more smoothly into your consciousness when you do this. To really accomplish this however, you must TRULY turn over your life. You must feel this in the very depth of your soul and being. The Master Jesus wisely expressed this Mystical Truth when he said, ‘he who loses his life (Personally directed life) finds his life (God-directed life).’


5.    Maintain a SPIRITUAL self-image

Feel that your true identity is ONE with the productive Power of your Universal Divine Mind in everything and anything you do. It is this type of feeling about yourself that harnesses the faith and confidence to be a self-starter and take the initiative, which is essential to being successful. Cultivate self-esteem by cultivating the Presence of your Divine Self. If you can see little worth in yourself, others will see little worth in you. People that are in a position to somehow further your success will only respond to you if you see value in yourself. The highest value you can place in yourself is that of declaring the beauty and Presence of your Divine Self.


6.    Thoughts are things

Your thoughts telepathically influence conditions around you. Keep your thoughts positive and focused. If you ever feel depressed or uncertain, immediately flush those thoughts out of your mind and replace them with the thought of Divine Success, which is your right. Allow the peaceful, optimistic flow of Universal Intelligence to heal the negative emotions.


7.    The thoughts of others can affect you

Learn to form a shield of protective spiritual light around yourself when you are in the presence of negative people. Practice forgiveness to avoid building up hostile feelings toward others. If you store up the negativity of others you will suffer for it. Release those feelings through forgiveness. If you find someone consistently directing negativity toward you – consciously or unconsciously – seek to resolve the difference as soon as possible with a heart to heart conversation. Trust that it is your Higher Mind that will speak through you to the other person. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into their negative domain. Resolve your conflicts quickly, even if it appears you must give up something, otherwise you may find yourself being stripped of EVERY positive thing. The Master Jesus was speaking of this when he said, “if someone asks for your coat, give him also your shirt.” And “if someone wants to take you to court settle with him quickly or you will be stripped of all you own and thrown into prison.” Here, he is speaking of SPIRITUAL possessions – for negative people can draw you into the deep, dark prisons of their own suffering. This is also one meaning of his admonition to “turn the other cheek.” A slap in the face is a symptom of a polluted mind choked with rage. Responding in kind means you have also been polluted by the negative thoughts of the other person. There are many valid responses to an emotional, verbal or physical assault. We should strive to inoculate ourselves from the infected minds of others through meditation and positive thinking. And when our personal power increases we might be in a position to heal the spiritual diseases festering in the hearts and souls of many in our society through Divine Love.


8.    Don’t let others get in your way

That does not mean to step on people or ride roughshod over the feelings of others. Following on #7, it means that if one or more people appear to be constantly saying or doing things that seem to be negating your efforts to succeed, or are driving away your positive energy, it may be necessary to end your relationship with them. But this should only be as a last resort. As the mystic poet said, “as far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.”


9.     The Divine Mind respects ACTION

There is an old but very true adage, usually expressed as “God helps them that help themselves.”  Prayer and meditation and other spiritual practices may open the doors of opportunities to you, but you must walk through those doors by taking action. It is wonderful to dream great dreams. Your Divine Mind directs you in this way. But it is ACTION that generates realities.


10.   Failure teaches success

A successful person learns to go past initial, inevitable failures. There’s an old analogy – before you learned to walk you fell a thousand times. Both success and failure are results of ACTION. Success is the result you intended, that’s all. Yet, even that is open to comment. Remember the adage, “be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.” Many times we achieve the result we intended and find ourselves miserable. Other times we appear to miss the mark but are happier for it. To be truly successful you must first know exactly what result you really want to attain. A few failures can help you learn to define your purpose more precisely and effectively. There is no failure: there are only results. If the results you are getting now do not conform to your desires, you must assess your actions and alter them till they do produce the results you want. Back your actions with positive belief and enhance your beliefs by taking action. This cycle trains you for ultimate success.