I’ve had several dreams lately of a Zombie Apocalypse.

I’m with a group of survivors hopelessly trying to fight off the onslaught of zombies bent on eating our brains and converting us into one of the mindless horde. Of course there is no way to escape the inevitable: the sheer number of attacking zombies seals our fate. The government, such as it is, has collapsed, there is no rescue possible, and it is just a matter of time before we are consumed.

Pretty scary stuff.

But I’ve come to realize that the Apocalypse is already upon us. We’re surrounded by zombies right now and they are thriving. Their numbers are growing and they will soon over take the world.

Current estimates place the population of the world at about 7 Billion people.

By my calculation there are 6 Billion sleepwalking “normals”; 250 Million zombies; 1 Million sorcerers who strive to create as many zombies as possible out of the sleepwalking population; and about 750 Million awake or partially awake individuals.

Now 750 Million partially awake individuals sounds like a lot – and it actually indicates more people awake today then have existed in the past 20,000 years combined. However, wakefulness has traditionally come upon the world very slowly. Whereas it appears that zombies are multiplying quite rapidly.

By my reckoning, the zombie population will double every 5 years. So, in 2017 there will be 500 Million zombies. In 2022, there will be 1 Billion zombies. In 2027, there will be 2 Billion zombies. In 2032, there will be 4 Billion zombies. And by 2037, in just 25 years, there will be 8 Billion zombies – at which point the world will be lost.

People on Earth, under normal circumstances, wake up very slowly – maybe a few thousand per year – and this could be our downfall. Since sorcerers can only make zombies out of the sleepwalking masses, our one great hope will be to wake people up as quickly as possible.

To prevent a Zombie Apocalypse, more people than ever have to be awakened as quickly as possible.

So, anyone who is reading this blog who wants to help the human species –WAKE UP!

Wake yourself up as soon as possible.

And then, go out and wake everyone else up. The more awakened people there are, the fewer sleepwalkers there will be that can be converted into zombies.

Wake up now and perhaps the world will be saved.