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Month: February 2022

The Second Horseman

We all know that the Book of Revelation, written some 2000 years ago, predicts the rise of the Anti-Christ and his reign of terror, but it also describes a long period of build up before this monstrous ruler appears.

The Anti-Christ, also known as the Great Beast, is the diabolical, world leader who unleashes hell on Earth. He, or It, doesn’t show up in the Book of Revelation, however, until Chapter 13. In the earlier chapters, all sorts of horrible things happen. These include, but are not limited to, wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes and even some asteroid collisions, as well as religious persecution and social upheaval.

The coming of the great tribulation is ushered in by the infamous Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: False Teaching, War, Famine and Death.

It would seem that the First Horseman, False Teaching and Propaganda, has been on the loose for some time now. The false doctrines of Globalism, “wokeness” and perverse spirituality have weakened the human condition to the extent that many people in power have no clue regarding right and wrong, good and evil. And the population at large is doubtful about the reality of any moral distinctions.

This has paved the way for the coming of the Second Horseman – War. He rides a red horse and carries a large battle sword that he wields with fury. The Horseman engages in Spiritual as well as physical warfare.

Feckless leaders, demoralized nations, lack of critical thinking – all allow the Spiritual Evil of war to spread, unchallenged and destroy the hopes of the people.

With the Russian-Ukraine conflict, a domino effect could ensue with one country after another plunging into chaos. And who stands in the way of this?

There have been plenty of wars over the past 2000 years. The wars spread by the Second Horseman, however, destroy more than physical lives. They twist and pervert the soul of humanity, making people ripe for demonic control.

Leaders of the world seem already to have accepted the Dark Path. War is just another tool to extend what they believe is their own power base; they are really aiding diabolic forces to gain dominion over the people.

In a real democratic society, leaders are supposed to SERVE the people not lord it over them. There are no longer any true democracies or Just States – the First Horseman took care of that. As recent events have shown, false leaders are all too eager to crush dissent and the propaganda networks, spurred on by the ride of the First Horseman, willingly collaborate in subjugating the masses. The Second Horseman drives the fearful ever deeper into the darkness.

If the Second Horseman is truly on the loose, the only way to survive the next few years is by strengthening our Spiritual will – the physical world is controlled by evil.

We must wake up and become aware of what really matters – our true, inner divinity.

We must Wake Up! Wake ourselves up. Wake up any way possible, any way we can. And then we must strive to wake up others.

“For we strive not against mere flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Freedom For Thought

There are a lot of things going on in the world, today, that might make us concerned about the future. There are clashes, everywhere, between people with different opinions about freedom and free thought. This deserves some attention. However, attention might be more profitably directed at the conflicts within ourselves, and our own attempts at developing inner harmony and the ability to think freely.

We achieve harmony within ourselves by being able to react FREELY to the issues and concerns that arise within us. What do we consider “good?” What do we consider “bad?” What makes us feel guilty? What makes us feel secure? What do we allow ourselves to think?

Inner harmony requires inner freedom – but it is freedom to think clearly and not have our mind clouded by issues and ideas that provoke us or depress us.

Do you ever consider how what you do or think affects your mood? Or do you suppose that your mood shows up first and then you think and do things in response?

Here is a new exercise to help you explore these ideas.

Relax and let yourself become aware of, and examine, the things you let influence you – opinions, suggestions, invitations – not just from your surroundings, but also from within your own thought world.

What makes up your “self talk?’ what impacts your decisions?

Are you encouraged to move towards an expanded, open consciousness, or are you confining yourself to a familiar world view?

Are your decisions and actions based on feelings of anxiety, bad conscience, and criticisms – both from others and from yourself? Or do you look for inspiration to help you work towards your preferred goals and wishes?

What, actually, does inspire you?

What inspires you, for instance, to take up this and similar exercises and thought practices?

What strengthens your desires?

What makes you more capable to face life?

What thoughts, attitudes, actions and processes do you know of that stimulate your body and mind in positive ways?

Can you think of possible influences you haven’t yet explored that could move you towards a more harmonious and free experience of life?

To be truly free, your thoughts should flow with choices, possibilities and information. Fears need to be understood and accepted, if not actually overcome.

Examining what thoughts currently influence you and how they influence you – how they LIMIT you – is a step towards freeing yourself to truly express your own best life.

Love and blessing and all good wishes for Peace Profound.

Inner Awareness Part 5

Work through the first 4 parts of this exercise for awhile until you are comfortable experiencing your own thoughts without judgement.

Then –

Sit and experience the sensations or sounds around you, and the thoughts that arise from the experience. Choose one thought to think through. Choose one specific thought or emotion that seems to need your attention – a thought or emotion that you know that you need to come to terms with. Maybe something you usually ignore or something you prefer to avoid. Choose one subject and stick to it.

Think it through systematically.

Stick with it. Make it your central thought, for now. Just this one subject – keep at it – really focus on it…

And then abruptly STOP! Cease to think about anything. Hold your mind free of all thoughts.


“I am not these thoughts.

I am the one experiencing, deep inside, resting in myself, alert, attentive.”

A thought is there. Let the mind work it out. The mind thinks itself, all you do is observe how it handles a subject – you don’t need to get involved.

This opens up a door for you: a door to inspiration. Ideas come spontaneously, you don’t look for them, they just appear – Just like the sounds and sensations around you. The opinions of others. What passes for news. Theses are just things you can observe. And you can decide what is useful and what isn’t.

The thoughts, impressions, sensations surrounding you are only important and relevant if you allow them to be.

Practice reviewing one thought completely and also practice NOT thinking of anything. Notice after a time, the control you begin to have over the things that present themselves to you or arise within you. You can observe them and then move on. Choose for yourself what is of interest. Allow inner stillness to permeate your being as you become more aware of your own inner processes.

Work at this exercise as you choose. We will leave this type of meditation for the time being, but, perhaps, return to it again with some deeper action.

Until next time –

Love and Blessings and all good wishes for Peace Profound.

Inner Awareness Part 4

Let’s continue with this exercise.

You’ve been noticing EXTERNAL sensations and ideas and you have begun to notice that these seem to come to you from something other than your inner self. You observe a separateness – there are thoughts and there is the one who is experiencing the thoughts.

Now, let’s go deeper.

Relax and notice – Which of the thoughts reference you? Which thoughts are about you? Your concerns, your desires, your attitudes, your expectations, your JUDGEMENTS.

Notice what fills your mind – often. What attracts your attention? What preconceptions of yourself dominate your attention?

Maybe you ask –

What should I do?

What CAN I do?

What am I allowed to do? What am I allowed to think? What do I allow myself to think?

Do you notice RIGHT thoughts? Do you notice WRONG thoughts? Who decides?

Can they all just be simply thoughts, even when they are about you? Can some be good and others bad?

What thoughts influence the way you see yourself?

You tell yourself: thoughts are just thoughts. Do you believe this? Do you embrace some and want to shove others aside? Are there thoughts you wish you didn’t have?

Who is the judge?

Notice: the one judging and the one judged – are they not the same?

Notice the contents of the mind – all the things that fill your attention.

Experience yourself, again, as an observer. Especially, an observer of the spontaneous thoughts that seem to just appear out of nowhere – by themselves – without cause – without purpose – without intention.

See these thoughts for what they are: brief fragments, flickering images – things that will just disappear unless you allow them to linger and grow into longer chains, grow into brooding, memories, fantasies …

For now, you might as well learn to just accept the stuff that is filling up you attention. It’s just stuff.

Let all the contradictions surface as they are – not sorted into good or bad – acceptable or unacceptable. Notice all of it, just as it is, all equal. Just be an observer. Free your mind. Let yourself let go of tensions and apprehensions, of judgements and evaluations.

Just experience it.

Keep from turning inward – don’t search for anything. Just sit quietly and notice what comes. Thoughts are just thoughts, sensations are just sensations, opinions are just opinions …

Yet, some things seem to appear from a deeper source. Some strike you, as if physically, and resonate and vibrate from your heart, your mind, your spirit – your very inner self.

These thoughts are few and rare – relax and allow them to warm you. And if such do not appear to you, that is perfect, as well. Whatever comes, relax and content yourself with experiencing it happening.

I am not these thoughts.

I am the one experiencing, deep inside, resting in myself, alert, attentive.

Work with this exercise as it serves you for a time. More will be added, later.

Until then, relax and be gentle with yourself.

Love and Blessings and all good wishes for Peace Profound.

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