Hello – Pax Vobiscum.

I am basically a figment of God’s imagination with no actual, independent existence outside the mind of God. I’m also kind of intelligent (though some might argue that point) so I’ve come to realize my secondary status in the universe – However, like any other normal idiot, I still like to take myself seriously from time to time.

As a person of Greek-Cypriot descent, I bring to my work, through my blood line, the rich history and culture of ancient mystical principles and teachings.

I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Counselor, an Initiate of the Western Esoteric Tradition, a mystic philosopher and a student of arcane subjects with earned Doctoral Degrees in Comparative Religion and Metaphysical Science as well as numerous other certifications and qualifications (refer to my C.V.). I’m also a speaker, trainer, teacher, personal development coach and the author of Practical Mysticism a book about the use of meditation and mystical techniques to bring about desired, beneficial changes in a person’s life.

Although my current pursuits are more in the line of a spiritual traveler telling tales of all the strange and wonderful things and ideas I encounter on the path, I’ve also worked in a lot of somewhat mundane pursuits such as retail, construction, sales, marketing and office work of various kinds, including with the government. And I’ve been involved with some less mundane activities – I’ve been a singer/musician in a band, worked as a roadie for Glass Tiger, served as a seat filler for the Juno Awards, been an extra In movies, written and directed plays, given business lectures and seminars, edited a magazine and worked as a marketing consultant.

What I love to do is ask questions and tell stories that get things moving in the unconscious mind. And since that’s where all forms of learning, behavior and change originate, this often leads to powerful results in people’s lives. I’m a big supporter and advocate for Animal Rights, Human Rights in general with an emphasis on Children and Women at Risk, World Literacy, Global Prosperity, Life Extension, Space Exploration and Off-World Colonization, Environmental Protection and, as a Metaphysical Light Worker I actively promote the Spiritual and Planetary Evolution initiative. Other interests include music, art, poetry, Classical Studies (Latin and Greek), film studies, photography, history, Victoriana/Steampunk, philosophy, anthropology, alternative archaeology, psychology, paranormal studies, world literature, humanities and social/political activities. I also enjoy yoga practice, fencing, archery, pistol shooting and martial arts training.

Being an “old school” mystic, I live a somewhat solitary life and prefer the company of my feline associates to ordinary humans. Of course, I also spend much of my time attuned to the Cosmic through daily meditation practice.

Basically, I see my work and mission as a possibility – “the possibility of people living extraordinary lives – full of love, vitality, satisfaction, and total self-expression.” My writing and teaching is, therefore, directed toward an awakening of spirituality in people’s lives and an expanding of human consciousness – hopefully leading to Global Enlightenment.