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Charisma is a form of communication, a “super-language” between mind and mind, being and being. Charisma is an energy that radiates out of and around everyone to some degree. It is usually linked with a sense of self-confidence and security of person and it is also linked with the divine, mystical force that flows through the universe. It is beauty, passion and joy. It is energy, power and force of will. It is the radiation of glamour and desire – what some call “star quality.” At its best it is the recognition one person has of another’s true DIVINE self. While some surface level qualities of charisma can be faked with practice – true charismatic radiance comes only by being true to yourself and revealing your inner divine nature.

Being Yourself

When you express your TRUE SELF – you radiate charisma. Coming to terms with your TRUE SELF – your inner divinity – requires some introspection and self-knowledge. One of the doorways to success in the practical sense is your ability to establish rapport with others. People need to understand you and believe in your purpose. And you need to understand and accept others. By releasing some of the negativity in your life, you will make yourself, automatically, more attractive and likable to others.

The comedian, Richard Jeni, once said “the trick to getting along with people is sincerity – if you can fake that you’ve got it made.”

The mystic shouldn’t have to “fake” sincerity. The mystic really does want what’s best for everyone. And the great thing about the mystic path is that those who travel it eventually get the power to manifest good things for others as well as for themselves.

The trained mystic interacts with the world with honesty, sincerity and personal power born of self-knowledge. This is a highly appealing combination and often takes people by surprise – especially those who have been caught up in negative environments.

The first step in developing rapport with others is to develop rapport with your true self. This means finding your true inner being and letting it be expressed. Being yourself means letting your true inner light clear away the darkness in the lives of others. Through meditation, contemplation and practice your inner light becomes a beacon that attracts people to you – the kind of people who want to help you achieve your goals. By being with you, they become guided to the light and are filled with inspiration to accomplish their own goals. This is the authentic form of charisma the mystic seeks to develop.

Letting Others be Themselves

The gift a mystic can bring to others is permission for them to express their own true selves. This is a powerful gift and one that can be appreciated on more than one level. Sometimes the other person doesn’t even know what he or she is experiencing. One of the big tragedies of life is that negative surroundings can so engulf people, they totally lose conscious contact with their own personalities, dreams, ambitions and sense of self. And it does not require massive trauma to do this. Slow, ongoing physical, verbal or emotional abuse and repression can condemn a person to a life of oblivion, self-deception – a crushed and discarded ego. When someone like this encounters a person on the path to enlightenment, whatever tiny spark of self-hood remaining within them rejoices in ways their subdued consciousness cannot communicate even to themselves.

For those of you who want to go beyond the basic aspects of mysticism, this potential to touch the lives of others in positive and affirmative ways will be seen as a worthy ability to cultivate. The energy of your true self connecting with the true selves of others is a way of slowly transforming the entire planet. This ability does not depend on an understanding by the physical brain. It is “deep calling unto deep.” Through meditation and mystical practice you can develop the kind of charismatic aura that encourages and inspires people around you to be their best and, also, to do their best to help you with whatever your goal or mission might be.