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If you have decided to engage in the daily practice of meditation, you may begin to notice changes in your life. Your mind will begin to open up to new and exciting possibilities; you might begin to realize just how much more there is to existence than what you knew of before. As the Mystical Power within you takes hold, things will happen. It may come slowly or quickly but you will experience marked differences in yourself and the world around you.

The reason for this is the growing rapport between yourself and the universe that is a product of meditation.

Although mysticism itself is a simple and natural process, it can be quite complicated to explain. A full deep understanding requires an in depth knowledge of the structure of the universe and the human consciousness. Fortunately, you do not need this in depth knowledge to benefit from meditation or to practice mysticism. However, it may be useful for you to have available a few basic and central ideas about mysticism.

  1. The Universe is a big place. It contains vast amounts of things, ideas, concepts and structures. It contains paradoxes. Sometimes contradictory ideas can be observed, but in the larger scale there are no contradictions – the Universe is ONE.
  2. In simple terms the Universe appears to us in three phases
    1. The Universal or Cosmic Mind
    2. The Manifesting World
    3. Consciousness or Awareness

The Universal or Cosmic Mind can be considered the Infinite Intelligence behind reality. It could be called GOD or the Creative Life Force.

The Manifesting World is everything that appears to have been created – everything “visible and invisible” that seems to exist.

Consciousness or Awareness is the observing mind that generates the meaning behind all appearances. Consciousness can be human or other. These three elements are NOT three but ONE and interact in subtle ways.

  1. Human Consciousness can be seen as also divided into three parts.
    1. The Super-Conscious or Higher Mind
    2. The Conscious Mind
    3. The Core Consciousness or Inner Mind

The Super-conscious or Higher Mind – also known as the Divine or Illuminated Mind, is the part of consciousness most aware of the TRUE nature of the Universe and of human consciousness itself, yet it appears to exist independently of the other parts.

The Conscious Mind is the level of so-called “normal awareness” that humans experience on a daily basis.

The Core Consciousness or Inner Mind – also known as the subconscious or unconscious mind, is the deep mysterious realm of the human mind that seems responsible for so much yet also seems to avoid responsibility. It is through the Inner Mind or Core Consciousness that humans make contact with the Universal or Divine Mind. In a special sense, the Inner Mind is the hard to know Divine aspect of the human being.

The three parts of the mind are ONE. The appearance of separation is a symptom of human instability. Humans have problems in direct proportion to the separation they perceive in the three parts of the mind. The healthiest individuals, those who experience the Enlightened state most of the time, hold the three parts in complete rapport and live with one-pointed consciousness.

Picture a vast frozen sea with great icebergs floating in it. The part of the iceberg that is visible equates to the Conscious Mind. The huge amount of ice that moves beneath the sea is the Core or Inner Mind. The sea itself is the Super-Conscious Mind out of which the rest is formed. It is all composed of the exact same elements but takes on different forms because of peculiar temporal conditions. (This analogy can be carried further – the atmospheric vapors out of which the sea itself is formed can be seen as the Universal Consciousness or the Divine Spirit).

  1. It is possible to achieve rapport between the parts of the Human Consciousness and between the parts of the Universal Mind. The path of mysticism leads to the unification of the One Mind.
  2. Mystical terms such as Enlightenment, Reincarnation, Karma, Heaven and Magic can be explained by consideration of the implications of the first four principles.

The statements of these principles are not necessarily true in the absolute sense – the TRUTH is far too complex to express in a few words. More, these are like the scaffolding of a structure: we can use it to understand and construct the more complicated features of the building itself. There is an abundance of mystical theory and scientific theory available to anyone with access to the Internet – or better, to a good library, and you are encouraged to go out and learn as much as possible. A mystic should never stop learning and striving to understand. These principles are simply meant to help you continue your practice of meditation.

As mentioned at the beginning, a daily meditation practice will produce changes in your life.

  • Relationships with coworkers, friends, and family will improve.
  • Your personal magnetism and charm will increase, drawing more people to you and your goals.
  • You will feel more optimistic, generally, and less threatened by life.
  • You will develop a more positive attitude and your reaction to daily events in your life will be calmer and more secure.
  • Your intuitive abilities will increase putting you more in control of your life and the conditions around you.
  • You will become more flexible and adaptable in your experience of life.
  • Your mind and thinking will become more creative. As you go about your daily business, you will find ways of doing things and coming up with on-the-spot inspirations that will move your life ahead.
  • You will begin to sense, and finally realize, that a Higher Intelligence is guiding your thoughts and thus your life.
  • More opportunities, both personal and financial, will present themselves to you as a result of the mystical influence of your Higher Mind on your conscious mind.
  • You will become more intuitively aware of the real motivations of others.
  • Others will accept you and your ideas more readily.

Many more unique benefits will come to you as you pursue your practice of meditation. So please continue and allow more rapport to develop within you and between you and the universe.