Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning space – but not the simple idea of space found in the West. Akasha is the all-pervading substance that surrounds and binds – embraces – the 4 commonly understood dimensions of length, width, height and duration. Akasha is also the boundary of the phenomenal world. Similar to the concept of Ether, it is the bridge between the material world and the mind upon which all things that have ever happened – including all thoughts and dreams – are embedded and recorded.

The Akashic Records are the tracks of all this embedded and recorded information. The records are like a cosmic memory bank. Other ways of describing it include Universal Mind, Collective Unconscious, holographic storehouse and the Book of Life. According to the esoteric view, the Akasha is not a static material substance but a living, flowing, non-physical, other dimensional level of reality. Information is not placed randomly but is purposefully inscribed and catalogued as in a library and thus the information can be retrieved and examined.

Mediums, clairvoyants and trained mystics have the most success accessing the Records, but anyone can retrieve some information, especially about themselves. Simple techniques for tapping into the Akasha include: Directed Dreaming, self-hypnosis, guided hypnotic journeys, breathing exercises, prayer, and of course meditation.

And while it is relatively easy to enter the domain of the Akasha, finding specific, verifiable information is the tricky part. Imagine walking into a vast library system like the Library of Congress with over 150 million items on file. Walking in is the easy part – now you want to track down specific information. For that, you need access to librarians and have knowledge of how records are indexed. Then you need to locate the information and review it. For the Akashic Records to be meaningful to you, with its multiple trillion, trillion items of data on file, a period of training is required.

One way of developing facility at accessing and interpreting the information is to build up in your imagination a strong vision of what you think the storehouse would be like. The Akashic Records offer a personalized experience to each user.  Imagine how you would travel to such a place if you had to do it physically. What does the building look like to you? How would you imagine it is organized? How does it compare to other information storehouses you may know about? How does it sound and feel? Get clear in your mind on exactly what type of helpers and system support would be useful to you in tracking down info. Take your time to build up a complete working library in your mind and then practice entering that space and looking up information. Feel yourself actually being there.

Go back to a time in your life when you were learning about library or other information storage systems including computer storage. You probably started out with simple searches, getting a lot of help from staff, but eventually you were able to do more complicated searches on your own. Work with the Akashic records in the same way. You can start by searching for more details on events you already know something about. For example, remember a time in your life such as your 5th birthday party or some such happy early memory. Now gather in your imagination more details about that event – who was there, what were they wearing, what did they say, what did they do and say when you were not around, what were they thinking? Or look at a well-known historically event such as the Queen’s coronation or the first moon landing. Your job will be to look up in the Akasha all the extra details not revealed in the many photos and film clips of this event. With practice and persistence you can gradually learn to acquire information about any subject past, present or future that is important to you. But this will require concentration, focus, clear motives, diligent effort and a lot of patience.