Work through the first 4 parts of this exercise for awhile until you are comfortable experiencing your own thoughts without judgement.

Then –

Sit and experience the sensations or sounds around you, and the thoughts that arise from the experience. Choose one thought to think through. Choose one specific thought or emotion that seems to need your attention – a thought or emotion that you know that you need to come to terms with. Maybe something you usually ignore or something you prefer to avoid. Choose one subject and stick to it.

Think it through systematically.

Stick with it. Make it your central thought, for now. Just this one subject – keep at it – really focus on it…

And then abruptly STOP! Cease to think about anything. Hold your mind free of all thoughts.


“I am not these thoughts.

I am the one experiencing, deep inside, resting in myself, alert, attentive.”

A thought is there. Let the mind work it out. The mind thinks itself, all you do is observe how it handles a subject – you don’t need to get involved.

This opens up a door for you: a door to inspiration. Ideas come spontaneously, you don’t look for them, they just appear – Just like the sounds and sensations around you. The opinions of others. What passes for news. Theses are just things you can observe. And you can decide what is useful and what isn’t.

The thoughts, impressions, sensations surrounding you are only important and relevant if you allow them to be.

Practice reviewing one thought completely and also practice NOT thinking of anything. Notice after a time, the control you begin to have over the things that present themselves to you or arise within you. You can observe them and then move on. Choose for yourself what is of interest. Allow inner stillness to permeate your being as you become more aware of your own inner processes.

Work at this exercise as you choose. We will leave this type of meditation for the time being, but, perhaps, return to it again with some deeper action.

Until next time –

Love and Blessings and all good wishes for Peace Profound.