When we look around at people we notice that some are happy and some are not. What makes the difference? What patterns of life generate a happy, positive attitude rather than an unhappy or negative attitude? Is it possible to change yourself from a negative to a positive person – from an unhappy to a happy person?

It is definitely possible to unlock the door to happiness in your own life. Once you have the right keys you can leave the negative world behind and stay in the positive world as long as you want.

key to happiness


Maintain a CONSCIOUS positive mental attitude, no matter what happens to you in your daily activities.

Reject any idea that negative conditions arising in your daily life are part of reality. Maintain the position that the real world is good and positive and full of joy – you just need to reframe it or look at it all in the right perspective.

Also, in communicating with others, say only positive things that will have them mentally accepting you as a winner in their minds. Regard your every thought as a telepathic magnetic energy that can draw or repel good and happiness.



Program your mind every day with positive thoughts, particularly concerning your goals and desires.

Take time each day to fill your mind with joyful, positive images and thoughts, and especially hold onto a positive image of yourself as a happy, fulfilled person.

Maintain a positive mental attitude throughout the day by using affirmations or simply repeating positive statements to yourself.

Nullify negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind. Keep them away by consciously replacing them with positive thoughts, feelings, images and memories.



Sublimate or convert the energy of negative thought patterns and emotions each day into more useful patterns through meditation or concentration and allowing the natural healing energy of the universe to fill your mind and thoughts.

Monitor even your casual conversations – keep the subjects positive or look for the positive side of situations. If you must respond to negative occurrences, such as those appearing in the daily news, keep the negative aspects to a minimum and put yourself in the position of positive role model. For example you might send thoughts of love and blessings to victims of crime or disaster, or take part in activities that support solutions to whatever situation has manifested. Don’t let yourself become wrapped up in the negative circumstances that might present themselves. Instead, choose to focus only on ways to make those circumstances better.

To help convert negative thoughts to positive ones, choose to associate, as much as possible, with people who also have a positive mental attitude. Avoid people who continually wish to see only the dark side of life. However, never shun family or old friends – allow yourself to become a beacon of positive radiance in their lives and allow them the opportunity to choose your company if they want that kind of energy.

Live, act and above all think and feel like a positive and happy person.

stay true to yourself

These keys might appear simple and obvious, yet it seems few people use them. If you are not happy in life and are not connecting with people in positive ways consider the type of attitude you are expressing. What is likely blocking your natural charisma from shining through is the veil of negative thought patterns you are reinforcing with your everyday attitudes. Test these keys for yourself for a period of 30 days and notice the dramatic change that will occur in your life.