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The other day I was stopped in the street by someone asking for money. They were collecting for UNICEF, a fine charity, but still I don’t like this new policy of aggressive solicitation adopted by charities. I understand these groups want more money and need to come up with new ways of getting it. Everyone wants more money these days – Even I want more money.

But here’s my question: Why does everyone want MY money? Why am I expected to pay for everyone’s plans and projects? The government wants my money; corporations want my money; the rich want my money; the poor want my money – it goes on and on. Why am I targeted?

I guess I represent a specific economic unit once known as “the Middle Class.” In this New World Order that has grown up around us, the job of the middle class seems to be to work its ass off for the sake of the rest of the world – rich and poor alike. But we seem to have no say at all in how our support is distributed or used.

My day job is not that different from most people’s in my economic class. My income has been all but frozen these past few years at the behest of GOV-CORP (the government – corporation cabal). Meanwhile, the State and all its friends – the politicians, the banks, the corporations, the franchises, the monopolies, the conglomerates, the charities, the schools, the so-called non-government organizations, and all the various vested interests – have the freedom and in fact the mandate to raise the fees and prices on everything possible. Real estate prices, mortgages, cost of borrowing, bank fees, property taxes, utilities rates, public transportation, gasoline, telephone, cable TV, Internet fees, clothing, food, and every other product or service cost in the world has increased. Even the minimum wage has increased – but NOT middle class salaries. So where does the money come from to pay for all the increased prices? According to recent statements by politicians the middle class tax payer should be happy to bear the extra burden. Why not? The middle class has the privilege of actually working for a living and they have no power to refuse the demands of Gov-Corp. So we, the Middle Class, should just shut up and accept it.

The rich and powerful simply steal what they want; the poor – to be blunt – beg for what they want. And both upper and lower classes are subsidized by the government. But the Middle Class – those of us who will never truly be rich and who work just enough not to be poor – must fend for ourselves. We are made to pull the wagons and also pay the fare for the people who ride in them. Stand up philosopher George Carlin put it this way: “the upper class keeps all the money and pays none of the taxes; the middle class pays all of the taxes and does all of the work; and the poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class – keep them showing up at those JOBS.” (Jammin’ in New York, 1992)

Am I making this up? Think about this – where do you keep whatever money you have? In the bank? in some investment fund? In real estate?  Who actually controls that money? Even self-directed investments are at the mercy of those who have set up the banks and trust companies in the first place. Those people take the lion’s share of the returns and brush the table scraps off in your direction. Then you take your meager earnings and spend it on products and services that benefit the bankers and their friends.

Look, I have nothing against money or even rich people. I can fully appreciate wanting to amass a few million dollars – even a few hundred million dollars – maybe even a few billion dollars. But I can’t understand why anyone would ruthlessly try to amass hundreds of billions of dollars. I mean, really, what can you do with it? Take over the world? It’s been done.

Even the Roman emperors – including the crazier ones – had enough good sense and decorum to use the money they accumulated to give the people free bread and circuses.

Recently, leaders of the sinisterly named World Bank and International Monetary Fund, said that there was a plan in place to eliminate poverty by the year 2030. The World Bank was founded just after World War II by the U.S. and British governments to help landowners and industrialists who had fled Europe get back into power at the expense of the common people (i.e. Socialists, Communists and anarchists) who actually resisted the NAZI regime and suffered the most from the war. During World War II, the wealthy business class either supported Hitler and had their banks and factories bombed, or they took whatever assets they could carry and found a place to hide leaving the working class to their own devices. Whether they supported Hitler or not those who were best able to exploit the working class, the rich, got placed back into power. In the past 70 years the World Bank has extended its influence beyond Europe and props up any government or corporation that aligns with its purpose – to make money. So why a sudden interest in the poor? The definition of poverty used by the Bank is in itself is suspect. Poverty means people currently living on less than a dollar a day. This, of course, leaves out everyone in the so-called free world. But, unfortunately, it still represents over a billion people on our planet. Basically the generous World Bank, run, supposedly, by the intellectual and moral elite, has a plan to give about the equivalent of half a loaf of bread a day to anyone without the capacity to beg, earn or steal a dollar. And it will take them 15 more years to put whatever this plan is into effect. I guess there is money to be made in poverty because all the people who will work on this project (or claim to work on the project) need to be paid (in dollars or considerations) and the money to pay them is going to come from the working class – not the rich – by force of taxation if necessary.

Thank you World Bank!

Maybe if we give them another 100 years to work on the problem they will figure out a way to give a few people the occasional free circus as well free bread.

How do you battle against this world economic abuse of the middle class? We are told we are allowed to use only the weapons and strategies sanctioned and provided to us by our enemies – Gov-Corp. Makes sense.

Gov-Corp determines the rules of engagement, they choose the time, place and conditions of battle, they control the length of the fight, they provide us with the tools to participate in the contest and they even tell us who the winners and losers are predestined to be. Heads I win – tails you lose.

If the middle class is to survive it must come up with a more effective strategy. Gov-Corp will NEVER give us any effective methods to fight them.  We have to think like revolutionaries. We have to BECOME revolutionary in our approach. This is a difficult concept. So first we should shake ourselves out of the sleep walking state most of us are in. We have to wake up. We have to wake up anyway we can. We must wake ourselves up and then wake up everyone else. This is the only way we will have the chance and ability to develop a plan that will let us survive and thrive in the current materialistic world regime.