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Whatever is REAL in your life will last – whatever isn’t real will pass away. The principle is the same whether you are talking about career, your home life or and especially your inner life. For something to be real it must be based upon truth. If you are to have a lasting condition of success in any area of your life, it must be built upon that which is REAL and true. And that means what is REAL or authentic about you. The real you is what builds success and fulfillment.

The FALSE is built upon society’s general opinions of self-limitation and game playing in communications with others in order to achieve some desired goal. But the goal, even when achieved is fleeting because it is based upon communication from the false self – the inauthentic self. The false self speaks from a base of manipulating intellectual game playing; the True Self speaks spontaneously from the heart without premeditation.

Life is an integrated process. Different parts of life work together and communicate with each other. Communication is crucial to any kind of success in life. Communicating your REAL self to others is vital if any lasting success – success in the mystical, spiritual sense – is to be achieved. It is the basis of true CHARISMA.

Meditation keeps the connection with the wisdom of the heart open. Without it, you can become too surface oriented in your thinking, and thus find yourself playing the game of life from a FALSE perspective. If you are meditating daily, and achieving some facility with the process, you can be certain that your words and deeds will communicate and express your Real self.

Each day, when you awaken in the morning, you should take a moment of thought-time to remind yourself that it will be the Real or DIVINE you that will communicate to others as you go about your daily activities. In the midst of a conversation, catch yourself periodically and mentally ask yourself if it is the FALSE or Real You that is communicating. If you notice that your mind is game-playing with the person, immediately say to yourself that you are setting aside the false, and are projecting the Real-You to the other person or persons.

Projecting the Real You to Others

Before speaking to another person or a group, take a moment to confirm with yourself that it is, in fact, the REAL you that is speaking.

Your REAL center of consciousness is what you really FEEL – be sure that you continually feel you are speaking from the heart.

Your FALSE self has a need to defend against possible or imagined rejection. Setting this fear aside will let you speak more effectively. The acceptance you should actively seek is the acceptance of your TRUE self, for with this you have the best of all-possible communication and relationships. The accepting of the FALSE you creates only illusory communication and relationships that are fragile and temporary at best.

REAL love can only be known when two people communicate their REAL selves to each other. Without such communication, a false relationship exists, and thus a false sense of love.

When you communicate with the Real-You, your nervous system is more at ease and relaxed. If you care about your health, speak from the Real-You, which sends energy vibrations of wholeness throughout your body.

When communicating FEEL and sense fully that the false-you has stepped out of your body and that only the Real-You remains. Form as strong a visualization of this as possible while talking.

As you speak, FEEL that you are drawing from the Intuitive and Creative Source inside you – this is the Presence of the Real-You.

The false-you premeditates its communications, while the Real-You is spontaneous. Keep this always in mind to more closely discern whether it is the false or the Real-You that is doing the communicating.

 As you communicate, FEEL that the Real or DIVINE aspect of yourself has taken over your mind and is looking or seeing through your eyes as you speak to another person.

In touching another person physically, whether as a handshake in business or as an affectionate touch in love, FEEL that it is the energy and Presence of the Real-You that is communicating through the physical gesture.

By doing these things, you will begin to experience real success – success built upon a solid, authentic foundation. This type of success, in all areas of your life, will last because only what is real and authentic continues regardless of obstacles, set-backs and  unexpected issues that might arise in your life.