Michael A. Michail
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President Trump had the good sense to call out a former Hollywood actor for behaving like a boxer who had taken too many punches to the head. “Wake up, Punchy!” he said, with the hope that the actor would come to his senses. When a boxer, or any type of fighter, gets hit in the head too many times, he can become “punch drunk,” a condition in which the person becomes unable to think, act or speak normally as though intoxicated or over tired. Repeated blows to the head can also lead to severe, permanent brain damage. Another form of this condition can arise as a result of being struck by too many new and confusing ideas or emotions. This “metaphysically punch drunk” state is becoming all too common these days, especially with former celebrities who desperately try to remain relevant in a changing world.

The actor in question is quite old. He used to be an important and respected movie star back in the 70’s and thus, I will not name him out of respect for his past cinematic achievements. He was known, in better times, for playing tough, quirky, masculine anti-heroes.  Today, however, he basically just lives off his reputation built up in his old glory days. He has become one of those odd, eccentric characters who, you might suspect, spends his energy shouting at clouds or accusing squirrels of spying on him. He can often be seen at award shows and other occasions screaming out insane left-wing rhetoric, laced with inappropriate language. It’s actually quite sad.  As mentioned before, he is very old and it is extremely unlikely he has been in a physical altercation for over 40 years (although he has, from time to time been accused of somewhat sordid acts) thus, his punch-drunk state is likely due less to physical blows to the head and more to metaphysical encounters. The poor man seems to be battling ideas and concepts his worn out, tired brain can’t cope with. This appears to cause him to resort to profanity, threats and incoherent muttering to deal with his growing confusion.

Unfortunately, this is a condition more and more people are beginning to experience. There’s a lot going on in the world, physically and spiritually, and with ever expanding social media and telecommunications networks impinging on our awareness, even the most out of touch individual is bombarded with an inordinate amount of random information. Old time celebrities, former child stars, once popular media personalities, life long politicians and even non-famous people who spent a lot of their energy adulating these “stars,” seem to be prone to becoming metaphysically punch drunk. Processing excessive new information effectively is difficult without exerting some effort. Many people just don’t want to put in the work; it seems easier to just take the punch rather than learn to block or re-direct it. The Globalists, plutocrats, technocrats, career politicians and others that assume they rule the world, or SHOULD be ruling the world, do not want people to learn how to block or re-direct false and corrosive ideas – they do not want people to practice thinking and reasoning.  Thinking and reasoning gets in the way of human servitude. A confused populace is far easier to control. People who think for themselves seem to resist Globalist ideology. When a person is totally confused there are basically only two reactions they can have: run rampant or latch onto some random idea they are told about and cling to it for dear life, even if that idea is total nonsense. Either reaction will benefit the Globalists. If you run rampant you inspire fear and confusion in other people who will then turn to the “masters” for protection. If you accept some random bit of nonsense that passes for an idea, you become a willing slave.   

Celebrities of all sorts and really anyone who seeks public approval, are more likely to become metaphysically punch drunk because they are used to suppressing their own thoughts and following the dictates of others. Being popular means being what other people want you to be. Imagine spending your whole life listening to teachers, trainers, agents, managers, promoters, directors, producers, editors, sponsors or other guides and benefactors – doing everything they say and believing that they know what’s best for you – how would you ever learn how to think? Now, imagine surrounding yourself with sycophants, followers, drug dealers, procurers, and other “artists” with equally stunted thought processes after you’ve reached whatever goals you’ve been “guided” to achieve – you pretty much have a perfect recipe for delusion and outright lunacy. It’s no wonder that celebrities lean towards extremist ideologies that reinforce some strange belief that they are brilliant creators responsible for purifying the world.  Artists, politicians, even journalists have definitely impacted the world: often in powerful and positive ways. The type of person that passes for a celebrity thought leader today is commonly just some privileged, ego driven narcissist with a histrionic personality disorder. In some cases, their attitudes might be described as being merely sympathetic to Globalist ideology – more frequently they seem to express outright, radical, alt-left lunacy. The poor, old, punch drunk, former movie star and his compatriots who routinely threaten to beat up the President of the United States, blow up the capital building, assault people for wearing certain articles of clothing or certain facial expressions, dox or boycott people on social media they disagree with, and so on in order to somehow save the planet are all too present examples of this metaphysical brain damage that infects celebrities, media pundits and politicians.  

I don’t think there’s any hope of saving the alt-left, over privileged, celebrity radicals in the world – their confusion runs too deep. But there is hope for the somewhat normal people that might be reading this. You have to wake up! Wake up anyway you can. Train yourself to differentiate deluded fantasy from reality. Teach yourself how to think and reason, effectively. Take the Red Pill. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” Wake yourself up, now, and then go out and wake up everyone else. Find a moment of clarity in your life and strive to free yourself of the metaphysical punch-drunk state that has now become far too common. Do what you need to do. Wake up, Punchy! Wake up.