Michael A. Michaileye552
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One important reason for supporting President Trump is the fact that he took a stand against Globalism. Maybe not the most powerful stand, and maybe not a stand that would actually have a chance of stopping the Globalist agenda – but at least he took a stand. None of the 16 Republicans that ran against him were opposed to Globalism and Clinton and Obama are the poster children for the Globalist movement – but Trump did voice his disapproval of the Globalist agenda and if you’ve read the George Orwell novel 1984 you know where Globalism leads.

Globalism is basically Socialism on steroids. A Marxist/Globalist paradise would be one in which everyone in the world was living and working together on a farm/collective that is OWNED by the State – a State controlled by elitists like George Soros and the late, unlamented David Rockefeller. The Elites would dole out rewards and punishments to people based on their interpretation of what is good for the State. It would be a world not based on merit but on influence and “pull” – if you are in good with the Elite you get what you want; if you’re not, you get sent to the gulag. The motto “From each according to his ability and to each according to his need,” as twisted as that statement is already, would be twisted even further based solely on the whims of the Elite and their sense of what is “good.” It would be like a medieval feudal state where the serfs work the land for the pleasure of the lords in their castles. Globalism in fact is a cyber-enhanced, more malignant and farther reaching version of feudalism.

Think of it – the Globalist agenda stands for a borderless society. No borders equals no nations; no nations equals no citizens; no citizens equals no rights; no rights equals no freedom; and no freedom equals slavery. Globalism does not promote equality for all, it divides the world quite distinctly into the haves and haves not. In a Globalist reality, the wealthy, powerful Elite would control the world and exploit the poor and unprotected not just physically but psychologically. The exploited masses would be conditioned to accept their lot and willingly serve their masters. Like serfs on a medieval feudal estate, the common people – deprived of rights, freedom, and self-direction – would work for the good of the Elite, content merely to be alive.

What saved the world from feudalism was the rise of the middle class and capitalism. These are the very things Globalists seek to eliminate from society. Wholesome love, virtuous strength, satisfaction with accomplishment and honest self-expression are all under attack by the purveyors of what Tucker Carlson calls “lying, pomposity, smugness and group-think.” As in the book 1984, Globalists work with disinformation, virtue signaling, finger-pointing and collectivism to further their agenda – a One World government controlled by dark forces.

Unfortunately, Globalism seems to be inevitable. President Trump might be delaying the ultimate rise of the Global state by strengthening the middle class, promoting family values, creating opportunity for individual accomplishment and challenging those that would hamper our rights to free expression:  but he is not stopping Globalism completely. To really attack Globalism you have to confront head on the banking cartels and plutocratic elites in organizations like the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the U.N., N.A.T.O., the E.U. and related sinister networks. He’s not doing that, not so-far, but the wall of Nationalism and Populism that he is building is, at least, a temporary obstacle to the advance of the New World Order – and that’s worth supporting and voting for. Hopefully other leaders in Europe and the rest of the world will pick up this agenda and maybe the next U.S. President will continue the effort to curb Globalism and keep the world free of feudal servitude. Hopefully.

Maybe I’m alone in this but I do not want a One World Government – I don’t trust that prospect. I don’t want someone like Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau managing the world. I don’t even want someone like Donald Trump doing it! Fortunately, Trump doesn’t want to be President of the World – he’s fine with being President of America and that’s another good reason for supporting him. A world-wide Globalist government would be bad on a Biblical scale – as in the Book of Revelation – as in the Anti-Christ. I know that many of you don’t accept Bible teaching or prophesy or religion or spirituality or reality – but just look around at what’s happening in the world, today, and what would be possible for an all-pervasive, dictatorial regime to institute if unopposed and compare that to the vision outlined in the Book of Revelation: there are striking similarities.  Just the idea of a MARK (micro-chip, bar code) on your hand that is required to buy or sell anything is pretty terrifying and absolutely possible, today. I suppose I could be content with a one-world government controlled by King Jesus, the ultimate Christian prophesy, but until His return I would resist a Globalist government in any form.

But what, if anything, can an ordinary person do to stop the advance of Globalism? How can we effectively test the integrity of and then support anti-Globalist leaders like Donald Trump? How can we resist the incursion of Globalist ideology into our nations? Globalist supporters control the money, the media, the educational systems, the entertainment industry, technology and the military so ordinary methods of resistance would not be effective. However, as yet, they do not control our minds and hearts; they do not yet control our deep spiritual nature. It is at this level that we can resist and counter the darkness. We must wake up! Not in the phony social justice warrior type of wakefulness espoused by the deluded elites in Hollywood. We must truly WAKE UP in the pure spiritual sense. We must Wake ourselves up in any way we can – through meditation, contemplation, study, prayer, practice – whatever. We must Wake ourselves up and then go out and help wake up everyone else. This is our only personal defense against the forces that wish to enslave us. And this is the best preparation to take action in support of anti-Globalist leaders.