The mystical Law of AMRA reveals that when you support a cause, particularly a worthy cause, the Cosmic will in turn support you. An indication that you are on the path to enlightenment is your willingness to serve your community and your world. Volunteering your time and energy to a cause is a familiar spiritual pursuit in all the great world religions and philosophies.

Now, despite the fact that in the 21st Century humans have more leisure time available to them than in any other period of human history, most of us in the Western, democratic, capitalist world are not prepared to give more than a couple of hours a week to community service. However, if your leisure time is spent pursuing studies of such material as is found on this website, and preparing yourself for future challenges – then you might be forgiven for not participating in active, physical service. Nevertheless, you should make a point of supporting those individuals who have made a commitment to service. Fortunately, the mystical Law of AMRA offers a totally valid compromise. You can transfer your energies in various forms for others to use. Prayer, positive thinking, speaking well of various causes are good starts. You can also donate money. Money is energy. Money is a medium of exchange developed over the millennia to allow the free flow and generation of goods and SERVICES – including services to the world. Giving money to a cause is an easy and convenient way to participate in the evolution and enhancement of life on earth.

These are some of the organizations and institutions that I have personally assisted in different ways and for various reasons over the years. If you don’t have a particular cause of your own to support right now, you might get some ideas from this list.


The Causes


Greater Good

Why Poverty?


Toronto Humane Society

World Wildlife Fund

Interval House

Interval House Toronto

Covenant House

The Salvation Army



Toronto Rape Crises Centre

Amnesty International


Operation Go Home


Danes in Distress

Habitat for Humanity

Daily Bread Food Bank

The Hunger Project

World Vision

The Scott Mission

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Friends of the Earth

Canadian Cancer Society

Mercy For Animals