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You get a suntan through exposure to the sun; you get enlightenment through exposure to the Light. Makes sense? That’s probably why going to a monastery or on a spiritual retreat helps you get results – you’re surrounded by images and ideas that set up the “Enlightenment Matrix.”

Now if you get too much sun in too short a time you get damaged. Same with enlightenment – If you are exposed too quickly to hard ideas and images you can get a little messed up – maybe a lot messed up. However, as with the sun, weak Light over a long period of time doesn’t do much for you at all. There needs to be a middle ground. That’s typically what a teacher or school is for – you get a well-balanced curriculum featuring concepts and practices that can bring you along at a safe and comfortable pace.

Well what if you don’t have a teacher or a school? What then?

That’s part of the reason for these lists. Studying the material here can give you solid examples over time of the attitudes and mind-set that can open you up to Cosmic illumination. In conjunction with a good meditation program – watching the movies, reading the books and so on can expose you to ways of being that generate an enlightened response in your nervous system and spiritual system.  You find yourself thinking differently, feeling differently, and reacting differently as greater self-realization dawns on you. The Sun rises upon you, bathing you in its healing, cleansing rays letting you see clearly what the world is like and how you can be part of it.

Now, watching a movie or TV show isn’t going to make you enlightened. Millions of people have experienced the various items on these lists and have remained little more than zombies. To have your mind opened to the Light – you have to OPEN YOUR MIND to the Light. It isn’t a passive thing – it’s an ongoing activity. You need to want to see clearly; you need to want to live fully. First you have to want it, then you have to look for it, then you have to know what you are looking for, then you have to recognize the thing you are looking for when you find it, then you become one with that thing – one with the Light.

Actively reviewing the material offered on these pages over time will start to stimulate your spiritual self. Soon, things will start moving in your unconscious mind – this movement will energize you and generate new learning and behavioral changes – you will gradually develop the heart and soul of an enlightened being. That’s when the fun really starts!

Review the pages and share your comments, questions and concerns on the blog. Adding to the conversation will give you even more insight and quicken the self-realization process.