Year: 2013


 Michael A. Michail Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved   Charisma is a form of communication, a “super-language” between mind and mind, being and being. Charisma is an energy that radiates out of and around everyone to some degree. It is

Happy Solstice!

  I love the Winter Solstice. The image of the Light being re-born and conquering the forces of Darkness is beautiful and inspiring. The Winter Solstice has influenced the lives of many people over the centuries, particularly through art, literature,

Meditation Posture

  The image of an ancient Egyptian sculpture appeared on my Facebook page and caused a bit of controversy. The image shows Egyptian royalty in seated positions. The picture is split to show what the sculpture looks like today and

Social Stupidity

  I’ve included a picture of the Three Stooges on this post because it’s funny. In reality, however, the Stooges have never committed any of the stupid acts listed here. They were way too cool and respectful of others to

Are We Free?

  I recently saw a posting on Facebook that noted all the things we think we have to do each day just to maintain our current lifestyles. We consider ourselves to be living in a free society yet the amount

The Stone of Power

  So, once again it’s been a while since I posted. What can I say? Saving the world from yet another zombie apocalypse requires a great deal of energy. (And yes, in my reality the word ‘apocalypse’ used in this


    When I look through my Facebook homepage and see all the funny, smart status updates my friends make, I sometimes feel a bit intimidated. I can’t come up with this great stuff on a daily basis. All I

The Donkey in the Well – A Fable

One day a tired, old donkey was strolling around his farm. His only concern was his tired old bones and his stiff muscles. He wasn’t paying much attention to where he was going when he suddenly stumbled and fell down

Burden of the Heart

  Two monks set out on a journey to a far off monastery.  The older monk was very experienced and knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. The younger monk, though not so experienced, had a sincere desire to

Faith and Foolishness

  Once there was a very pious and faithful man.  He had absolute trust in God and always tried to be an upright and honorable person. One day he learned that a great storm was on its way and the