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Royal Pain

The idiot formally known as PRINCE Harry once again proves that the events of 1776 were a good idea. Not just for the U.S., but for the world.

Harry states that he considers the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution “Bonkers.” He doesn’t like it. He wants something done about it. He wants it gone.

The First Amendment is all about protecting certain freedoms: Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, journalistic freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the freedom to challenge the decisions of government. There’s a reason it tops the list of human rights. Along with the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms for personal defense, the First Amendment is protection against totalitarian regimes. It’s no wonder Hollywood Harry and his sad little Globalist, elitist, Luciferian chums dislike it – the First Amendment is a guard against idiots like this becoming too powerful.

Imagine a world where Hollywood assholes and tech billionaires, or the degenerate aristocracy of old, can tell you what to think, what to say, where to go, or what to buy and sell. Well, it isn’t hard to imagine because we are on the cusp of this very thing happening. A weak willed, feckless population has been wrangled into a state in which they have abandoned the concept of personal freedom and seem eager to bow before some master class. And the soul sucking, demon worshipping, plutocrats and oligarchs are loving it.

A dumb population that values the opinion of “celebrities” and so-called “social influencers” above their own personal freedom is precisely the kind of population Harry No-Name and his league of marauding moralizers crave. Creatures like Harry – born into wealth and privilege, raised by moral incompetents, and educated by Luciferian extremists – truly believe they are better than the rest of us and have a right to rule over us. Their sense of self-entitlement is epic – on the scale of Roman emperors like Caligula and Nero.

Well, in 1776 the American people declared their independence from such ravenous tyrants. They spit in the eye of the aristocracy and established a Republic with a Constitution that protected the rights of the individual over the government or the collective hordes. Thus, for a time, there really was a glimmer of true freedom in the world.

It turns out, however, that not everyone wants freedom. Many, many people seem to find self-government difficult and cry out for the return of a ruling class. They miss their chains.

The old elite have been waiting patiently for this day to arrive. They’ve schemed and conspired to bring it about for centuries. Now, with troops of social justice terrorists in the streets stirring up disharmony everywhere, and insipid, useful idiot propagandists preaching an idealized “One World Government,” a Globalist, feudalist society is at hand with the world divided into barons and serfs – guess which one you are.

To be fair, I would probably, grudgingly, accept a One World Government if King Jesus was in charge. But King Harry? No fucking way. Creatures like that and the demonic hosts they’re aligned with are the true enemies of freedom, equality and justice.

The First Amendment that Harry No-Name despises gives him the right, in America, to say whatever stupid, evil thing he wants to say. But it also gives the rest of us the right to reject his tyrannical ambitions. We can tell him to stuff his pompous, self-important obsessions up his moth eaten, rusty old crown and scuttle off back to jolly old England (although he isn’t welcome there, either).

The enemies of the people are gaining strength, but we don’t have to accept their will. We can stand against them and force them back into the darkness from which they have emerged. We can retain our freedom and preserve the soul of humanity if we reject the degeneracy of the New World Order and ignore the false song of Globalism.

Harrison Bergeron

Taking note of society and where it seems to be headed, with its growing emphasis on “equity” and “fairness,” reminds me of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut called “Harrison Bergeron.”

Vonnegut was a liberal, to be sure, but he was not a Left-Wing loon like so many current celebrities. And he was no fool. Vonnegut was smart, witty and fearless – he knew where left-wing ideology would lead and he routinely called out the fake elite.

The story is set in the future, 2081. Total equality, or something close to it, has finally been achieved. How? Well, its impossible to make everyone equally great but, it is very possible to make everyone equally average or mediocre by a process of “handicapping” people who are not average. The Office of the United States Handicapper General has been established and this group determines the level of handicapping each person requires in order for everyone to have parity.

To fairly make everyone equally average, and ensure no one is offended by anyone else’s abilities, physical restrictions are placed on the body. Those with above average strength and agility are forced to carry around weighted sacks chained to their necks. Those with above average intelligence are forced to wear ear pieces that blast horrific sounds into the brain every 20-seconds to confuse and slow down thought. Those with above average beauty are forced to wear face coverings at all times. TV personalities, and perhaps all public communicators, must have speech impediments or speak in harsh, unappealing tones. No one is allowed to be good at their jobs and must apologize for any accidental display of competence in case they offend the average person.

The only people allowed to display competence are the agents of the Handicapper General. They are unceasingly vigilant in ensuring that no one deviates from the norm and appears unequally superior in any way. Any attempt to remove or lessen to any degree any of the imposed handicaps can result in fine, imprisonment and even death for repeated offenses. To offend the average is unforgivable.

The story was written in 1961, so we are now at the midway point. We still don’t have an Office of the Handicapper General – however, with, possibly, the most AVERAGE Joe, mediocre politician in U.S. history serving as President, legions of Social Justice Warriors, “Karens,” and other leftist stormtroopers prowling the streets looking for offenses, and an education system that seems determined to undermine the effects of the past 500-years of civilization, Vonnegut’s 2081 dystopia does not seem that far off.

Woke Hollywood

Last week, the Academy Awards show was broadcast on television. Like most sensible people, I did not watch it. Neither have I watched any of the movies which might or might not have been nominated.

Why would I?

To me, “woke” Hollywood is nothing but a herpes sore on the lip of culture: an infectious disease worse than the China Virus that makes everything ugly and sordid.

The fake elitists that claim to represent the collective tastes of movie goers are a blight on true art. Seeing this pestiferous, narcissistic swarm of depraved wretches congratulate themselves on their efforts to bring down civilization fills me with revulsion.

Once upon a time, Hollywood had something useful to offer the world: entertainment, hope, joy, even inspiration. In the early days, when morally ambiguous characters were first depicted, there was an opportunity for viewers to discuss, analyze and assess choices being made on screen while still respecting the possibility of a virtuous outcome. No more. Today’s propaganda masters are unambiguously vile – they beat the viewer over the head with noxious, Leftist ideology. Rather than actual virtue, woke Hollywood offers only virtue signaling. And, true to the Globalist, Luciferian agenda that drives the narrative, anyone who dares to disagree with the inverted truth offered by the fake elite is branded a racist, fascist, and even a domestic terrorist.

What seems like a very long time ago, mostly liberal but humanity loving Old Hollywood produced “classic” movies by people like Charles Chaplin, John Ford, Cecil B. De Mille, David O. Selznick, Frank Capra, Robert Sturges, David Lean, Mel Brooks and many others. These movies were, generally, original, thought provoking, inspirational, and, above all, entertaining. Today’s original movies are depressing, hateful, boring, agenda-driven depictions of the false narrative that humanity is wretched and beyond redemption. No one will sit through these mediocrities other than film students and virtue signaling elitists. That they are given awards is a clear indication of the depravity, not of humanity in general, but of the woke establishment. They will never be classics. They are only of value to the denizens of the dark, soulless echo chamber of a debauched, Leftist dystopia in which the creators of civilization and culture are seen as tyrannical monsters, while Moloch worshipping deviants bent on looting and burning down creation are hailed as true heroes.

Perhaps worse than the propaganda riddled prize winners – because they are actually SEEN by the public – are the money-making, block busters that pass, today, for entertainment.  These are typically sequels to previous “hits,” often based on comic books, as well as prequels, reboots, remakes, re-imaginings, re-visionings, director’s cuts, extended versions, alternate endings and maliciously perverted adaptations of old TV shows and old movies. What unifies these offerings is a passive-aggressive stance towards civilization, culture and actual art and a contempt for anyone that would take these movies seriously.


Goodbye Handshake?

I’m not a big fan of shaking hands – or touching people in general. I have some mild empathic abilities and I find that touching people gives me access to their inner spiritual energy and complexes. Most people have some spiritual issues and, as compassionate as I might want to be, I don’t really like randomly dealing with all that confusion and pain.

However, I do recognize that the handshake is of great importance and significance to people, generally, and to those of Western culture, specifically. Even without developed empathic abilities, grabbing someone’s hand or arm, just like staring deeply into someone’s eyes, puts you in contact with more than the mere physical aspect of the person. Anyone can get a better sense of another’s personality and psychic state by touching them – even if they don’t understand why.

This, I believe, is the real reason the handshake is, perhaps, the most widely used gesture of greeting. And why losing the handshake out of fear of “the pandemic” is a major loss to culture – particularly the culture of the West.

The origins of the handshake are a mystery. Some think it originated in prehistoric times as an indication that people meeting together were peaceful in that they carried no weapons in their hand.


The handshake does not seem to be common in the East where bowing is more the norm. Will bowing become the norm in the West?

What seems to be one of the first depictions of a handclasp is found in a carving from the 9th century B.C. showing an Assyrian king and a Babylonian king sealing an alliance with the gesture. The 8th century B.C. poet, Homer, mentions the handclasp in the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey in connection with pledges of trust. In 5th century B.C. Greek carvings, there are depictions of deities clasping hands to indicate a bargain. And the Romans also appear to have used the gesture in this ritualistic way.

Interestingly, the practice was always used to indicate equal status. Deities shook hands with deities, kings with kings, warriors with warriors and so on. A king would never shake hands with a peasant. The handclasp was reserved for people within the same social status. Is this because the psychic energy experienced during the handshake would be too disturbing between people of different families or classes?

Whatever it’s original intention, the handshake really only became a common form of greeting within the past 500 years due largely to the Western concept of an egalitarian society. The idea that everyone was intrinsically equal meant that everyone should shake hands with everyone else. It was rude not to because to avoid such contact meant you believed yourself to be better than others – better not just different. Today, for example, it would be politically unwise for the President of the United States to refuse to shake hands with even the humblest of citizens. Whereas in England, since “class” is still a matter of birth, it is considered inappropriate for a “commoner” to shake hands with a titled individual, much less the Queen. Shaking hands actually appears to force people to agree that they are equal. And this, I think, is a good thing.

Thus, even though I don’t particularly want to touch anyone at random, I still believe that the hand shake serves a powerful purpose in creating bonds of commonality and unity amongst people of all economic and social strata. Losing the ritual handshake because of the dictates of an authoritarian sub-class of the population is a grave injustice and insult to civilization itself.

Cancel Culture Update

In my last post I asked “who will be cancelled next?” Well, it didn’t take long to get an answer. In the past week several people have been cancelled – most notably Pepe Le Pew, a character who might never work again thanks to the cancel culture militia.

More relevant to me, however, are the many films that have now been placed on a conveyor belt to the furnace. Big studios and film distributors have decided (after consultation with Leftist social justice warriors) that some movies are not fit to be seen by decent people. These pictures will now carry a warning label or a taped introduction condemning the works for what George Orwell would call the crime of “wrong think.” The films don’t live up to the current standard of Leftist morality.

You might be wondering, if the movies are so bad, why are they being shown at all – why aren’t they just destroyed or placed in a vault forever like the Oscar winning film “Song of the South” from 1946?

Well, there’s an old joke – a bad joke – that might explain it. It goes like this:       

A travelling salesman goes to a farm and notices a pig with a wooden leg limping around. He says to the farmer, “what’s up with the pig?”

The farmer says, “See that pig – that pig is amazing. Last month there was a fire and the pig woke us all up and rescued us from the flames. We’d all be dead if it wasn’t for that pig. He’s a hero.”

The salesman says. “Wow. But what’s up with the wooden leg?”

And the farmer says, “well, a pig like that – you don’t EAT all at once.”


But it illustrates why the movies are not being destroyed or buried right away.

You see, these are Classic films, prize winning films, films that have been enjoyed by audiences for generations and are consistent money makers. Even soulless studio executives pretending to be “woke” don’t want to go broke. They’ll milk these cash cows for a few more years and hope there will be a change in the political climate before they have to enact a final solution. Slapping a warning label on them, advising that no one should actually approve of these productions, is a wishy-washy way of virtue signalling.

Anyway, here’s a list of a few of them you might want to check out or check up on before they are gone forever.

From Disney Studios:

Dumbo – 1941

Peter Pan – 1953

Lady and the Tramp – 1955

Swiss Family Robinson – 1960

The Jungle Book – 1967

The Aristocats – 1970

Aladdin – 1992

From Turner Classic Movies:

The Jazz Singer – 1927

Tarzan, the Ape Man – 1932

Swing Time – 1936

Gone with the Wind – 1939

The Four Feathers – 1939

Gunga Din – 1939

Stagecoach – 1939

Woman of the Year – 1942

Dragon Seed – 1944

Sinbad, the Sailor – 1947

Rope – 1948

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – 1954

The Searchers – 1956

Psycho – 1960

The Children’s Hour – 1961

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1961

My Fair Lady – 1964

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – 1967

I’m sure many more classic movies, TV shows, books, art works and people will be joining the ranks of “the damned” very soon.

Who Will be Cancelled Next?

Leftists will try to tell you that “Cancel Culture” isn’t a real thing – and that, even if it is real, it is NOT the same as censorship because it isn’t being done by the government so there’s nothing to worry about.

True to a point. In the time of Joseph Stalin (a hero of Leftists and authoritarians everywhere), governments really did practice an extreme form of Cancel Culture – they could effectively make some people DISAPPEAR – not just kill them but ERASE them from history.

Stalin – King of Cancel Culture

Today, democratically elected leaders (whatever that means) don’t have to get their own hands dirty with the messy stuff that might upset their constituents (donors) – they have a whole army of so-called “free market” allies that are delighted to help get rid of anyone that doesn’t reflect the New World Order Party line. Entities, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, EBay, PayPal, network television, cable television, the fake news media, Hollywood celebrities, the late-night talk show hosts, etc. – all are happy, without even being asked, to take a turn at deleting inconvenient people from the public eye. And, although it is currently people claiming to be “Liberals” who do most of the cancelling, “Conservatives” also have done their fair share of erasing history.

Whoever you are, if you are fighting to ban books and shut people up for political reasons you are on the wrong side of history.

Some people have been on a “cancel culture” hit list for years – Shakespeare, Columbus, Wagner – to name a few:  but they’ve proved themselves to be resilient. More recently, Leftists have set their sights on cancelling various past leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln(?!) and Theodore Roosevelt as well as Winston Churchill, Sir John A. MacDonald and, of course, Donald J. Trump. Statues and portraits of these people, as well as buildings, streets and parks named after them, are all being threatened with removal. Why? Because they don’t reflect the will of the Party in charge, they don’t conform to the current standards of “Wokeness.”

For readers of my posts, I must explain that “wokeness” has absolutely nothing to do with what I advocate when I suggest that people “Wake Up.” Claiming to be “woke” is just wrapping yourself up in a brightly colored veil of illusion and delusion. To actually be “Awake,” on the other hand, is to be free of the nonsense associated with Leftist cult ideology and other extremist views. Leftists claim they operate from a spiritual base but ignore the fact that demons and Lucifer himself are spiritual beings.

Who’s currently on the chopping block?

Well, Elvis Presley’s house was recently attacked by BLM activists. John Wayne is constantly under threat. Books like Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind and the” Little House” stories, among many others, are barred from classrooms unless heavily redacted. Popeye and Bugs Bunny cartoons are savagely edited before they are aired – if they are shown at all. And when was the last time you saw the Little Rascals or the Dukes of Hazzard on television at all? Shows like The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, the Beverly Hillbillies, the Muppet Show and other classic programs are only shown accompanied by warning labels – soon they will be gone as well. Product lines that have been around and enjoyed for decades such as Aunt Jamima, Uncle Ben’s, and Land O’Lakes have all gone through a re-branding process to be “less offensive.” Mr. Potato Head is under attack and Dr. Seuss is being vilified.

Many people currently in the public eye are terrified that they will also be cancelled – careers ruined, lives destroyed – if they don’t toe the Party line. One random Tweet from 10 years ago is enough to have an actor banned from Hollywood if he or she was already suspected of “wrong think.”

Laventiy Beria, the head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police, is reported to have said, “You bring me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” This is the standard operating procedure for the cancel culture militia – choose a public or private figure you can’t control and then find something about that person that can be labelled as offensive – then you can cancel them with public support. No one is truly safe, though some people can be protected as long as they are considered useful to the Party.

So, who will be next? Maybe me; maybe you.

Cancel Culture will not stop on its own until, as George Orwell wrote, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every date has been altered … History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”


I don’t watch current TV shows. I don’t have cable or Netflix or any of that stuff. But I do like older television programs.

I recently re-watched a not so old show called “Continuum” from 2012. The premise is fairly simple: a police officer from the future, known as a “Protector,” accidently gets sent back in time, 65 years, to 2012. All she wants to do is return home to her family. However, future-age terrorists have also come back in time and plan on changing history. If this happens, the world the Protector knew will never exist. She sets out to stop the terrorists.

Why to the terrorists want to change history? Because in the not-too-distant future, corporations take over the Earth and replace all governments. Profit is more important than people. The population is under constant surveillance. The means of production along with every other aspect of life is strictly controlled. The “Corporate Congress” determines what is produced, how it is distributed and who can receive it.

There is no hard currency – everyone has a “life debt” encoded on a “citizen chip” implanted in their bodies. If you are loyal to the State and obey all the rules without question, life is fine. However, those who disobey are dealt with harshly. The worst punishments are meted out to those who are not fiscally responsible. People who are chronically late with payments are stripped of citizenship and turned into mindless slaves, attached to assembly lines and treated like biological machines.

Yes: the future is a Communist State much like modern China. A select few – the members of the Inner Party – have a luxurious lifestyle and are the face of the nation while, literally, hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the land live in abject poverty. The State population is under constant surveillance (made more complete via the technology provided by corporations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft); “Social Credit scores” based on loyalty and obedience determine privileges received; re-education complexes, slave labor camps and organ harvesting facilities abound; State lies and deception are the norm and anyone who disagrees with the Establishment position on anything is persecuted and erased.

When the Protector becomes aware of the true nature of the “ideal society” she came from, she begins to re-think her objectives.

One of the evil corporations featured in the series is a thinly disguised version of Monsanto. In real life, Monsanto was the premier agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation in 2012, but reportedly ceased operation around 2018 after its genetic manipulation and population control processes came to light. Actually, it was taken over by, perhaps, the more evil corporation of Bayer AG – a company with NAZI connections. Bayer and its affiliates control so much of the world’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical operations that it enjoys unlimited State protections and is free to conduct any number of diabolic experiments on humanity.

The creators of “Continuum” were prescient regarding corporate evil.  You have to wonder how this show got on network television in the first place considering the corporate-socialist control of the media. Sadly, the demonically inclined corporations are so secure in their power that they seem to take a perverse pleasure in exposing themselves to the public, knowing there are no consequences. And this statement isn’t even thought of as a conspiracy theory anymore – everyone can see that it is true and the people with the power to do something about it have chosen to side with the bad guys.

So, can we avoid the corporate takeover? I think it is already too late. With a senile, compromised, Communist puppet in the White House and feckless, ineffectual, quisling “leaders” around the world, we really have no line of defence. All we can do, short of the activism portrayed in the series, is personally RESIST it for as long as possible and protect ourselves, spiritually and materially, from succumbing to the evil influence.

Wake up and see what is happening. Wake up anyway you can and look for ways to defend yourself and your loved ones from the dictatorial policies that will soon be put into place. The worldwide pandemic lockdowns are just a taste of what is to come. Wake yourself up and try to wake up everyone else. Maybe, together, we can return some form of personal freedom and integrity to the world.

Fatal Flaw

A fatal or tragic flaw is a personality trait that causes an otherwise heroic or exceptional character to bring about their own downfall. When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 he clearly revealed one such fatal flaw.

In any normal, fair and honest competition there are winners and losers. A loser reacts to the loss in three primary ways:

1/   Accept the loss and move on – perhaps pledge to try harder and be more prepared for the next time.

2/   Accept the loss and move on but also consider the value of working with the winner for more interesting future experiences.

In the 2016 election, most of the candidates that went up against President Trump, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, reacted in one of these first two ways. Some just moved on with their lives and pursued other activities and a few chose to genuinely align themselves with President Trump.

However, a few reacted in a third way:

3/   Do not accept the fair loss and, instead, plot and scheme to orchestrate the downfall of the winner.

President Trump’s fatal flaw was that he couldn’t see that some people were not like him and were incapable of just moving on. Some people were disposed to launch treacherous assaults on the winner long after the competition was over.

President Trump is no stranger to losses. He was divorced twice, had many well planned out deals fall through, experienced several bankruptcies and was sued by competitors and others multiple times and lost several of the cases. However, there is no evidence that President Trump held a grudge or sought the destruction of anyone who beat him in an honest, straightforward proceeding. Instead, he just moved on and worked hard at his next project.

When Dr. Ronny Jackson publicly announced the results of President Trump’s physical and psychological examinations, he observed that the President had an interesting characteristic. He said that President Trump “has a very unique ability to just get up in the morning and reset.” He has the ability to leave behind the stress and issues of the previous day and start fresh each morning.

Part of President Trump’s fatal flaw is the belief that everyone is like him in this regard – but they are NOT.

People like Jeb Bush and his family, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Carly Fiorina, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and many, many others have shown themselves to be petty, willful and vindictive to the extreme.

Aided by members of the Liberal Media, the Liberal Social Media, Liberal entertainers and various other celebrities of all kinds, themselves known to be narcissistic, mentally unstable and immature in their behavior, they have plotted the downfall of the President.

Things might have been different if President Trump had been aware of his fatal flaw and made efforts to overcome it. He could have been more sympathetic towards the childish insecurities that plagued those opposed to him. He could have been more conciliatory, perhaps given them some praise for their efforts, maybe offered them input on his plans – I suppose he could have promised to take them to the circus or given them some candy. I don’t know – whatever. The fact is he failed to deal with the emotional turmoil experienced by the losers and this led them to unite in a cabal bent on his destruction.

As of now, they appear to have been successful. But President Trump has been known to rebound from adversity in the past and may yet do so again.

Selected NOT Elected

A popular myth in American culture is that anyone can become President. No matter what your background or financial status, if you were born in the U.S. you could move into the White House. In fact, this has never been the case.

It is true that a great many Presidents began life in abject poverty – the most famous example of this is Abraham Lincoln. However, the path to the Presidency has always involved getting the assent and approval of the Establishment elite. Popular opinion has always been somewhat irrelevant – to become President of the United States, it is necessary to prove your value to the elite NOT to the people. Propaganda aside, this is the same situation that exists in virtually all other major countries in the world. For example, it is well known that in China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, even Germany, the U.K. and Canada – leaders are Selected not Elected.  But Americans have always taken pride in the conviction that, at least in their country, ANYONE can become President – everyone is equally eligible and the voice of the People is the final arbiter.

In reality, Presidents have to pass a whole series of reliability tests set forth by the Establishment, NOT the People, before they can be acceptable candidates for leadership. They have to rise up through the ranks and make it through the gauntlet of the plutocratic assembly before they are deemed qualified to run for the highest office. Now, to be fair, candidates usually come to the attention of the Establishment by being ELECTED to some, minor, initial position somewhere. And often (though, of course, not always) this minor election is actually legitimate. Once a candidate has been vetted and selected, however, the path to success is cleared.

If we eliminate all the famous generals, Vice-Presidents, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, Mayors and various other forms of approved delegates, we are left with only three of the 45 plus 1 Presidents that went directly from private citizen to the Presidency. As an example of the typical career path, Joe Biden began his political life in 1970 at the age of 27, and has NEVER had another job. Of the three Presidents not previously elected to another office, all three were businessmen, Republicans and each served only one term in office. But of these three, two were initially appointed Cabinet Secretaries in the prior administration before running for President. Howard Taft, President in 1909, was Secretary of War. And, Herbert Hoover, President in 1929, was Secretary of Commerce. That leaves only one person, Donald J. Trump, who seems to have actually fulfilled the myth that anyone could became President. Now, President Trump is wealthy, famous and media savvy which is, clearly, what accounts for his ability to bypass the Establishment selection process. He was able to speak DIRECTLY to the People, unfiltered by convention and won the White House because the People wanted him there, despite the opinion of the Elitist Swamp Goblins.

Could someone with lesser means and abilities ever accomplish this feat?

The events of the 2020 cycle indicate that the Establishment is prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent another unselected outsider from ever becoming President. What outsider would ever want to endure the constant harsh, abusive, rage filled and, even, violent assaults; the slander, liable, calumny and attempts at character assassination; the personal, legal and economic attacks on the man and his family to which President Trump was subjected for over four years?

The entire Establishment Complex, including the Plutocrats with all their financial institutions, commercial and industrial centers, the politicians, other world leaders, the Tech Giants, the mainstream media and globalist propaganda outlets, the entire Social Media network, the Military Industrial complex, the complete entertainment industry, the Education and Health Care unions, and, even, the professional sports world – all have publicly asserted and vowed that they will do all in their power to ensure that there will never be another President Trump. They have staunchly aligned themselves in opposition to free elections.

In other words, unless something drastic happens in the next few years, there will NEVER be another fair election in the United States. All future presidents will be selected and appointed by the Establishment Swamp Goblins, with no regard for the will of the people. The People will be cajoled, manipulated and deceived into accepting the results of the selection process just as they are in authoritarian regimes around the world.

This is one of the greatest losses to human freedom in the past 500 years. The myth that anyone in America can become president will, now, finally be put to rest.

Heaven help us.

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